PA-06: Murphy outraises Gerlach

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The FEC contribution numbers are in for Q1 and, looking at the Lois Murphy (D) vs. Jim Gerlach (R) in Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District, things are looking very encouraging.  To remind you, this race against the Republican incumbent is usually listed among the top 10 likely turnovers in the House for 2006.  Gerlach is running for a third term.  In 2004, Murphy coming practically from nowhere nearly beat him, losing 49-51%.  If the fundraising figures are any indication, November could be the year.

It stacks up like this for the quarter:

Gerlach - $316,582, including 33% from individuals and 50% from PACs.  Cash on hand $1,197,308.

Murphy - $503,696, including 83% from individuals and 16% from PACs.  Cash on hand $981,536.

The difference in amounts is one thing, but it seems clear that the difference in the proportion of contributions from individuals speaks to the level of voter support and enthusiasm for Murphy.  According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer ( local/states/pennsylvania/counties/montg omery_county/14329238.htm), the average contribution was less than $200.  The Republicans, and Democrats, will be throwing lots of money into this race as November nears.  Last time, not counting party contributions, Gerlach raised $2.2 mill to Murphy's $1.9 mill.  With seven more months to go, those numbers are now $1.7 vs. $1.3, suggesting this will be an even more expensive fight this time.  This race remains one to watch as a barometer for the Congressional elections.

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Go Murphy Squared!!

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Re: PA-08: Murphy (Patrick) outraises Fitzpatrick

Correction:  Go Murphy CUBED.  Don't forget about Chris Murphy running against Nancy Johnson in Connecticut.

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Re: PA-06: Murphy outraises Gerlach


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