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    I see nothzing!
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    Sure, national polls bring bragging rights and affect public perceptions so they are important in that regard, but even Scott Rasmussen's state numbers give Kerry FL and OH.

    If Kerry holds all the Gore states from 2000 (or only loses a couple of small ones), that's the ballgame.

    Of course, that's if the election were held today, which it isn't, but signs are far from dire.  

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    This post over at Daily Kos raises some questions about the methodology of this poll.  It appears Time's pollsters biased toward male respondents during the convention and pushed undecided LVs, which was not done in the earlier Time poll.  Apples to oranges?
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    Chris, I brought this updated discussion to the attention of Gerry Dales over at Daly Thought and Dales' Electoral College Breakdown 2004.

    I was wondering if you had any response to his criticisms.  I apologize to you (and to him) if my bringing his opinions to your attention and your opinions to his attention is in any was bothersome or inappropriate.  My motivation is strictly due to my fascination with and struggle to better understand this phenomenon.



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