A PC game y'all will like and those funny 30%ers

The Political Machine was a fun little game released in 2004. I remember spending hours playing that game. The more I played with it, the more excited I became about the upcoming election. It was a cycle, between DKos, Mydd, CNN, and then playing the game then back to the blogs. Now that it is 2008 there has been another version. It is more realistic and I think everyone here should check it out. Since its cheap, it is worth playing around with. It is not a simulation, but it is a strategy game which I think any political fan could appreciate. http://www.politicalmachine.com

That website has a political forum. Wow...completely filled with dead enders. My favorite is found here http://forums.politicalmachine.com/31562 2. The poster does not understand Bush's low approval ratings. I am completely amazed at these people. Well have a quick look and laugh at some of these people, but definitely check the game out.

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Need some help "proving" McCain is dangerous

My boyfriend will not believe me when I tell him that John McCain is dangerous. He voted for Hillary here in Pennsylvania, and would vote for her, but not for Obama. I'm trying to convince him to vote for the Democratic nominee. He just keeps spouting that McCain is moderate. His reasoning that McCain has drifted far-right since 2000 was he knew he'd run in 2008. Well I think looking at someone's record 8 years ago is silly. I've thrown everything I can at him, but it's like he is brainwashed by the media. McCain has some hold on the Irish-Catholic's here in PA.

1. His temper (ie C**t incident, yelling at senators)

  1. Tax cuts for the rich, flip flopped
  2. Katrina
  3. His long record of being anti-choice
  4. Bad environmental record

I'm sure there is a lot more...help me out guys. I am almost at the level where we cannot discuss politics because he's just plain wrong haha. I may buy him some books about McCain. If I can convince him, then he can convince his family all of which will vote for McCain over Obama. Sigh, it's going to be a long election! How the heck can a gay person vote for McCain over any democrat is beyond my reasoning. Thanks guys!

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Why I am voting for Obama in PA

I was a strong Edwards supporter until the very end. After a few weeks of hearing "who do you support now?" from friends and family, I finally decided on Hillary Clinton. She seemed to take a more populist stance and brought a few new states back into play for the Democrats (AR,WV, NM). I don't get Obama's great appeal. Sure, his record is fine, and he gives an OK speech. I just don't think it is his time, and I hate they way everyone assumes since I am young, I must be for Obama. Heck, almost every gay man I know in Philly is for Clinton. My family down in Delaware is for Clinton. Even most of my friends from college, even some Republicans are for Clinton! I honestly do not know one person who is for Obama, though I know that is really weird.  

So why am I voting for him?

Well, I want this primary over with. Sure I would have preferred Edwards, then Clinton. But, you know what? I feel Clinton has lost at this point. I don't like how her campaign has been run, and I think she has surrounded herself with some awful "talent". Heck, I am just happy Delaware actually mattered for once, and now PA. I like how Obama is building a ground game in states. I still don't know if he has a shot at the GE, but I can't say for certain Hillary would be better. I feel its time for her to drop out soon. I don't want this going to the convention. I am voting for what I think is best for the Democratic Party and I've come to the conclusion that Obama might just be better. Am I certain? Nope, but that's my reasoning anyway.

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Obama's liability against McCain

Remember when John Edwards decided to take public financing? Kos and others seemed to think that could hurt the Democratic Party. We have the money advantage right now and are likely to keep it. So why does Obama get a pass on this issue? McCain is very likely to be the Republican nominee. If Obama is ours, he has a huge liability. He and McCain made a pact to use public financing. That would give up our enormous cash edge we will likely have. Why isn't this an issue against Obama?

Just for reference, here are some of the 'pact' details:

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/02/us/pol itics/02fec.html

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Clinton and Rudy leading in Delaware

A new poll shows Clinton leading with 41%, followed by our Senator Joe Biden at 19%, and Obama trailing at 17%. The survey found Delaware Democrats like Joe Biden, but do not find him electable. I've seemed to notice that this state will vote for the current frontrunner. John Kerry was pretty unknown here until his Iowa win in 2004.

On the Republican side Rudy is winning with 37% followed by Grandpa Fred and McCain both hovering around 14%. Mitt Romney trails with 10%. I am not surprised by Rudy winning here. The Delaware Republican base is very country club Republican in northern Delaware. Rich people who are anti-tax. Down south, however, you get strong religious conservatives. I am surprised Thompson is not doing better.

I know Delaware doesn't really matter in the primaries, but I thought it was interesting. Here is a link to the story:

http://delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ article?AID=/20071012/NEWS/71012022

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New Santorum Ad uses Giuliani

     Just saw a new Santorum ad on Fox-29 Philadelphia. It had Rudy Guiliani gushing on how Santorum is tough on defense. Sappy music played in the background as he spoke in a fire hall. It was pretty disgusting; it is trying to use our feelings about 9/11.
     I guess Rick finally decided no one wanted to see him anymore. Guiliani is a moderate? Could have fooled me.

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