PA 6-7-8: Final Hillary Event Push

You rock.  Plain and simple.

Since I first announced this appeal for the key suburban Philadelphia congressional races, you've contributed  $3,175.10 combined to Lois Murphy, Joe Sestak and Patrick Murphy.  I've already invited five local online activists to the big-ticket fundraising event this Friday afternoon in Philadelphia with Sen. Hillary Clinton, and there's still room for me to invite at least one more.  Raise another $125 and we add another invite, and another person for every $300 thereafter.

(Some of the money already raised was $300 contributions from folks who plan to attend.)

Who's next?  That's for you to help decide.  Anyone who gives $20 has the right to nominate themselves or someone else for a seat at this event.  Give the PA 8-6-7 candidates $53.09, and you've got a real head start.   All you have to do is visit my ActBlue page for the event and make a contribution, and I'll make a decision later today.

These are among the biggest, tightest races in the country.  As just one example, Bill Clinton was here yesterday for rallies on behalf of both Patrick Murphy and Lois Murphy yesterday (after already having done a rally for Sestak last week), followed by Barack Obama last night, Al Franken, Howard Dean . . . you get the idea.  Or watch Patrick's appearance with Katie Couric from Tuesday night

So if you can, please give, and give generously. Winning's more fun when you're part of the team, and I'd love to see you there on Friday.

Any questions?  I'm here.

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