• What do you mean, "new politics"?  This sort of accusation is as old as politics itself.  Perhaps only accusations about parental upbringing and relationships are older. :)

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    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/6/15/ 134238/766

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    Congratulations on the new beginning!  You've been a political mentor to me since 11/2004, and we took our country back.  Now that we have it, I agree it needs a big push to the left now, and I'll be seeing you at the new site!

    My guess is that you didn't want to start with your House and Senate forecasts, and I don't blame you - they looked like incredible time-sucks (well, the way you did it, namely rather accurately), and honestly they were the only posts of yours that I would just skim, they just had too much detail for me.


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    Umm... that's kind of the point of breaking blue.  The goal is to encourage factual comments, not pithy "me too" or "i agree" type comments.

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    I'd love to see commenting enabled on BB.  In the spirit of keeping things short, limit comments to, say, 500 characters.  There have been several times when I've had a one-line answer to questions (like a replacement for technorati), but have no where appropriate to respond since I'm a mere plebe.

    ps: "annonymous" is misspelled on http://mydd.com/aboutbb

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    I think that novel candidates attract strong support from a group of low-information voters, which is also how the Governator got elected.

    I'd also add this:
    c) women who want to make a point that a women is fit to be considered for the nation's highest job.  Their support may be soft, but it's still nice to see a woman in the lead in the polls.  (this is just a theory, I'm not sure if I believe this)

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    This thread is such a funny non-sequitur for an elections blog.

    Anyone here a fan of TIG welding aluminum sheet metal?  Using an oxy-acetylene torch to heat up the sheet first makes it easier and more fun.

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    I'm not backing a presidential candidate in 2008, as you pointed out there are many more productive things to do than participate in the catfight between the great candidates we have this cycle.  I skip most fp post about candidates as they tend to have a low s/n ratio.

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    I think your wording should reflect that about half the respondents actually know what "habeus corpus" is - just say a word of latin, and they're lost.  I would recommend paraphrasing what it means, rather than using the term, in most of your questions.

    "Do you think the President should be able to indefinitely jail anyone he deems a threat without charging him or her of a crime or allowing access to a lawyer?"

    To me, this gets the point across that this is a dictator we're talking about, not a president.

    Wish I had more time, I have ideas but wordsmithing these takes a while.  I'm happy to see that you're doing this poll!

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    Here's the OpenCongress page on Senate bill 1486:

    http://www.opencongress.org/bill/110-s14 86/show

  • Some groupthink must have been happening in the Out of Iraq caucus, as everyone else that wants to end the war thinks that the path you have chosen was a poor one.

  • At 4 syllables, it's harder to use "occupation" than "war", especially when you talk about it a lot.  I think this is the real reason "war" gets used more often, even if it's the wrong word.

    Main Entry: oc·cu·pa·tion
    1 a : an activity in which one engages <pursuing pleasure has been his major occupation> b : the principal business of one's life : VOCATION
    2 a : the possession, use, or settlement of land : OCCUPANCY b : the holding of an office or position
    3 a : the act or process of taking possession of a place or area : SEIZURE b : the holding and control of an area by a foreign military force c : the military force occupying a country or the policies carried out by it

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    ... , a refusal to follow up on ignored subpoenas, and no end to the war in Iraq.

    I think we need to follow the words of Senator Webb:
    "We won this war four years ago. The question is when we end the occupation."

    How about

    ... , a refusal to follow up on ignored subpoenas, and no end to the occupation oin Iraq.

    Doesn't that sound so much better?  Saying just "war" is bad.  "Civil war" works sometimes, "occupation" others.

    Democrats saying there's a war going on implies that it is winnable.  Calling it what it is, an occupation, makes clear that it is going to end, the only question is when.

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    I agree - it's unnecessarily sensationalistic.  There are lots of other superlatives to choose from, just choose another one you like.

    The climate will be very, very different in 100 years, but our civilization will keep going, albeit at a much lower rate of productivity due to the additional challenges.  The engineer in me knows that, even if the skies are darkened, we'll still have TV shows, a national electric grid, and interstate highways in 2107.

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    Criers were going through the Castro today, and there's an impromptu mourning/celebration at 5PM at 18th and Castro with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


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