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    I totally agree.

    It may be wishful thinking, but the only contest I see as not a squeaker, is one with Obama at the head of the ticket.  I don't know about a "huge electoral victory," but as it stands now, I can see him winning outright, above 3%.

    With all due respect to HRC, or any of the others, I just cannot see anything but a nail-biter or a loss.  

    I am still thinking about Edwards, but right now Obama is my strong favorite.

  • oh no, the spanking was one of the best parts.  if we can't laugh at our own folks, we are pretty sad people.

  • Funny, maybe not hitting a home-run funny, but funny.

    She couldn't quite bug her eyes out enough though, but is that even possible?

    What's up with those bugged-out eyes anyway?  It totally freaks me out - someone's gotta make fun of that.

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    Matt, totally agree with you here.  Anything you can do about the Verizon ad right in the middle of this post?  I understand the desire for ads, and how difficult it can be to be on top of what ads pop up where, but this is a bit funny - if taking it as 'funny' is appropriate or not may be a good question, or can it just mean I can go ahead and get my iPhone? :)

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    I think you are onto something here.  I lean Obama, but Edwards is my second choice.  The reasoning is tied into your post hear somehow.  It might be the feeling I have sometimes about Edwards just talking a good line when he has not always been a progressive, while Obama has (mostly), but does not always talk it up.

    Actions speak louder that words to me, and while Obama has to show his actions by his votes 'currently,' Edwards is free to just talk.

    As I said, I like both these guys, but maybe I feel that Obama walks the talk more than Edwards has, enough to tip may lean towards Obama.


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