BREAKING: Obama Sweeps Oscars, Gains Commanding Delegate Lead!

According to the earliest exit polls, Barack Obama has won all but one of the "Super Sunday" Oscar Primaries, and taken a delegate lead that pundits say may well be insurmountable, even if Obama loses both Texas and Ohio in the coming March 4th contests.

John McCain, as expected, took all delegates for the Republican contests, losing to Mike Huckabee only in the "Supporting Actor" category due to his poor showing in No Country for Old Men

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SUSA: Bush at 38%

The SUSA Bush approval ratings for August are in, and he's at 38% approval, despite his much touted noninvolvement in foiling the latest terrorism plot.  

As usual, Utah and Idaho still give him high marks. Wyoming and Oklahoma give him lower net positives, and the other 46 states, including all 11 Confederate States, give him net disapproval.  As usual, the Northeast, together with Illinois and Michigan, give Bush his worst numbers.

More analysis below the fold.

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New SUSA 50-state poll: Bush continues to slide

The July Survey USA data on Bush's popularity in the 50 states is out.  Observations below the fold. tateBushApproval060718Net.htm

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