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    I thought the entire metro area of NOLA was wi-fi enabled.  If so, you could go sit in Jackson Square or on the moonwalk and post.

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    FYI:  The Southern idiom is "white folk", not "white folks"

    As for Nagin's support for Jefferson, it isn't hard to figure given Nagin's and Jefferson's shared constituencies.

    What's also going on behind the scenes in New Orleans is old fashioned machine politics, although in NOLA the machines are legion albeit shadowy.

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    Speaking of unfulfilled Bush and republican promises, maybe after Karen (hopefully) wins the runoff, Time might take a tour of Katrina's ground zero, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, from Pearlington to Pascagoula.  Waveland, Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian (where I live), Long Beach, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gautier and Moss Point are the cities and towns in between which suffered the heaviest and most catastrophic damage from the storm.

    Not to minimize the damage to New Orleans and environs or the suffering of its citizens, but we here in Mississippi are the forgotten victims.

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    Yo!  Chris!

    I just re-read your post.  You need to take a day or two off, get away from your computer and politics and either sleep or do something fun not related to your blog.  Recharge your batteries/psyche.  It's going to be a looong twelve days and your health is more important than adhereing to any self-imposed forecast update schedule.

    We'll all be here when you get back.


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    I heard on MSNBC that the LATimes/Bloomberg poll had  Webb ahead of Allen in VA.

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    It is important not to forget that relatively few voters read blogs.  Activists do and much of the time they are speaking to each other in a sort of giant echo chamber.  A few voices in an echo chamber can give the impression of a vast choir.  Don't fall for the impression.

    The vast majority of voters get their information from local media, newspapers and television, and friends and neighbors.  To some degree local media is a weak reflection of national media.  For instance, here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast the local ABC affiliate airs almost no news about l'affaire Foley and very little about Iraq.  Part of the dearth of political news is due to the lack of competitive races (Lott {R-MS} and Gene Taylor {D-MS 04}) and continuing Katrina woes but other than in so-called battleground states I would venture a guess that the situation is not much different.

    I love the netroots movement and its stalwart activists here and at FDL, DKos, Eschaton, TPM, C&L, Americablog, Political Animal and all the rest, but lets not kid ourselves, activists comprise an insubstantial voting block.  

    Wars are won (or lost) by the strength of the boots on the ground.  In elections that means actual voters in voting booths on election day.  If we don't canvass, phone bank, walk precincts or ferry voters who need transportation to their polling place on election day but rather sit on our collective asses and read or post to our own small community on election day, we don't deserve to win.

    A fable:

    Boudreaux went to mass every Sunday and prayed for God to let him win the lottery.  He made his visits and said his prayers religiously but was always disappointed.  He never won the lottery.  Boudreaux redoubled his efforts.  He started going to mass on Sundays and Wednesdays and fervently prayed for God to let him win the lottery.  He prayed until it hurt but he never won the lottery.  Finally, near despair, Boudreaux stayed after mass opne Sunday and prayed on his knees so hard tears were rolling down his cheeks.  All of a sudden God spoke to Boudreaux in a soft but clear voice, "Boudrreaux, meet me halfway.  Buy a damn lottery ticket!"

    Moral:  You can only win if you play.

    Don't just sit there, do someting!

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    Lieberman is a wolf in independent clothing.

    His campaign is run by republican operatives, funded by republican money, staffed by republican sympathizers and his policy positions are more and more aligned with republican policies.

    Why doesn't Lamont, the DSCC or a third party group come right out and call him on it in advertisments?

    Vote for a sheep and get a wolf.  Vote for Lieberman and get a republican.

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    Hope is not a plan.

    Unscrupulous republicans close strong while mealy-mouthed, timid democrats have found innovative ways of turning apparent victories into last-minute defeats.

    Double down folks and enough with the premature triumphfulism.

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    Oversight, Oversight, Oversight!

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    Must be my earwax problem but I didn't hear or see the word Democrat anywhere.

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    Is there any way to determine the total amounts both candidates spent on the primary?

    Lieberman always says Lamont outspent him (implying he "bought" his victory).  How would one go about compiling the spending reports to determine if Joe's characterization is accurate or not?

    Sorry for being off topic but the posters here are, in my opinion, the most likely source for a definitive answer to this question.


    Aaron Adams

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    Toughest Call!

    In the surprise of the election, Kerry's coattails and a huge democratic turnout surge give dems back the house, albeit by a razor thin margin.

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    Democrats pick up 2 seats
    (Lincoln Chaffee switches to independent within months of Kerry's swearing in also)

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    Not Even Close

    Out on a limb:

    Popular Vote:

    Kerry 51.3%
    Bush 46.9%
    Other 1.8%

    Electoral Vote:

    Kerry 316
    Bush 222
    Other 0

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    My adblocker was on.  Carry on.


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