BREAKING: Norm Coleman Raises $60,000 for Progressives!

Over at the Dollar a Day to Make Norm Go Away campaign, Norm Coleman's insistence on being a sore loser has raised over $60,000 to help progressive congressional challengers defeat Republicans in 2010.

And that number gets higher by the hour.

This campaign was launched 2 weeks ago by Howard Dean's Democracy for America and the new Progressive Change Campaign Committee (which I co-founded after leaving, along with some other great folks).

The goal is to change the incentives for Coleman's DC funders. Before, there was really no downside for those bankrolling Coleman's endless court challenges and denying Al Franken his Senate seat. But as thousands of us sign up to give $1 every day Norm refuses to concede -- to help progressives defeat Republicans -- the equation changes.

There are two things that make this campaign work: scale and buzz.

We've achieved great scale, but I'd like to formally invite anyone who hasn't already signed up to join the cause:

I'd also like to thank DFA, MoveOn, Darcy Burner, BlogPAC, and countless blogs for sharing news of this campaign with their networks.

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Would YOU step up to help a progressive challenger to Specter?

On the very day Arlen Specter became a Democrat, he lamented that not enough right-wing Bush judges got confirmed, he opposed workers' right to organize, and he compared himself to Joe Lieberman. The DSCC and Pennsylvania Democratic Party will be supporting Specter in the primary.

If there is a potential progressive challenger to Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania, they are probably scratching their head right now asking, "Would I have any chance at all if I ran, or is the fix in?"

What can progressives to do create an environment where this person feels they can run?

Legally, we can't put money in a pot for a fictional candidate. But we can pledge now that if a real progressive steps up, we'll get their back.  

So, here's a little experiment. I just created a Facebook fan page (like a Facebook group) called "I support a real progressive against Arlen Specter."

People who join are pledging to give at least $25 to a credible progressive challenger who steps up.  It'll either succeed or flop -- and that will solely be determined by whether the energy is there for people to join and pass it along to their friends. 

If enough folks join, media will probably pay attention -- but more important, a progressive challenger would be paying attention. If not many people join...same thing. The destiny of a "challenge Specter" movement is in your hands. And the window to make this idea credible is likely short.

So, what say you? Click here or on the image to the right if you want to join.

(Not on Facebook? You can sign up to support a progressive challenger here.)

Let's see what happens...

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Tom Geoghegan + Robert Greenwald = Progressive Awesomeness!

What happens when you mix Tom Geoghegan (running to replace Rahm Emanuel in the House on March 3, who David Sirota calls "one of the greatest living progressives in America") with Robert Greenwald (indisputably one of the greatest progressive film makers in America)?  You get this must-watch video:  

Did you watch it? If not, push play and watch it! :)

Expanding Social Security? Single-payer health care? Make the banks reduce the debt regular people owe since taxpayers are reducing the debt banks owe? How often do you hear House candidates talk like this?

If we're progressives, we all must do what we can to help Tom Geoghegan win this House seat next month. Candidates like him deserve our support. Here are three things you can do to help Tom -- take your pick:

1) Make 20 calls from your living room for Tom.Click here to sign up. This will be a low-turnout election, so if 100 of us each make 20 calls from home to target voters, those 2,000 calls could seriously make the winning difference. Do it this weekend -- won't take too long.

2) Donate to Tom today. $125,000 has been donated online already -- and now's the time Tom needs money for his ground game. Donate to Tom here.  

3) Go to Chicago to help--get free housing. Tom has some great volunteers and field staff on the ground. But he's running against the Chicago machine insiders, so we need to pitch in. Go for the final week, go for a weekend beforehand, go whenever you can before March 3. Email <span>jacob @ geogheganforcongress</span>.com to arrange free housing.

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VIDEO: Tom Geoghegan thanks the netroots -- can you thank him back?

Let's help Tom get elected in IL-05 - Todd

Here's some fun news from the new Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) that I'm involved with -- dedicated to helping progressive congressional candidates run first-class campaigns and win.

A bunch of netroots folks threw a small-dollar fundraising event for Tom Geoghegan this week in Washington, D.C. Together, we raised a whopping $3,800 on ActBlue and in-person -- enough to fund 2 field organizers for the final month before the March 3 special election to replace Rahm Emanuel.

Tom taped a video thanking everyone for their support, and detailing the bold progressive issues he will champion in Congress. Can you check out the video and help the PCCC keep the momentum going for Tom by chipping chipping in with an online donation today?

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POLL: Katie Couric -- Lapdog or Watchdog?

Check out this new video from MoveOn, and take the poll...

Katie Couric Repeats Bush Talking Points

Strong watchdog journalism is when reporters ask tough questions, dig to the bottom of stories, and report the truth to the public. Lapdog journalism is, well, just see the media coverage in advance of the Iraq war.

If any members of the media are watching this, what do you think of Couric's reporting from Iraq?

ID-SEN: Larry Craig: Doodling Against Our Troops

On July 17, I sat in the U.S. Senate Gallery - watching as Senators stayed up all night and debated whether we should bring our troops home from Iraq.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig sat all alone. As other Senators debated this life-or-death issue of war, Craig looked down and doodled on a small piece of paper the size of a coffee coaster. He did this for at least a half hour, probably more - meticulously drawing some four-sided object and switching pens from time to time.

It seems to me that a Senator from Idaho should have been engaged by the debate - using every waking minute to think about Dustin Birch, Carrie French, Kelly Morris, James Holtom, Emerson Brand, and others among the Idaho residents who have died in Iraq. But Craig doodled away, oblivious to the realities of this war.

Craig then voted against ending the war. Adding insult to injury, Craig voted earlier against a Democratic plan to give troops one year at home for every year in Iraq.

As Craig comes up for re-election in 2008, I'm curious - is someone who doodles against the troops the best person to represent Idaho in the U.S. Senate?

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ABC's This Week: "Fair and Balanced" Like Fox

Cross posted at Huffington Post.

If you were booking panelists for a fair and balanced Sunday show discussion of the nation’s political news, would your panel look like this?

George Will, movement conservative. Victoria Clarke, Republican staffer for Bush 41, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. Fareed Zakaria, a neoconservative reporter described in The Nation as a “junior Kissinger.” And ABC reporter Jake Tapper.

While many Americans would expect such a rigged lineup from a Republican mouthpiece like Fox, today it was served up to us by This Week with George Stephanopoulos (who you can send your feedback to at the link below).

As could be predicted, viewers got an alternative view of reality.

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Michael Moore's movie rocks! As does Mort Kondracke's wife.

From the diaries, jerome

Tonight, I saw the DC premiere of Michael Moore's new movie, Sicko. At the event, I also saw and had a conversation with Fox's Mort Kondracke -- who confirmed himself to be a mindless hack.

First, the movie...Sicko was amazing. I don't often tell people to go see movies, but go see this movie -- and bring a couple of your nonpolitical or Independent friends too.

When I saw Al Gore's movie, I went in thinking "Yeah, I support the environment" and left passionately considering myself an environmentalist. When I saw Sicko, I went in thinking "Yeah, we need to improve health care in this country" and left thinking "Holy cow - we need a health care revolution."

See it. See it. See it. And bring your friends.

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