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    voters in NC. Except the question was "can you tell me one reason why you like Obama?" Or something like that. My response was almost exactly the same as yours. I believe in working for a better life for all people and the Democratic party (and Obama ) represents that.

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    Oh come on. Have you ever heard Obey? He's about the most economically populist congressman there is. I'm guessing you're reading too much into a one sentence quote from congress daily. If Obey had his druthers we'd have a WPA and NRA and UHC all right now. He's hamstrung by the politics of the house and senate. He knows he can't get crap put through right unless he capitulates to the GOP for some truly awful provisions. Like say, drilling in ANWR and everywhere else in the country. Not to mention the fact that Bush is going to veto everything in site until he's out of office.

    Put blame where blame is due. Squarely on the GOP's shoulders. Get Obama elected and 60 votes in the senate and we won't have these problems.

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    You must either be wealthy or not of draft-age.

    Because for the rest of us, no matter who is the candidate, we (nor the planet) can afford to have McCain as president.

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    Her original campaign slogan said it all,

    "I'm in it to win!"

    She certainly was. Too bad she wasn't in it for any other reason.

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    right......And that's why she's continued to make such a big fuss about it since Indiana....oh wait.

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    Hey, thanks for busting my sister's union in Ohio! Great show of solidarity for workers. I'm sure you guys are working hard to organize the 8,000 workers now that you've denied them their right to form a union. Great job!

  • This is absolute bullshit. They had NO INTEREST in organizing these workers. The only interest they had was in sabotaging the vote. So for all those nurses that have spent YEARS of their life being intimidated and threatened at work, to have CNA come in a destroy it now, you think they want this piece of shit union representing them now?

    Frankly I'm baffled by your response. I don't disagree with them. I abhor them. They destroyed the vote by LYING  to the nurses and now they're LYING again.

    So having the nurses back means destroying something the WORKERS spent 3 fucking years trying to accomplish?
    You've got some nerve when you have no idea what the situation is.

  • I know SEIU has problems. I know they're not perfect. But who the hell does CNA think they are that they think they know better than the 8,000 workers at these hospitals what's best for them? The hypocrisy is disgusting when they claim they're "Saving" these workers from an un-democratic process by denying them a vote on the union!

    Fine if SEIU is awful. Let the nurses find out. But let them find out on their own. Don't be so patronizing as to assume that it's better to decide for them that SEIU is no good for them. But you know what? I know what their situation is right now without a union. And it's awful. And I know that with a union. ANY union, their conditions would improve. And for CNA to deny them that right is just disgusting.

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    I wrote a diary on it a few minutes ago. Sadly, a newspaper has not quoted my sister who was involved on the ground so I guess you'll have to take my word for it that she, being a nurse at the hospital and not an SEIU employee, knows what's going on.

  • Thanks for insulting me and my sister. You have no idea what the situation was. I do. I just told you exactly what happened. CNA is lying. Do you think outright lying is OK? Do you think it's Ok to deny these workers the right to vote for a union?

    If CNA is so concerned and is so much better than SEIU then why was this past week the first time they decided to show up at this hospital for the sole purpose of sabotaging this vote?

    That is not progressive. That is disgusting. Shame on them.

  • CNA does not believe in ANY cooperation between labor and management. They believe in a perpetual adversarial relationship. SEIU does not. They believe in providing a voice for their workers and organizing the unorganized. But they also believe that in many situations if management can be brought into the process to help improve conditions for the workers then everyone does better. This doesn't mean they're a business union. They'll go on strike whenever necessary and be beligerent towards management if management is behaving badly. But it does mean they won't always be in permanent revolution mode.

    CNA had the opportunity to organize these workers for at least 3 years (since SEIU first contacted my sister). They chose not to. Instead they chose to sabotage a fair election that was 3 years in the making. The election was a huge victory for the workers in and of itself. Now all of that is gone thanks to this "progressive" union.

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    I don't know. He called a lot of unions the special interests. I know that CNA crushed a lot of workers hopes on Friday because THEY decided that these workers didn't deserve to be able to vote for a union.

    I do not work for SEIU. I am not a member of SEIU. I have no affiliation with SEIU. All I know is that my sister has been working for 3 years to get a union at her hospital in southwest Ohio (a very conservative area) and SEIU was the only union who wanted to work with her. CNA never expressed one iota of interest in organizing these workers. Now they've come in and in a few short days, they put in an all out effort to destroy a process that took 3 years to build. And they're lying about it to boot.

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    They hate SEIU. So instead of organizing their own nurses in California, they decide to sabotage elections for SEIU representation in other states.

    Check out my diary for the whole story.

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    I'm dreaming about the California Nurses Association be called out for their blatant lies and for shamelessly hurting workers and the progressive movement when they sabotaged a unionization vote in Ohio.

    Nurses had finally won the right to vote for representation by SEIU when CNA (who had previously shown NO interest in organizing these workers) decided to swoop in and spread outright lies amongst the workers, forcing a cancellation of the vote. This was in Southwest Ohio. Not exactly an easy place to start a union. But of course CNA couldn't care less about that. They rather settle a score and hurt workers rather than further the progressive movement.

    Absolutely disgusting.

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    BTW. There are over 100,000 unorganized nurses in California. If CNA put half the effort into organizing these nurses as it does into sabotaging other organizing drives half a continent away, they might actually be able to accomplish something productive.  


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