OH-12: Pat Tiberi's Desperate Measures

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Pat Tiberi's grown so desperate that he's stooped to outright lies in an attempt to smear Bob Shamansky. In a last ditch effort to cement his uber-conservative base and/or scare off marginal voters, Tiberi's mailings have taken a nasty edge in the final days of the campaign.

One mailing falsely claims that Bob "voted to allow experimentation on live fetuses" saying "Bob Shamansky has shown no respect for the value of human life."

Another piece claims Bob is under investigation for fraud - citing a bogus Board of Elections complaint the chair of the local Republican party made regarding Bob's voting address. The same piece even claims that Bob faces "felony allegations."

Both pieces, as well as Pat's last ditch nasty Television, depict Bob walking with an awkward gait. One angry constituent who wrote the campaign called it a "flamboyant stride." The implication - of course - is the same that desperate Republican smears have made agains other Democratic candidates here in Ohio this year. The fact is Bob's gait is unusual. He shattered both legs while serving in the Army during the Korean War, and spent more than a year in military hospitals recovering from his injuries. He's considered 50% disabled by the V.A. Bob was severely injured in the service of his country, and Pat is trying to use that to imply that he's gay?

Pat's accusations are baseless, and despicable. They're one final sign of Pat's desperation, and Central Ohio voters see through it. Along with the rest of Ohio's "can't shoot straight gang" Pat's getting sent home Tuesday night.

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Re: OH-12: Pat Tiberi's Desperate Measures

I sure hope so.  Reminds me of a last minute mailing Greg Lashutka sent suburban parts of Columbus in 1991 when he was running for mayor against Ben Espy.  It distorted Espy's position to suggest that he would force Columbus kids in suburban school districts to go to Columbus Schools (i.e. black, not white).  Lashutka won 52-48...

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