Action Alert - sign petition for Armed Forces Radio to drop Limbaugh

Here goes with my first attempt at a diary.  Forgive me if this has been posted already but it's important.

AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio), which broadcasts to troops stationed overseas in Europe, Asia and elsewhere, has been carrying the Rush Limbaugh program for some time.  This is the only politically oriented talk show AFRTS carries.

This amounts to nothing less than right-wing political indoctrination of the troops.

Please sign the petition calling on Congress to take action on this matter.  The petition is at:

The petition reads, in part:

"America's soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines currently are only hearing a single politically oriented talk radio host--the intensely partisan Rush Limbaugh.

Our troops deserve the right to get a balanced perspective from their talk radio. They deserve the same freedom of choice that any of America's citizens receive when they switch on a radio.

Our troops are fighting overseas to protect American values and our democracy--at the heart of which lie the principles of fairness, balance, and equality. They deserve no less in the political speech they receive.

We ask Congress to enact the Harkin amendment to the DoD's annual appropriation and call on the DoD to ensure that AFRTS is providing equal time and a balanced perspective on its network."

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Another petition
There's another petition worth signing, calling on Congress to bring back the Fairness Doctrine:

The Fairness Doctrine was an FCC rule that required radio and TV stations to give equal time to opposing political viewpoints.  It was dropped in 1986 under the Reagan Administration.

by ACSR 2005-01-11 06:21AM | 0 recs
signed both
ACSR,  the Fairness Doctrine petition is worthy of its own diary, if not the front page.  Thanks for posting. . .
by bellarose 2005-01-11 07:49AM | 0 recs
if it's gonna be on AFRTS
If a show's gonna be on AFRTS talking about politics it needs to be factually accurate and respectful of Americans that disagree.

There should be political material on AFRTS, but it should be accurate and non-devisive.

Limbaugh would seem to fail both tests.

by Carl Nyberg 2005-01-11 11:23AM | 0 recs


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