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    With Central America back in the news, I'd suggest Bitter Fruit: The Story of the American Coup in Guatemala, a 1982 telling of how the U.S. goverment directed the overthrow of Guatemala' first democratically elected government. Recently reissued with a new intro, it tells some very distrubing truths about how the U.S. is largely responsible for the violent military dictatorships and poverty that has haunted the Latin American nation in the years after the coup.

    While the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution received a lot of attention in the press and from our leaders, our role in Gutemala -- in essence our Hungrary -- still remains a subject of silence in too many circles.

  • Gays and lesbians need to be inclusive of those who are activly trying to take away their rights. It might be easier to build bridges with Rick Warren if wasn't actively organizing to pass laws that make other Americans' lives harder. Wow great advice Obama.

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    "She reportedly intends to "demonstrate that she has both the ability and the stomach to perform the job, with plans to visit parts of the upstate region,"

    Great, it's probably here first time there. I would bet she hasn't even made it out to Brooklyn yet.

    As grubby and obnoxious as elections are, they are trying and exhastive experiances that let politicians know who they are supposed to represent. Mark Warner was a ultra-rich bussinessman in NoVA, but he spent years building contacts with voters in pretty remote and rural parts of the state years before he ran for office.

    Let Patterson appoint a caretaker. If Caroline Kennedy wants the seat so bad, there's an election in two years. Let's see her shaking hands in front of plant gates in Buffalo at 5 in the morning for the next two years, smoozing with precient captains in Utica and do all nasty dirty work that takes to run for office. If she can pull it off, then I'll say she's ready for the office.

    That fact that her move is to pick some right-creep publicist dosen't make me trust her judgement all that much.  

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    Bryon Dorgan? Clearly the GOP must hate rural voters

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    I like Warner, but this post-partisan stuff isn't what's going to win the election or pave the way for new liberal legislation. In 1980 Reagan didn't go on about getting along with Democrats.

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    Good progressive politcan and good speech on paper, but I'm sorry she uses the same voice that I'm told to put my tray table up before landing. Sound emotional people, this really is the election of a lifetime!

    I'm real glad Obama picked Biden. He's got no problem kicking ass and taking names.

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    All these people really need to us a favor and go away. This just proves that the anarchist "Recreate 68ers" aren't the only ones who would sacrifice long-term progressive politics in favor of wallowing in short-sighted, divisive and self indulgent behavior.

    Two Chinese women in their 70s were sentenced to a hard labor camp for daring to ask the Chinese government for a permit to protest. That's "gagging", ok

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    "1) Low Profile, (2) Complement his strengths (in other words be experienced), (3) Be able to disagree with him"

    Gotta to be Gravel folks. Turn Alaska Blue!

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    According to many sources, Biden has used the same turn of phrase for months when pried about being VP so the graphic may still be in effect.

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    I really don't get the people pushing Clinton. There is no doubt it would an absolute disaster and it ain't going to happen. Kerry told Obama he needs to pick someone he trusts and likes; Michelle had purportadly emphased the same thing to her husband.

    The last two VPs have been tight teams that worked pretty well together(for both good and evil purposed). That's got to be Obama's model here.

    Its going to be someone he trusts above all; we know he likes Kaine a whole lot, probably Daschel too. The question is how he personally feels about Biden, my own preference.

  • Biden's hasn't been the most consistently progressive Dem, but he could kick a lot of a** and take names on the campaign trail and I'm really look for seriously nasty anti-GOP oneliners to get some circulation in the MSM and Biden the man up to the job.

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    If you look at who the DLC and much of the MSM defines as having national security credentials they all supported the biggest clusterF*** in recent foreign policy. Why does screwing up royally and showing utter political cowardice under GOP fire earn you leadership stripes from Al From?  

    You never hear about the national security credentials of a Harkin, Chaffee or Byrd even though they had the foresight to see what a total diaster this would turn out to be.

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    Kilpatrick a major a*** and  Granholm should listened to the Detroit council and dumped this clown months ago. Every racist in metro Detroit is going off on this idiot and every day he's still in the news it hurts the Democrats and Obama.

    The sad thing is if the Detroit City Council could've impeached him they would have sometime last year and we wouldn't have to give a damn about Kilpatrick.  

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    I supported Edwards in the primaries, drove up to NH for him and ran as an Edwards delegate. I don't expect our leaders to be angels or have perfect personal lives and its not up to the public to make personal judgement on the Edwards family.

    But if you're serious about yourself and your issues you have to have show enough discipline and honesty with yourself and the public to stay away from that kind of behavior.

    If he stayed a private citizen the only people he could hurt were his family. But by going out there, running for office and identifying himself with the issues of poverty and class injustice he hurt all his supporters and frankly made us look like fools.  

    Did he really think he wasn't going to get caught? Edwards managed to raise issues and push the frame of debate in the Democratic party further left than it has since the 60s. By lying to us and engaging in such remarkably irresponsible behavior he not only discredited himself, but the issues he raised.

    I just can't believe he thought a fling on the side was worth endangering his campaign for.  

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    This is great. African Americans in TN-09 are more than willing to reject racial appeals..lets hope white American will do the same this November.


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