The credible Democratic candidates for Congress just keep coming

I know some of you here are down on the Congressional Democrats right now, but as much as we patriotically criticize the party leaders when we disagree with them, we shouldn't lose sight that we are far better off with more Democrats and less Republicans in Congress.

Anyway, here are 2 (maybe 3) more Democratic candidates who are running for Congress to possibly get excited by.

1.California 52 (Republican open seat, incumbent Duncan Hunter is running for President)
Mike Lumpkin
Mike Lumpkin is a recently retired Navy Seal Commander  who served as the former Deputy Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

If you read most of his issue positions, this is a guy who likely would have been a Republican 25-30 years ago before that party went off the cliff into insanity.  This should be a good thing in a district that went for Dumbya 62-38 in 2004.

On the Iraq war though, this is his position:
Support our Troops
Our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines fight bravely every day. Our troops continue to flawlessly execute a flawed strategy. Both our nation and our troops deserve an effective plan for winning the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The human, financial, and global instability costs do not justify prolonging these conflicts. Absent a clear, concise mission and effective rules of engagement, Mike supports bringing the troops home.

2.Illinois 11, (Jerry Weller Republican incumbent)
Jerry Weber

(don't get confused by the similar names)
Jerry Weber is the President of Kankakee Community College.  This is a winnable district, it went only 53-47 for Bush in 2004 and Weller won with only 55% of the vote in 2006.  Weller has also recently been questioned about land holdings he has in Central America that he failed to disclose.

3.(Possible)Illinois 18 (Open seat; Republican Ray LaHood is retiring)
I've read one report that former Indiana Pacers head coach Dick Versace has announced that he is running for the Democrats, but I can't find confirmation of this.

I hope this helps starts off your day a bit brighter.  Remember, the antidote to Republicans is more Democrats in Congress.

If you want to check to see new candidate filings (FEC filings) you can check out CQ politics candidate watch.  Of course, our excellent poster Benawu also provides us here with regular updates!

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Please support Jerry Weber's Campaign. We need real change in the 11th District! ress

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