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    We deserved to lose. I do not understand why Corzine is SO unpopular. Things are not that bad here (I just moved here from Philly). Property taxes are not much higher than PA where I live. Yes, where there are million dollar homes, in Princeton they are high--and should be.

    Corzine should not have been the nominee even though he hasn't done a bad job considering. His budget was better than DE's and NJ was more in trouble.

    So I am stuck with a corrupt Bush crony--awesome. I could live with a moderate republican, but this guy is a wingnut. Democrats misread how angry the public was, even though most of it was the Republican's national economic fault--not Corzine. Sigh.

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    As a new resident in NJ I cannot say I am thrilled with how this state is run. Very wateful. NJ DOT trucks run up and down 295 patrolling for broken down vechiles...its not 1980, we have cell phones, it is a complete waste! Not to mention the property tax rebate, my household JUST falls outside the new 75K limit for it. So I essentially lost $900 thanks to Corzine. But, I have to admire that he is taking mostly progressive steps for the budget. I personally think even the rich here pay a fair share, but soaking the poor would be even worse. That's why I will have to vote for Corzine. Daggett seems OK (I'd love to work for the EPA, so I admire him), but I cannot let a corrupt R like Christie win, and likely lower taxes on the rich and businesses...and thus soak the middle class even more! So, chalk that up for 1 more Corzine vote, he has done a decent job compared to DE, PA, and NY in this crisis.

  • Couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Yes, thank you. It's normal operations for an airline. Maybe he should have arrived earlier or called to reschedule like everyone else would have to in the same situation. If we did that, we'd be in jail.

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    No, passengers need to be at the gate 15-20 minutes (depending on the airline, Continental is 15) before departure time. They often shut the door at this point. It is standard operations. I had to run about a mile in Newark, NJ due to a late connection last Friday. I made it right at the 15 minute mark and the door was shut behind me. I was lucky! Vitter acted rudely and did not follow the rules.

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    I'd like to know who the brave 13 were. Democratic leadership is spineless. No donations for me anymore.

  • Glad my old Senator came out and said this. I'm pretty shocked, but I think Biden had something to do with this as Carper and Lieberman are pretty close. I'd like to think my email helped him come to this announcement....haha right.

  • I emailed Senator Carper (D-DE) urging him to strip Lieberman from his chair. Carper still supported Lieberman even after he lost the primary, so hopefully he'll change his mind on traitorous Joe.

  • As a PA resident now, I can vouch for tarheel's feelings. Growing up in DE there was not an urgency to politics like there is now that I live in a swing state. I think it'll go blue, but everytime I go to my boyfriend's hometown, Bensalem, I see more McCain stuff.

    Is it just me, or were there a lot more Bush and Kerry stickers in 04? I barely see an Obama sticker in DE (a few in Philly), and can go weeks without seeing a McCain bumper sticker in either state.

  • Agreed 100%. Palin scared away a lot of moderate women who naturally would have leaned for a moderate Republican. The type that went for Bush in 2000, but Kerry in 04.

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    Haha, I actually work at the landfill in northern Delaware as an engineer. I didn't see him today. Carper (D-DE) usually will stop in the office at least.

  • That certainly did not help did it? I would LOVE to see Obama talk about the fall of the dollar due to Republican spending and how the average American is suffering. It is certainly the truth. I think most people get that the $ has fallen dramatically since 2001 but they do not equate it to the asinine republican policies implemented in that period.

  • I am sorry, but this is out of line. Uprate all of the "you are cowards, you are acting like Republicans" posts all you want. This, however, is ridiculous. Do not attack posters, especially someone who runs this site, it is disrespectful. Make your point without pointing towards posters. Talking about this in scientific terms will only LOSE votes. Look at Gore and Kerry. Do you know how many people I have heard say "Gore was right with that lockbox" yet he was ridiculed. Be right, but also get what you want out of it. Hopefully, this just all blows over.

    If a Republican wins because of gas/economics I will  have lost faith in Americans though for sure...!

  • This is NOT about a single poll. Yes, the poll brought the issue forward. I would have felt the same way, however, without the poll. Attach this SOB to CAFE standards, to real alternative fuel research done by the US Gov't not Shell or Exxon. The oil will not help prices, yes I agree, and I think Obama should tell Americans that. But, we come across as elitist, and bankrupt for ideas with the "don't drill it is bad for the environment". Let us turn a slight negative into a HUGE net positive with a comprehensive energy bill here. Or at least try...

    I am not a coward, and I really don't think this is surrendering. I doubt Jerome or the other posters willing to at least consider some positives out of this are either.

  • Remember, Obama is correct on all issues all the time. I swear I will work as hard as I can in PA and DE to elect him, but boy some people will swallow anything he agrees with. I think we both agree, oil has to go, but like you said get a compromise, CAFE standards as I said in the other thread. Something. If we don't do anything, McCain wins, even if it is on misinformation. People want solutions. Saying "5$ a gallon is good" is elitist and frankly even offends me...someone who studied animals and environmental science in college. People are part of the equation and unfortunately so is oil. Thanks Jerome for pointing out what is so obvious to even my very liberal friends.

    I started reading Mydd, electoralvote.com, dailykos, etc in the summer of 2004 and do NOT remember people demanding 100% liberal positions all the time. While I'd love to see those enacted, we need to compromise. Remember how it felt when the Republicans never compromised, it just doesn't work (of course our positions are at least mostly correct!).


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