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Hello to everyone from sunny St. Joseph County Indiana!  This is my first post in a while and, wouldn't you know, I come asking for money.  

However, the money is not for me, it is for our county Democratic headquarters.  I have only been heavily involved in politics for about five years now but I have traveled most of Indiana and I can honestly say that we are one of the few fortunate counties to have a full time, established, downtown Democratic headquarters.  Many communities in Indiana are not so fortunate.  They run their campaigns out of short term rented space.

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With a bullet: Donnelly (IN-2) gains more momentum

This past Friday, Joe Donnelly was named to the second wave of the DCCC's "Red to Blue" candidates.  The "Red to Blue" program recognizes Democratic candidates who are challenging Republican incumbents in "red" states that have, through fundraising and voter outreach, shown their potential for victory in November.  

This announcement is an exciting boost for the Donnelly campaign in terms of media exposure and validation in the eyes of contributors nationwide.  While being a "Red to Blue" candidate will help Joe raise money in D.C., the Donnelly for Congress campaign is not just about pleasing those in D.C., it is ultimately about real representation for the 2nd district in Congress.

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A look at Joe Donnelly and IN-2

 A poll taken today might very well show Democratic challenger Joe Donnelly a few points ahead of incumbent Chris Chocola in Indiana's 2nd district congressional race.  Bolstered by Chocola-fatigue, anger over the policies of Gov. Mitch Daniels, mistrust of President Bush and, most recently, a series of ads in the district by, Donnelly has come on strong after the May primary as a very clear and present danger to Chocola's incumbency.  

 Chocola has responded with a pair of ads designed to paint Donnelly as a conservative Republican's worst nightmare: a "tax and spend liberal".  As old and tired as that charge continues to be (I think that charge has been levelled at every Democrat since Jefferson), what was surprising was just how early the ads began to air: May 31st.  Chocola is no stranger to the practice of saturating the local airwaves with ceaseless attack ads, but this year that old habit may very well bite him in the...

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Mark your calendars: Bush to return to South Bend Indiana

I have heard from two sources, one a high level official in a local labor union, that President Bush is scheduled to return to South Bend Indiana in October, presumably to campaign for Rep. Chris Chocola (R-Bristol).  If this comes to pass, I would love to have thousands of protesters in South Bend to make their voices heard.  There was a great response in February during Bush's last pimp stop.  We had around a thousand lining the street that Bush used to enter the fundraiser he headlined and that was in the middle of the week and the middle of the day.  I will post more details as I get them.

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Donnelly wins!

Civility.  Teamwork.  Selflessness.  These are qualities that are seldom, if ever, associated with today's congressmen and women.  Qualities that are near the top of everyone's list of what they would like in their representative.  On Tuesday, May 2nd, a rare example of political unselfishness was seen in South Bend Indiana as Joe Donnelly (D-Granger) brought his primary opponent on stage with him in a show of party unity.  Donnelly addressed his primary opponent's supporters by saying, "we have a great chance at bringing our district (IN-2) back to the people this November.  I cannot do it alone.  I need your help and your support."

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weak incumbent hysterics? s.dll/article?AID=/20060404/News01/60404 0381&SearchID=73240641775072

Yesterday, April 4th, Rep. Chris Chocola (R-Bristol) reacted to a new series of ads by by referring to the activist group as a "radical group that does not share the views or values of Indiana's 2nd district", a phrase that more aptly describes the far right wing of his own Republican party.  Chocola went on, with almost unbelieveable gall, to blame MoveOn for our troops lack of body armor and uparmored Humvees.  Perhaps this is the sign of a guilty conscience, since it was Donald Rumsfeld and the Republican controlled Congress that forced our soldiers to weld scrap metal to their Humvees and forced their families to foot the bill for privately purchased body armor.  Also damning, in Chocola's view, was MoveOn's call for "moderation and restraint" following the 9/11 attacks.  In a district that has seen it's share of loss since the Iraq invasion, the thousands of others who have died in that country and the reality that Iraq had no ties to Al Queda or 9/11, perhaps some moderation and restraint could have been used.  

Chocola's hysterics, not to mention his hypocrisy on the use of outside funds in a political campaign, show yet another reason why he is the one out of touch with his district and in need of some voter-imposed term limits.  MoveOn is not run by some liberal Karl Rove; it is run by thousands of concerned and disaffected voters who feel that their government has stopped listening to them.  Instead of crying the blues because he has been targeted by MoveOn, perhaps Chocola should read some of the thousands of letters sent by his constituents via MoveOn and find the real reason why the ads are airing: his tin ear to the cries of the people he should have been representing all along.

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Joe Donnelly for Congress (IN-2)


 Here is a look at Indiana's 2nd congressional district and our Democratic candidate, Joe Donnelly.

 Joe Donnelly is a two time graduate of the University of Notre Dame. (1976 with a degree in government and in 1981 from the law school) He owns a small business in Mishawaka Indiana; Marking Solutions, a manufacturer of self inking stamps and a non practicing attorney.  In 2004, Joe ran against Rep. Chris Chocola (R-Bristol) and lost a hard fought race %54.2-%44.5.  This was despite being outspent by close to a 2-1 margin and without any significant help from the DCCC.  I was a part of that campaign and I can tell you that it was an especially hard loss.  

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