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    In other news, former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, aka Baghdad Bob, announced today that in fact US tanks did enter Baghdad at some point in 2003 and they didn't surrender in mass either.

    Look for his tell all memoir to appear soon.

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    Yeah its bad a thing. Bad because lot of the folks in that state won't vote for a black guy, particularly one they're convinced is muslim.  

    Yes Obama could spend more time talking bread and butter economics and try to be more down to earth, but that really won't help him that much with folks in this region unless he finds a way to crawl out of his skin. Sad but true.

    Obama is going to need to pick a VP like Strickland who can be real blunt with the crowd and call them out as racists. Shame can be a powerful political tool.

    I love WV, but come the GE, forget it. Obama can work on Colorado and New Mexico instead. The best we can do is beat on McCain so bad that those so obessed with race will just decide to stay home.

  • Thanks to both Edwards for reminding us what this election needs to be about.

    After two months of hearing about bowling scores, sniper fire, arugula and lapel pins, I'm so glad she is managing to interject actual talk about policy into the media horserace.

  • I wonder if Wall Street set him up. Too bad.

  • One usually reserves the designation "monster" for serial killers, child molestors and genocidal dictators. I wouldn't even call McCain a monster, not to mention a center-left Democrat like Clinton.

    I hope this incident might cause some cooling off by the progressive blogosphere from the incessant Clinton bashing. Political differences are one thing. Idiotic overkill is something else.

    It seems to closer the candidates are on the issues, the harsher the apolitical rhetoric becomes.    

  • Obama wins North Dakota? Hillary loses Washington and Oregon? Sorry, I don't buy it.

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    Unity 08 always seems to be totally out of touch with political reality, kept alive by equally out of touch pundits like Broder and retired politicians like Sam Nunn.

    I don't really blame Bloomberg for flirting with running though. It got him almost as much national attention as if he was actually running.

    And it took the Mayor's seat out of the GOP's hands for the first time since 1994, so it was good for something.

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    I think we would all differ with the man's politics, but he was a real intellectual, capable of actual political debate and discourse, which is a long way from the hacks, loudmouths and bullshit artists that represent public face of the conservative movement today. In the '60s, the main conservative voice you would see on TV was Buckley. Today, it's Glenn Beck. Power truly does corrupt.  

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    Just popped into my head. Being that the media is drolling to do an Edwards endorses ??? story, it would be great if he, instead of picking between Clinton and Obama, have a public endorsement of campaign issues he want to see the Democrats talk about. Like proverty, fair trade, workers rights. It might for at least one news cycle inject some issues back into the race.

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    Frannkly neither candidate has done enough to earn Edwards endorsement. Complaining about NAFTA two weeks before the Ohio primary won't cut it.

    I glad he is instead trying to his "eyes on the prize" so to speak and working to make sure the Democrats stay focused on it too.  

    As he always said during the campaign, this election isn't about him, Obama or Clinton. It's about our country's future.

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    Nader jumped the shark a long time ago. What does he do anymore beside run quixotic races for the presidency. Does he really think that getting .3% of the vote and then vanishing for four years is doing anything to build a progressive populist movement?

    It's sad that he's choosing to end his career as a punchline rather than as one of the great progressive crusaders of the 20th century.

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    No it sounds like Edwards. Speaking of plagirism, it seems like half of this debate are lines that Edwards first used.  

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    Clinton is now channeling the ghost of the cold war

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    hey it's a Cuba question

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    If talking liked Edwards in his opening


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