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    The only bald elected president in the 20th Century, Eisenhower, was lucky enough to run against another bald candidate, Stevenson. So we are lucky that all the Dem candidates got hair (though I'm pretty sure Biden had plugs).

    Watch out for the $300 beatury makeover man, Romney however. He's got killer hair.  

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    A few things.

    -We are so early in the process, that Mo Udall's wisdom should be regualarly invoked, i.e.- all conventional wisdom should go straight out the window. Things won't really get more solid  until labor day.

    -I doubt any Democrat could have beat Reagan. Hart would have done better, but still would have lost, so I won't beat up on Mondale about that. Obviously Hillary will do much better in the general election, although she is the weakest of all the major Democrats. But what Mondale -- who I respect in many way- did represent was a ghost of the Democratic Party past. Hillary will also bring up old ghosts, mostly negative.

    -You have a situtation where you have a couple potential upstart candidates. Edwards could very well win Iowa, Clinton could go on to win NH, and Obama could win SC. And I wouldn't rule out Richardson in Nevada. What next? I think we will see a more bloody, drawn out battle than expected.

  • You can't talk about privatizing oil in Iraq. It's the third rail of Iraqi politics. The Iraqi bill uses the exact same phrases and the above mentioned Iraqi trade unions knows it means privitization. So did Biden. So does Antonia Juhasz of watchdog group Oil Change International who wrote an op-ed for the NYT a week ago on it.
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    I had cancer once too and the last thing you need to do is start acting like the walking dead. Her doctor said it would be fine for her to campaign.

    It wasn't Edwards who turned this into a media event. It was the media that was hinted that he would have to drop out so him and Elizabeth made public appearence to show that she was strong and ready to campaign.

    Elizabeth is lucky that she will have some of the best health care avaliable to her. Every American should have that right and Edwards is only candidate to show that he has a real plan to get it. They are both doing the country a favor.



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