I Can't Believe That Any Democrat Wouldn't Be Shocked and Outraged by The Rupert Murdoch Fundraiser

Whatever Rupert Murdoch's personal beliefs may be, Fox News is nothing more than the Ministry of Propaganda for the Republican Party (see Robert Greenwald's documentary "Out Foxed").

Wasn't it Fox News that allowed John Ellis, a cousin of George W. Bush, to call Florida for the Republicans in 2000, before all the votes had even been counted? Are we supposed to just forget that now and make nice with Rupert because it will further Hillary Clinton's ambitions, whatever they may be? Do they really think that we are that shallow?

Enough is enough people. I'm sick and tired of seeing progressives being used as a doormat by the national Democratic Party. It's time for us to organize, support progressive candidates like Jonathan Tasini, join PDA, start electing our own district leaders, state committee persons and take back the damn party. It's time for us to vigorously stand up for what we believe in: no more resource wars, one single and verifiable voting method from coast to coast and county to county, no more trade deals that are sapping our wage base and destroying the ladder to the middle class and, as for Bush and his cabal, impeachment would be letting them off easy as far as I'm concerned.

Al Ronzoni, Jr.

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Hillary -- Murdoch

This is a win-win scenario for Murdoch.  If Hillary gets the nomination for 2008, the Democrats are least likely to win.  Also Fox News ratings will explode up until November 2008.  Finally, if she does happen to pull it off, Rupert has a friend in the White House.

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