Palin is a MAJOR HIT !!!!

According to George Stephanolopous on ABC's World News Tonight, the RNC has raised an incredible amount of money since last night - a cool one million dollars.

Sadly, Obama/Biden did not match that amount.  No.

According to George, they only raised $10,000,000.  Yup.  10 mill.

Thanks, Sarah!!

You Rock!!

Do you wanna see Barack or Governor Kooky on your browser for the next four years??


Donate early, donate often:

Obama/Biden Contribution Page

Make a difference - Every bit counts

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

► Bubba and 'Bama bonding during services for the late great Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

► I'm also diggin how well the two families fit together.

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Sarah Palin's Resume







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► Al Gore did a sound check and walk through about 50 minutes ago, and the construction crew inside Mile High Stadium went NUTZ!!


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GOP Attacks Clinton (AGAIN)

CBS News is using freaking Dan Barlett as an analyst in Denver.

No, I'm not joking.  

Well, he's was just trashing Hillary, saying Hillary is selfish and self centered and delivering the election to McSame on a silver platter.

I'm not joking.

But see what they're doing?

If Barack were to lose, the right-wing machine will slime Hill.  Hell, they're already sliming her, right now on network television, on the nite of her speech.

This is what I've been saying for awhile.  Hillary can only win in the future if Barack wins in November.

Biden is 66 years old.  He won't run for the presidency in 8 years.  If Hillary wants to run again, it would be a completely open field (no incumbents) in 8 years.  

But if the right wing were to smear her by pinning any part of the blame on her, then her future plans would be dashed.  I know it's not fair, but since when has the right wing been fair (Whitewater, Paula Jones lawsuit, Impeachment, Vince Foster).

Now, who knows.  Maybe she doesn't want to run again.  In that case, the GOP smears would be irrelevant.  But atleast you should know how the GOP is playing it.


Just watched ABC news, George Stephanopoulos just said repeated virtually every point in my post.

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(POLL) Who is Your Favorite Clinton

Chuck Todd was just sayin, most of Hillary's support in rural America (let me strees, the rural communities) were derivative of Bill Clinton's popularity (ie wouldn't be nice to have Bubba back).

In contrast, Hillary's support in suburban and urban locations was based on direct appeal, wholly apart from her husband's popularity.

So lets take a poll.

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Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!

► This morning in Willmington.

► Smokin'!!

► "I'm Sasha Obama, and I approve this convention!"

► The latest attack ad, using Sam Cooke's "don't know much about.."

► Denver

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GOP Bashes Hillary

On MSNBC this morning, they had on a republican spokesperson, Barbara Comstock, who bashed Hillary as a "drama queen," saying "it's always about them," and finally, "they're not going to stop [complaining]."

What made this hilarious is the spokesperson was on using Hillary supporters attack the Democratic ticket.  

On one hand the spokesperson argued that Hillary should of been the VEEP and therefore some of her supporters should vote for McSame, but on the other hand, Hillary is too temperamental and selfish to lead the country.

The point is, how do you reach out to Hillary's voters with one hand, while rhetorically slapping Hillary and Bill with the other.

Also how do you vote for McSame when his surrogates are beating on Hill and Bill.

In one swooooooop, the GOP managed to attack both Obama and Hillary.

There you go. Vote McSame.  

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Special Open Thread (Convention Covers)

► Hot off the presses !!!

► The open thread is overflowing and it looks like everyone is in transit.  So eff it, WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!!  Use this post as an open thread.

► Enjoy!!!

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Call It a Night

Well, it's not today.

I'm not so sure there will be an announcement tomorrow.

I'd wait until Tuesday.

Build suspense though out the convention.

Plus all the contenders will already be in Denver.

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