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    is it because she's racist or an anti-semite?

    And in related news, Obama loves Kittens and so does America!

    News at 11...

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    I forgot that one. I also was going to mention that I saw the light emanating from his rear, but I didn't want to gush too much...

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    I had a really good time, though both my liver and my head are really mad at me at the moment.

    I think renaming it is a great idea, since it is not a convention of Daily Kos readers/writers/commenters but rather folks from all corners of the blog, net-activist, and progressive org. world.

  • Yeah, when Dean was saying he "represents the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party" what he really meant was that we need to get beyond the whole Democratic Party thing.

  • Your whole problem here is that you are relying too much on your head, instead of your gut. Don't you know that you have more nerve endings in your gut than your head?

    It's no wonder that those advocating for "post-partisanship" reject your bookish history, after all reality has a well known liberal bias.

    The funny thing is that the Radical Right also wants to get to a post-partisan world, which will come to be when they are finished vanquishing their true "enemy". No, that "real enemy" is not Al Qaeda, not China, not N Korea, and not Iran. The "real enemy" is liberals.

  • Really, you have sunk to the stupidest arguments I can think of. Yes, that's an impartial source. Accept for the fact that the writers of the blog have a vested income in coloring the outcome of CAFA:
    The firm is recognized nationwide for its extensive practice in the field of class action defense, and has represented Fortune 500 companies across the country in hundreds of consumer class actions in state, federal and bankruptcy courts, arbitration proceedings, and Multi-District Litigation.
    You're giving Philly schools a bad name. Stop before you embarrass yourself some more- really, we get it: you value the rights of corporations over consumers.
  • And it's heading over a cliff. As for your invitation: thanks, but no thanks, I've been in a train wreck before.

  • So this blog disproves what all of those experts said? HOW SO?

    Just because there's a blog, doesn't mean you are any more right than you were back then. It also doesn't make you any less anti-consumer.

    It's cool though- it's a lot easier to guard the hens when you know who the wolves are in your midst.

  • Adam has seen the light! How could I not support him?

  • Now you're just getting silly. I mean, you don't know how to prove it was a good bill or that it had good effects? Note how you never once, not once, present anything on the merits. I presented lots of expert testimony that this was a bad bill and you've presented bupkiss. Are you just lazy?

    If you can't do better than sophomoric sophism, than I have better things to do.

    Stick to the word games and election laws. I don't want you to get hurt out here in the real world.

  • but I think that his use of modern marketing techniques is brilliant, though it certainly stokes my cynacism a bit as it reminds me of the tactics of Reagan (at least from what I've read in media studies courses, and from the small bits that I can remember) and Clinton (who wasn't nearly as clever as Obama).

    If you want someone to care about your campaign, get them to invest just a little, and they'll go long for you. People seem to think that buying a t-shirt is not a valid expression of support, but for a younger person it may be extremely important, as clothes seem even more tied into identity at a younger age.

  • On who I am talking to.

    But, on the whole diplomatic is not what most kids want to hear. Most kids want to hear decisiveness, and appeals to higher values such as reason, and they are very open to cynical attacks on candidates (unless they support them).

    The most popular item that I had in my arsenal during my work as Youth Field Organizer for Philadelphians Against Santorum were posters of images like a naked Santorum screwing the state of PA, an image of Leatherface with a Santorum, etc. (Check the Partisan Project site for all of the posters).

    I guess in person, I'd try to use more comedy to diffuse any tensions. But ultimately, if I come across strident opposition, most often in the form of conservatives, I can get a bit sword-tounged. But all-in-all I am almost certainly more persuasive in person, but persuasion doesn't always have to be diplomatic to be effective.

  • I almost missed this gem of a quote:

    My motive is that I want to see Barack Obama elected President.  If that's "questionable," fine.
    It is precisely this motive that makes me worried, and if there are enough people like you within the progressive ranks, than we are truly screwed.

    I am motivated because I want to see a return of Reason, and because I feel that sophists and magicians have become entirely too powerful. I am motivated because I want to try and do something about the Environment before it is too late. I am motivated because I feel that I am personally responsible for making the world a better place, and that I am personally responsible for working to ensure that all people are treated equally by the law. I am motivated because I know men/women, and I know that without the active participation and skepticism of large groups of other people, that those men/women will ALWAYS lead us towards tyranny and destruction. I am motivate by a desire to turn the Democratic Party back into an institution that fights for middle and lower class people, for the environment, for equal rights for all, etc.

    And you are motivated because of a man. I guess we're just different.

  • But my other point still stands: if being progressive includes things like siding with experts, with consumers and those who are tasked with protecting us, and erring on the side of caution in regards to environment, than you are most definitely NOT either liberal or progressive, and you're claims that you fight for the environment and consumers are empty.

    And my conversations with you are becoming more and more like conversations I had with friends who were pro-Iraq War, before the war began. Every point I make, which I back up with links to experts and facts, is met with a "hey, just because they say it can't be done, doesn't mean it won't be" or something equivalent.  Yes, there was certainly a "possibility" that Iraq could have flourished as a Democracy after we invaded, just like there is a "possibility" that CTL can burn 20% cleaner than oil. But in the face of overwhelming oppositional information you simply shrug it off and continue to advocate for/push forward with, something which will almost certainly be destructive.

    And then, the real rub, those same sophists always state: well, if you don't believe my wacko scenario, it's up to you to come up with some proof that I'm nuts.

    Actually, Adam, if you want to "prove" that the U.S. State Attorney Generals, the consumer groups that are tasked with protecting us, the EPA, the Environmental groups, or scientists in general are wrong, the burden is on you.

    I know that this may not be true in your line of work, but sophism is not a virtue.

  • Words that I live by. ;-)

    I agree fully with most of what you said here, and I have been struggling mightily with how to balance my deep suspicions of the candidate with not scaring away the people he's exciting.

    Obviously I'm still not doing a good job.

    As far as contacting the campaign goes, I have been in contact a few times, and each time left me feeling worse and worse about the candidate and his campaign. I'm not really sure how the candidate figures into long term youth organizing precisely because I'm not sure how committed they are to a long term struggle that doesn't involve their candidate.


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