Calling all Progressives and WV Dems

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Today marks the end of the 2nd Quarter of fundraising, and so we all have a small and simple task to do- help those candidates who deserve our support with a small but highly needed contribution to boost those numbers. Mike Callaghan in WV-02 is challenging Shelley Moore Capito (daughter of the West Virginia's convict Republican Governor Arch Moore and rubber-stamp ally to President Bush) and has been taking it to her, attacking hard on Higher Ed and education funding, as well as her dangerous support for reckless tax-cuts and stubborn unwavering support for Iraq. Mike Callaghan needs your help!  Contribute and make the difference for West Virginia and the country! If you need more convincing read on...

Mike Callaghan is a man of the people and has never forgot his modest roots as he worked his way into the federal government serving as a federal prosectuor during the Clinton years as well as the Secretary for the Department of Environmental Protection. He's the real deal for good progressives. For more information on his positions visit his website. You'll find Although this campaign is overlooked Mike Callaghan has the attention of West Virginians. The real problem is that no polls for this race have been conducted except NRCC polls (which were conducted for a "supposedly" safe Rep. seat and internal polls (which sources close to the campaign have indicated to me that Capito is vulnerable!) He is getting solid support from the strong state Democratic Party (for which he served as Chairman for three years) and Senator Robert Byrd, but he needs more support from us, progressive bloggers! Let's boost his numbers and show Republicans and the rest of the country he's for real!
Please help a real progressive and man of the people by giving him a boost in fundraising- contribute by visiting his website or visiting this actblue page. Don't let yourself feel after election day that you could've done more and let a winnable race slip away without giving some sort of support. We need Democrat Mike Callaghan in Congress!

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