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    Is his CoH true, or that his congressional office can't answer questions about his campaign? Congressional offices are taxpayer funded, and as such, are prohibited from engaging in campaign activities.
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    There've been a number of polls.  WSJ shows both Hackett and Sherrod Brown  beating sleepy Mike.  The Columbus Dispatch poll  (which while a mail-in poll, and off the mark on RON, has a remarkable accuracy record on Ohio candidates) shows Sherrod with a slightly better showing.  Mike DeWine is over - and that's good for Ohio.
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    Odds are this is going to be the Fitzmas I get coal in my stocking.  

    It's all to good to be true.  Daddy spent to much, and the repo man is coming to take it away at any minute.

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    ... amazes me.

    They claim to represent the rights of union workers, then they go an use a fake union bug.

  • Well, instead of going the direction you suggest, Arnold and his friends are trying to stop community and professional organizations from lobbying (by cutting off their political funding), while leaving the corporate donors to pour as much money as they can into the system.
  • Under 35. That's in real years. In "age we act years" it ranges from a painfully petty 12 to an all-too-serious-about-everything 65.
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    Congress passed new broadcast indecency fines last month (without, it should be noted, forcing the FCC to form a more clear standard for indecency) - but apparently that's not enough for Sen. Ted Stevens.  He wants to extend the FCC's Witch Hunt to Cable and Satellite broadcasts as well.

    Say goodbye to Howard Stern and Deadwood.

    This new wave of enforce morality if feeling increasingly like the ghost of Joe McCarthy breathing down our necks.

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    I grew up in Central Ohio.  Getting people to care is all about getting them involved.

    • Call Denny White and tell him you wanna help.  
    • Run candidates that people will care about - local heros, OSU ball players &c - and act like you're serious.
    • Let them know that your candidate will be there in '08 too.
    • Have the candidate pull a Kasich - walk the districts, knock on doors and have candidates meet the voters, not just the funders.  
    • Show up to High School Football games.
    • Talk to your neighbors, let them know who you're supporting and why. Ignore that politics isn't polite conversation.
    • In that vein, don't worry about offending people you can't win over. Invigorate you base by talking passionately about the issues.
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    Back in oh, say late 1991, most of us would probably have been calling the then Governor of Arkansas a DINO based on his centrist views, red-state origins and (well lack of) legislative record.  I think that most, if not all of us, would now agree that would have been a mistake.

    Bayh is a centrist.  An actual centrist, not a right winger masqurading as a dem, or a leftist dem pandering to the right.  He hails from a red state, one that though it borders a Great Lake, is politically almost a southern state (I went to school there, and my wife lived there for six years).  He looks as good as John Edwards.  His political pedigree (his father, Ol' Birch was once Speaker of the House) means that he can call in favors that someone like Mark Warner could never imagine.

    Most importantly, Bayh would be a good candidate in a way that Kerry isn't/wouldn't.  He can speak concisely without sounding as though he's dumbing it down.  He doesn't have a particularly contentious record to run from.  He can win votes in the south and middle west.

    We should be careful not to rule out candidates that could both support our values, and appeal to enough of the populous to actually get elected.  Sorry Howard.

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    Per the Trenton Times Codey won't be running, making Corzine the presumptive D candidate.  That Codey was gaining on Corzine actually makes the General Election a little frightening - it could mean a gradual erosion of support for the senator's candidacy.
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    Maybe it's time for some new blood - ok, not actual new blood, but a younger generation might do the Party some real good.  

    While fundraising  is going to remain important, I'd really like to see a strategist at the helm.

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    Tiberi and Price both represent parts of Columbus (there's this sort of obnoxious yin/yang) shape to the districts that ensures that the rurual vote still has substantial strength in both of those districts.  They won't be combined.

    Northwest and south east seem the most prime for combination/redistricting.

    It's also important to remember that OH's house/senate are both currently 60% GOP, and that Dems are likely to loose any redistrciting battles.  Look to see "traditionally Dem" districts combined with known republican districts. That being said - there wasn't a single congresional race in OH where there was a margine closer than ~60%-%40.

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    But that's the only time he's really been a loyal soldier (well, other than that stint in the Navy) - mostly hes a rebel that the GOP can't control.  Whoever ascends with be as much of a puppet as W.

    My money's on Frist.

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    The vitriol that the right has directed toward Hillary is remarkable - they've even accused (in the usual backhanded manner) her of killing Vince Foster.  

    She simply cannot survive the attacks they will mount - and the campaign will be completely unable to convey it's message through the noise they will create.

    That being said - if she wins the nomination, I'll quit whatever job I may have at the time, and go to work for her.  The woman's great.

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    Apparently his was the wrong kind of church.


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