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    We are obviously going to lose seats, but I am not convinced it will be the bloodbath people think.  Jerome, I do remember you wondering how in the hell Obama could win the GE after it became clear he would pull away from Hillary in the primary.  He won in a landslide.  If we could predict the future, we wouldn't need to play the game.

    I do agree that the Democratic messaging "machine" is absolutely pathetic.  Clinton provided the blue print for this election in his PBS interview, yet Democrats didn't seem to listen.  He suggested some national adversing essentially acknowledging that we are in a hole so deep that it will take time to dig our way out.  Americans gave the Republicans 6 years to get us where we are now, at least give Democrats 2 more years to dig us out.  If things are not better by 2012, the public will have the opportunity to change both the executive and legislative.

    I don't think Democrats properly empathized with the public this election cycle, and will pay a price.  Its unclear how big a price.

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    Who cares about historical precedents?  They don't mean much in a modern day society that has been transformed by the internet.  If the public perceives that the economy is getting better and unemployment is going down, Democrats won't get slaughtered in 2010.

    Sure, Democrats have a good chance of losing some seats.  Considering they have dominated in the last two election cycles, that is not surprising.

    I suspect that Democrats will portray the Republicans as dishonest obstructionists since Senate Republicans are filibustering EVERYTHING including the most trivial pieces of legislation proposed by Obama and the Democratic Congress.

    One thing is for sure, panicking is wasted effort.

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    Well I trust Clinton, so I will go along with what he says.  However, there must be consequences for Joe Lieberman after this is finished.  He must be stripped of his chairmanships and we must fund his opponent when he is up for re-election.

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    Democrats are unable to unite, Republicans always unite.

    2010 looks like it will be brutal.  We couldn't get any of the Senate Republicans to move our way on this, which is ashame.

  • I actually respect Bernanke.  He was put into a horrible situation by W, and he did his best, never seemed partisan.

    I have heard rumors that Bernanke does not think highly of Bush, but those are just rumors.  

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    If HCR does not get passed because of Lieberman, Democrats will lose seats in 2010.  Its that simple.  Lieberman deserves no credit because he is single handedly endangering the Democratic party and being completely dishonest about his intentions.

    You can't say you are taking a principled stand when you lie about your position to Harry Reid's face.  Lieberman must be kicked out of the party.  He endorsed the Republican candidate for president for god sakes.  He couldn't even deliver Florida to Al Gore.  Kick his ass out, he is a traitor who is more interested in protecting Connecticut business interests then tens of millions of American citizens.

    I repeat, go fuck yourself Lieberman.

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    Lieberman, go fuck yourself.

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    Strip him of his chairmanships, kick him out of the caucus, don't allocate any funds from the DNC, DSCC, and DCCC towards his re-election campaign, and provide a shit load of funding for anyone who will run against him.

    He is a traitor and needs to be kicked out of the fucking party.  Then, he will really be independent.

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    I hope Lieberman et al., will be happy when their actions cause a bunch of weak seats to go into the hands of Republicans.

    They should be stripped of their chairmanships and completely defunded.

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    Democrats are going to get destroyed in 2010 if they fail to create meaningful health care reform legislation.  The fact that the public option has been dropped and single payer was never on the table means that I will not be giving a cent to the DNC, DSCC, or DCCC if they are going to distribute ANY money to Lieberman, et al.,

    Democrats who did not tow the party line on the most important of issues need to be stripped of their chairmanships.  Also, if they have primary challenges, the Democrats need to fund those challenges.  These supposed Democrats are close to ruining the Democratic party for a few years.

    This is our best opportunity to pass REAL healthcare legislation in the past 30 years and 4 or 5 holdouts have fucked it up.  There must be consequences for the Liebermans and Nelsons because they are going to cost Democrats a shitload of seats.  If Democrats can't get it done when they have 60 votes, than I am done giving them money.

  • You are correct.  I cannot judge the actual legislation until it is passed.  

    I can, however, throw a fit if this select group of Senators (D) manages to defeat the public option.  This was the best opportunity we will have over the next 15-20 years to truly reform healthcare, and you have Lieberman sitting pretty on his chairmanship even though he helped defeat the public option.  Strip these folks of their chairmanships or I will have no money to give the DNC, DCCC, or DSCC in 2010.

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    All I know is that I am not sending a fucking penny to the DNC, DCCC, or DSCC if they are going to give money to the 4 "Democratic" senators or house members who aligned themselves with the Republicans on the public option.

    They should be stripped of their chairmanships because they are going to singlehandedly cause close  seats to go into Republican hands in 2010.

    Say what you will about Republicans, but at least they manage to unite together, unlike Democrats who are about as strong as a wet noodle.  I am extremely angry that the public option was cut out by 4 self interested senators.

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    This kind of shit is stupid.  If Huckabee were psychic perhaps he could have predicted what would happen.

    Now, he will be ambushed in 2012 by his own party for not being tough on crime.

    Same logic that screwed Dukakis.

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    Unless the economy is in the tank in 2012, which I doubt it will be given the timing of the most recent financial crisis, Obama should cruise to re-election in 2012.  

    Who do the Republicans have that can challenge the coalition Obama has built?  They are using a 2009 election to predict that Obama will have problems?  Talk to me after 2010.  I didn't vote this year because I am still exhausted from the 2008 election and there were not any important elections where I live.  However I will most certainly be out in force for Democrats in 2010 and 2012.  There must be many, many people just like me.

  • Cash for Clunkers was a good idea, they just didn't realize there was so much pent up demand for cars.  People knew it was coming, and waited to buy.  Say what you will about the U.S., when it comes to free money, our citizens stay informed!

    As far as I am concerned, Cash for Clunkers has been very successful.


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