Tom Geoghegan + Robert Greenwald = Progressive Awesomeness!

What happens when you mix Tom Geoghegan (running to replace Rahm Emanuel in the House on March 3, who David Sirota calls "one of the greatest living progressives in America") with Robert Greenwald (indisputably one of the greatest progressive film makers in America)?  You get this must-watch video:  

Did you watch it? If not, push play and watch it! :)

Expanding Social Security? Single-payer health care? Make the banks reduce the debt regular people owe since taxpayers are reducing the debt banks owe? How often do you hear House candidates talk like this?

If we're progressives, we all must do what we can to help Tom Geoghegan win this House seat next month. Candidates like him deserve our support. Here are three things you can do to help Tom -- take your pick:

1) Make 20 calls from your living room for Tom.Click here to sign up. This will be a low-turnout election, so if 100 of us each make 20 calls from home to target voters, those 2,000 calls could seriously make the winning difference. Do it this weekend -- won't take too long.

2) Donate to Tom today. $125,000 has been donated online already -- and now's the time Tom needs money for his ground game. Donate to Tom here.  

3) Go to Chicago to help--get free housing. Tom has some great volunteers and field staff on the ground. But he's running against the Chicago machine insiders, so we need to pitch in. Go for the final week, go for a weekend beforehand, go whenever you can before March 3. Email <span>jacob @ geogheganforcongress</span>.com to arrange free housing.

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Here are some excerpts from the video above:

On Social Security:

I want to present to the Democratic Party the importance of raising Social Security. Not just "saving it" but raising it to the level that is routinely paid by other developed countries.

On debt relief for regular people:

It's not enough to require the banks to extend credit. Require the banks to cancel the indebtedness of people who are now paying interest rates of 30, 35 percent and have paid back the principal with a decent return several times over. Just as the debts of the banks are being written down, so our debts to them should be written down.

On health care:

We have to have single-payer national health. There are other candidates who will say, "Oh, we're for universal health" or "We're for making the health system more comprehensive." We have to cut out the overhead that were paying to insurance companies - the medical premiums that are going from your pocket straight into the insurance company's and insurance company executives.

In the words of Robert Greenwald's videos, " something!"

Volunteer from home. Donate to Tom. Go to Chicago.

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