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    Let's look at those numbers again, where it counts:
                                                       Reid         Dodd         Durbin

    NAACP                                          93%          100%          100%

    League of Cons. Voters                  84%           84%              89%

    NRA                                           grade B        grade F       grade F

    AFL-CIO                                      100%            100%           85%

    And according to the National Journal their composite scores on economic, foreign policy and defense issues

    Reid voted more liberal than 78% of other senators

    Dodd voted more liberal than 76% of other senators

    Durbin voted more liberal than 87% of other senators

    Let's see, 100% from the AFL-CIO, 84% from the LCV, and a B from the NRA.  More liberal on economic issues than Dodd.  Reid is exactly the guy we need as Senate minority leader.

    The Democratic Party has pandered to the center-right on economic issues too long instead of supporting unions and working families, while instead emphasizing social issues that are way out of step with the common people.  I'm glad that Reid is somebody who "gets it" and apparently understands where it really counts:  economic issues, bread and butter issues, the working class - not the "metro" social agenda that alienates half the country.  He's also apparently not a gun grabber, which is another big plus.

    "DINO" does not appear in my dictionary.  We're the big tent party.  Let the Republicans be the party of narrow extremist ideology and litmus tests.

  • The Cynthia Matthews vs. David Dreier race has heated up considerably.  Even a lot of Republicans are angry at Dreier and planning on crossing over to vote for Matthews.  (see www.firedreier.com)

    Cynthia Matthews is a lesbian who is very "out", unlike Dreier who has consistently supported anti-gay legislation.  The Advocate had an article on the race: http://advocate.com/html/stories/924/924_matthews.asp

    Best thing is, she has a very good shot at winning!

    Contribute to help rid Congress of David Dreier here: http://www.matthews4congress.com/help.html

    Or here:

    Or here:

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    As far as I know, Bob Donahue has only run for office once before in his life.

    I was one of the Donahue voters.  I'm not a conservative and I don't live in Yavapai County.  

    I was not happy with the way the state Democratic Party anointed a candidate early on and pressured George Cordova and Dianne Prescott out of the 2004 race.  That is insider machine politics at its worst.  There are other issues too - the tepid way in which the campaign has been conducted so far, the Babbitt campaign shutting out local grassroots activists...

    We had a similar problem in 2002, and it cost us the race in this district.  The DNC all but abandoned the race after chosen candidate Fred DuVal lost the primary to George Cordova.  Cordova the party outsider was left to fend for himself against millions of dollars in negative hate ads run by the RNC and Renzi.  It almost looked deliberate.

    Bob Donahue had a very strong platform on environmental issues, far stronger than even Babbitt, and that tipped the scales enough that I felt comfortable giving him my protest vote.  That, and the fact that he dared even run in the primary this year.  Knowing how cliquish the AZ Dem Party is, Donahue probably ruined his political career for life with that move, but he earned my respect for life too.  He should run again.  I'd go to work to help get him elected.

    That's all water under the bridge now.  Renzi has to go.  Vote for the mavericks and outsiders in the primary, but straight yellow dog Dem ticket in the general.  That's been my rule of thumb for many years.


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