Donnelly wins!

Civility.  Teamwork.  Selflessness.  These are qualities that are seldom, if ever, associated with today's congressmen and women.  Qualities that are near the top of everyone's list of what they would like in their representative.  On Tuesday, May 2nd, a rare example of political unselfishness was seen in South Bend Indiana as Joe Donnelly (D-Granger) brought his primary opponent on stage with him in a show of party unity.  Donnelly addressed his primary opponent's supporters by saying, "we have a great chance at bringing our district (IN-2) back to the people this November.  I cannot do it alone.  I need your help and your support."

Donnelly went on to address independents and Republicans in the district.  "We have more in common than we do not.  Surely you objected to Gov. Daniels' insistance on a change in our time zones.  Surely you balked at the lease of our toll road to a foreign investor.  Surely you do not want our jobs going overseas along with control of our assets and infrastructure.  In the end, we are all Hoosiers and we all have to live together.  We deserve elected officials who are not rubber stamps for Governor Daniels and President Bush.  We need and deserve representatives who do not forget who they are supposed to represent when they go to Indianapolis or Washington D.C."

In Indiana's 2nd district, there is a great desire for a representative who will listen to his or her constituents and remember that he or she is in Washington to listen to people on Main street, not K street.  Joe Donnelly is that man and he is as ready for the job as Indiana is ready for him.

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