Civil Service Catch 22

The Republican call to investigate the whistle blowers at the National Security Agency is a classic example of the Republican strategy of attack is the best means of defense. Anyone who had any doubts about what Peter Daou said need only look at what is happening.
First, Republicans divert attention from the real issue of Presidential abuse of power. Second they set up a phony equivalence between those who betrayed Plame and the whistle blowers in this case.

They do so secure in the knowledge that their flunkies in the press will accept their script and that the Democrats will fail to challenge them. Is there any Democrat, any of our Presidential wannabes, who will defend these brave whistle blowers? Any at all?

Did Democrats defend Teresa Chambers?
Did Democrats defend Sibel Edmonds?
Did Democrats defend Bunny Greenhouse?

It never should have reached this level. From the moment our maladminstration began to talk about enemy combatants and junking the Geneva Convention, our party should have been demanding that Bush follow the example of FDR and Truman and obey the law. We failed in our responsibility as an opposition party.

Civil servants are caught in a Catch 22. If they follow the President's directive they are breaking the law and will be swept up in some future investigation. If they blow the whistle they will be investigated now. Is there no one who will defend them? Is there no one who will remind the nation of who really needs to be investigated?

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