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  • That's why it was interesting to hear the lack of support for him from Sharpton's guests and the play of his last name White and his supporting the Irish machine etc.

  • I was listening to Al Sharpton's radio show on XM's The Power station (something I hadn't listened to in a long time) and he had a bunch of people from Chicago talking negatively about the Irish machine controlling Illinois Democratic politics, playing on Jesse White's last name and playing up the importance of an African-American to retain the seat. It was an interesting perspective to say the least.

    I'm not from Illinois so I don't know how indicative the guests on Sharpton's show are of AA sentiment in that state, but this could be a problem for Democrats. I know there is an undercurrent here in Maryland from some AA as to why Democrats haven't elected an AA for either a Gubernatorial or Senate post despite making up about 50% of the electorate in a Democratic primary and one-third of the overall electorate. I guarantee you when Mikulski retires in the next few years that this issue is going to come to head in this state.

    With Obama no longer in the Senate, why are there no longer any African-Americans in the Senate and what can we do to diversify the Senate a bit more?

  • Coming from Maryland, I'm getting a whiff of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend nostalgia with this current Caroline Kennedy run. Kathleen wasn't that great of a campaigner and alienated an important voting bloc in Maryland with her Lt Gov choice. It's one thing to get an appointment. It's an entirely different thing to actually run a campaign and win.

    The GOP put up a formidable candidate with blue collar roots in Bob Ehrlich in 2002. I would suspect that they plan to do the same with a Peter King type in 2010 to build contrast with the aristocratic Kennedy.

    I shudder when I read her online supporters say that she'll automatically win in 2010. After all, New York is a blue state and getting bluer each election. I'm sure that's what many said about Kathleen Kennedy Townend before her gubernatorial loss in the very blue state of Maryland. Who would have thought that a Kennedy would have lost a campaign in the very blue state of Maryland? Who indeed!!

    Just a note of caution to all of you Kennedy supporters out there, it's not automatic for the Kennedy name to win elections even in blue states....  

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    I did not support John Edwards this time around (I voted for him in the 2004 primaries), but I do think that he raised several policy platforms that affected the race in a positive way.

    I do wonder how his dropping out will affect the race b/w Clinton and Obama. For instance, what will the debate look like tomorrow? Who will he endorse? Will his endorsement sway his supporters to one side or another? Who will be able to win over Edwards' supporters the most? In what states or districts? Will his leaving the race now help to wrap up the nomination process sooner?

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    I live in Maryland and I doubt that the Obama and Clinton campaigns will invest much time here. We probably won't get any tv ads either since this market is so expensive.

    I'm sure that there won't be any campaigning/advertising in Alaska or Wyoming or any of the obscure states. Yet their delegates will get seated most likely....

    It was stupid of Howard Dean and the DNC to decide to disregard the delegates. They could have at least done what the RNC did and just allow half the delegates to count. Oh, well, whatever it takes for Dean/DNC to help their guy Obama win the election. With no campaigning in Florida, Obama was able to conserve his money and devote all of his resources to Iowa and South Carolina. If he had to spend money in Florida, he would have had a hard time competing in the Super Tuesday states. So, Dean helped Obama out.

    That's fine. She's got all the media against her. Liberal bloggers are against her. Many Democratic establishment figures are against her. Of course, Republicans are against her. And she just keeps on ticking. You go Hillary!! You can beat them all!!

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    No, I don't think that Matthews liked the Clintons even before that. You have to remember that Matthews was once a Carter employee and the Carters and the Clintons haven't gotten along b/c Clinton blames Carter for his Ark gubernatorial loss in 1980. If you notice the Carter people  like Brezinski(sp) have a lot of animus towards the Clintons. I don't think that's an accident. The Carter machine was replaced by the Clinton machine and Chris was part of that Carter machine....

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    Wolf interviewed her on CNN; Chris Wallace interviewed her on Fox News and as you noted, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews interviewed her on MSNBC.

    During all the interviews, she stayed on point, positive. When asked by Chris Wallace of Fox News about the snub last night, she said that she extended her hand out of friendship and she will continue to extend her hand in friendship to Obama at the next debate.

    She focused on issues during all the interviews--foreclosure of homes, uninsured etc. When asked about Bill's role in the campaign, she said that her surrogates sometimes get on hand, but from now until Super Tuesday, she and her campaign would stick with the issues.

    All in all, I think she had a good night in terms of trying to change the message and tone of her campaign to a positive one....

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    I don't think you get what I'm saying, Bush Bites. I know that you discount this being bad for your guy. But think of it this way. What type of people watch Inside Edition? Mostly apolitical people. No matter what you think of the story, these apolitical people saw the snub on Inside Edition and got a negative perception of Obama from this small clip. This type of thing can become a water cooler conversation piece at work.

    Again, you might not think it's a big deal. But the campaign tried to quickly address it, which tells you something....

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    on the Snub:


    I know that Obama supporters don't see this incident as a big deal, but I think it's pretty bad when you have mainstream infotainment outlets talking about "the snub" like Inside Edition or the View. Way more people watch those shows than the cable news outlets....

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    lonnette from today's Inside Edition:


    I think it's the best recounting of the event yet....

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    Does anyone have e-mail addresses to The View and Whoopi Goldberg? Whoopi made a great point about the State of the Union snub on the View today. Check it out (and the applause from the audience after her remarks):

     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlzD9l1N5 kk

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    Thanks for the e-mail addresses. I've been meaning to write to NBC to voice my displeasure at their coverage. Thanks to Chris Matthews and the rest, this long-time MSNBC viewer/tivo recorder has turned off MSNBC and gone to CNN. It's somewhat better, but even then I've got issues with commentators on that channel as well.

    It really is hard to watch cable news as a HRC supporter. Oh, well, it's just something that you become accustomed to if you belong to the HRC camp....

    We still have the View and David Letterman....

  • that Barbara Boxer would endorse whoever the winner of the California primary was (in terms of getting her superdelegate vote)? I guess it depends upon who wins next Tuesday.....

    Yes, Barbara and HRC used to be family, but I think Barbara's daughter has accused the Rodham brother of being a deadbeat and not paying child support or something like that. Given the way the winds blowing with disloyalty to the Clintons, I wouldn't be surprised if Barbara did decide to endorse Obama. I guess that's the way politics works....

  • Her endorsement isn't a surprise to me. I saw her cheering for HRC at the Howard University/Tavis Smiley debate so I figured that she had already announced.....


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