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    For your thoughts -- and for getting the ad strategy. :)

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    Josh -- you worked in Harry Reid's office. Does Harry Reid listen more to his intern at the front desk answering the phone, or his communications director who shows him a ton of news stories about activist pressure?

    This is ridiculous.

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    Here's the message the PCCC "is leading with" -- an ad airing in Nevada starting today. (Covered below by Olbermann and The Ed Show.)

    Today's poll bolsters the message in the ad -- which I said to Politico, but which unfortunately was not included in the excerpt above:

    "The numbers say it all," said PCCC co-founder Adam Green. "If Harry Reid starts acting like a strong leader and passes the public option, he solidifies his standing with Democrats and Independents and has a chance to survive 2010. If he continues to be weak -- refusing to unify the Democratic Caucus behind an up-or-down vote and allowing the public option to be watered down to nothing -- Democratic senators will likely be looking for a new Majority Leader in 2011."

    So...what's the problem?

  • Hi, this is Adam Green with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Just wanted to say: thanks for posting! Really appreciate it. Energy around this ad has been super-huge. In just over 6 hours, over $36,000 has been raised so we will be making plans to increase the ad buy shortly!
  • Thanks, werd2406...really appreciate you saying that.

    (And thanks Todd for highlighting!)

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    Could you update with the link for people who actually want to help give to Democrat Tom Allen who is running against Maine? MoveOn's "Beat Joe Lieberman" campaign already raised over $400,000 for Allen, Democrat PAtrick Murphy, and the end-the-war effort:
    https://pol.moveon.org/give/allenmurphy. html


  • Wikipedia says Kondracke's new wife is Marguerite Sallee, CEO and President of America's Promise -- the organization founded by Colin Powell to help children and youth from all socioeconomic sectors in the United States. That would explain why she seems to have a heart.

    Also says that she used to work for Lamar Alexander...

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    Actually, Howard Dean is not a shameless plugger for the Democratic Party. He's obviously right that we need a Democratic president in 2008. But today, I saw him speak at the Take Back America conference and he dropped some subtle insights into his thinking.

    I'll find a link to his speech, but to paraphrase, he basically said, "I'm all for the Democratic Party, but that's not why I took this job." And then he went on to talk about progressive ideals above and beyond party hackery.  It wasn't a blatant thing...most people probably missed it. But that made it authentic to me...his word choice revealed that he still considers himself part of a larger movement. I found that very refreshing.

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    I'd sure like to see Obama or Clinton publicly embrace responsible public airwaves policy...alongside the progressive movement that is fighting for national high-speed wireless Internet.

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    Capitol Hill staffers - you reading this?

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    I've been reading MyDD for a while now, but it was this post that got me to sign up for an account and comment for the first time. (Thanks, Chris.) I also felt the pride and inspiration others expressed when reading Patrick's speech. This is what the 2006 election was about, folks. I can look at the Capitol Dome and have pride again...knowing good people are inside speaking good words and doing good deeds.


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