• Only metaphorically.  Both Clintons have been to Haiti.  Bush has not.  Can't imagine that he will go, at least for some time.

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    to your classmate -
    people like him make a huge difference at the macro level, directly touching the lives of others in a positive way.
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    his current stance on LGBT issues.

    Then again, my skepticism was such that I opted to vote for McKinney, so I suppose that, while I can sit on my high horse, I have no standing to bitch.

  • Yes.  The Czech Republic will recognize marriages in other EU nations; in addition, while the CZR doesn't have marriage, they have a national domestic partnership law; if we have to go to Europe, they'll give me residency and work permissions.

  • out at all.

    I've spent 20 years working with college students, so that covers gen x and millenials. In my experience a fairly small percentage of millenials are where you think they are on enviornmental issues, and a whole lot more remain uncritical contributors to environmental problems.

  • Let's see - there was slavery; there was the "Indian question"; there was women's rights, there was Prohibition...

    Our history is rife with examples of "the country" not being on the side of someone's issue, and in each and every case "the country" was WRONG.

    I think you missed a turn on the intertubes - Red  State is back up the road a ways.

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    be incorrect) that he's saying men who "bring home the bacon" via menial jobs - a ditch digger, let's say - are boys who fuck women.

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    I know that it's pretty damn cold out there.

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    to say?  Unbelievable!


    Is that link subscription-only?  When I open it, I get Hertzberg's page, sans content in the main frame.

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    is setting herself up as an excellent modern role model, showing girls that women in this country can indeed "have it all" (if that's what they want).  

    Good on her, I say!

  • or unable to listen

    ... always have to make their point
    ... always have to have the last word
    ... always have to justify their opinion
    ... seldom walk away thinking about what they hear

    I'm not trying to tar you with that brush, but what I see of you in this diary is what I see playing out over and over in every social justice seminar I've ever participated in or led.

    You're welcome to respond, and I'll acknowledge it with a rating, but these things take years of hard work to change, so I'm going to walk away.

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    transgender victims."

    I'd add "that have been reported as such."  Not even, actually "investigated as such."  And that really sucks.

    We had about 35 people at our Remembrance ceremony on Thursday.  Just a few days earlier we had hundreds stand outside for two hours on a cold, blustery Saturday, protesting Prop 8 and demanding equal marriage rights.

    Apples and oranges, I suppose, but the inequity in passion over legal rights and violent loss of life is... depressing.

  • working on behalf of traditionally oppressed groups and far more about working on ourselves; breaking down our own inherited biases and preconceived notions.

    While we in this country have (theoretically, at least - the Republicans, not so much) predicated our civil discourse on the idea of civil debate, that process of civil discourse achieves very little for us when it comes to the emotionally based process of our biases and prejudices. It's why debating homosexuality with religionists never works.  It's why, way back when, debating slavery with religionists never worked.  Religion, like prejudices, are emotional while civil rights are rational constructs.  Logic and never successfully debate emotion.  And yet logic is foundational to our civil discourse.  And it often fails.

    So it is with social justice.  Social justice is based on listening.  Simply listening.  Listening to the real experiences, the real pain of those who are less privileged; letting their reality wash over us, trying to imagine ourselves in their place.  But it's typical for us to do just the opposite; to try to debate, to throw up every point, every 'yes but' we can muster, based on our own reality, not the reality of those less privileged.  And why not?  It's the way we've been taught - it's civil discourse.  But it doesn't work for social justice issues, and that's a part of the problem; our process of civil discourse, based on reason, logic, polite discussion solves some problems but not others; it's become a part of the structural barrier of our society.  

    I'd encourage you to stop debating and just start listening.  Resist the impulse to throw out your point-counter point.  Social justice work is hard work, but it's hardest on ourselves, because we have to deconstruct ourselves and re-construct ourselves in a way that our society does not yet value.

    We may despise Sarah Palin for her politics and her practices (dragging her children on stage at every opportunity, her blatant, flirting winks at the camera, but Sarah Palin is a woman, and her lived experience being raised as a woman in this male-structured society, and the way she was treated the last few months by the male power structure is fundamentally no different than the way Hillary Clinton was treated.

    Please, instead of telling people to fuck off and denying the possibility of having applied double standards (as in a comment above) just stop and listen.  

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    nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize - one among the reported 181 nominees that year...

    http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/storie s.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/02-01 -2007/0004518421&EDATE=

    Just sayin -

    I personally am not tied up in knots over who might become SoS but I am becoming fed up with HillHate that's been ginned up, yet again, over this topic.


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