the Politics of Black Hair care Products

Black Hair Care operated by Koreans
The Politics of Black Hair Products has a great story and interview about The white guy who uncovered the Korean domination of the black hair industry.

AAPP says: Why do black women spend billions of dollars on hair care products and give their hard earned money over to Koreans so they can become millionaires? Living large in nice homes, spending money in their own communities, as our urban black communities die from violence. Most Korean shop owners give nothing back, except fake smile, saying thank you -sucker.

How did Koreans start operating hair and nail salons in black communities across America. Almost overnight? Why did we allow Koreans to rake over a business that was historically a business operated with the black community and mostly by black women.

How did all this happen? Who was asleep at the wheel? Is it not time to take our business back one neighborhood, one community at a time? Check out this video by Aron Ranen. Tell us what you think. Why is the Congressional Black Caucus not creating legislation that would provide seed money for black women to re-establish black hair care businesses? If Aron Ranen film is true, this is an robust economic opportunity lost by black folks and in the hands of others who basically rip the black community 24/7. Ok, Black woman reading this post, where did your weave come from? Ok black man reading this article, how much did you wife, lady, or significant other pay in the last month for hair care products?

Think About it! Then pass this post on to 5 other people.

Hat Tip: Aron Ranen and 07/08/black-hair-weaves.html

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InterRacial Marriage

Am I Out of Step?


I have white, Latino, Asian, bi-sexual, Jewish, and gay, friends. And yes I understand none of us is "Pure" ethnically, and we all have ancestors from different parts of the world. I live in a heterogeneous community and have lots of friends from different ethnic backgrounds. I grew up in Boston. But I got to tell you, for me. I'm personally against black women dating white men, because of the lack of black men.

I'm personally against black women marrying white men, who have caused so much pain to the black men. Yes, I know the argument will be, what about black men who cause pain to black women. I get that, and I don't have my head in the sand about that issue. I understand my arguments against intermarrying may seem futile and old school, but the lynching of black men is not old school, and white males (through courts and other ways) continue to do it. I understand that God does not judge humans by external appearances, but in America, whites and blacks do. It is what it is.

Judging from the letters from my recent NPR comments black and whites who are living Martin Luther King's dream are not feeling me. I say, tell it to the all white Supreme Court, (including the Acting White member). Check out the new public opinion on the rights of blacks to equal educational opportunity. HERE

Listen to the letters to NPR received regarding my recent comments below. terracial-marriage.html

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Gay the New Black?

Is Gay Is The New Black?

Now I have heard everything, The Gay Presidential Debates? Why the Gay Presidential Debate? There are a lot of black folks who cringed when moderator Margaret Carlson compared the gay rights movement to the black civil rights movement.

Pam of Pam's House Blend get's the Gay Presidential Debates. She says, "Never in the history of American politics have presidential candidates been brought together to debate ?gay? issues. Pretty exciting stuff." More HERE. But everyone is not in agreement. The Gay Patriot has asked "Did you react so ferociously when the Blacks had their own special rights debate?" .... Why is everyone claiming this is a "first" presidential Gay Debate? More HERE

Even BET is asking questons to black viewers wondering if the Presidential Debate should focus on gay issues. On the other hand groups like The National Black Justice Coalition feel that America finally spoke up. If America spoke up there is black and white disagreement who won the Gay Presidential Debate. As an example E.J. Graff, of The Nation has a lot to say about what Democratic presidential candidates talk about when they talk about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues? Regarding the Gay Debate he says, Edwards hit it out of the park. Hillary got smartly on base, to wild--even excessive--cheers. Obama struck out. Check out his article HERE. While others were not impressed like Media Matters, that wrote, "They came, they saw, they pandered."

Yet the whole Gay Debate issue is taking another turn in black communities. As an eample, some in the black community asked even before the debate started if the "gay debate," focusing solely on LGBT issues would likely ignore issues specific to the black gay community. More HERE Now after the debate black bloggers like Jasmyne Cannick see a lot of it as Pomp and Circumstance, she writes, " I think it's great that Obama has addressed this issue outside of gay forums and within the Black community specifically Black churches, but I am not sure how effective he can really be in those forums when he himself Read More HERE.

Both Skepitical Brotha and Sterohyped are blogging about this issue as is Keith Boykin who says, "We've had a black debate, a labor debate, a CNN debate, an MSNBC debate, an Iowa debate, a New Hampshire debate, and even a YouTube debate. Next month Univision, the fifth most watched network in America, is sponsoring a Hispanic debate that they plan to simulcast into the Spanish language for their viewers. Only Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd and John McCain have agreed to participate in that one. But tonight, Logo, the gay channel owned by Viacom, is sponsoring a gay debate with all the Democratic candidates. Is this too many debates? y-presidential-debate-in-black-and.html

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YearlyKos =The White Citizens YearlyKouncil ?

The White Citizens YearlyKouncil.

Yes, I said it. Come on folks, stop beating around the bush. Stop sugar coating it. Let's stop playing Games. Let's stop intellectualizing white blogger racism. Let's call it the way it is, The Democratic Presidential candidates just went before the Yearlykos a 21st century White Citizens YearlyKouncil. An exclusive club of middle aged whites guys, who sit around playing the "liberal card" with all but a few black and Latinos who attended the YearlyKos event.

I recently blogged about the YearlyKos event as a guess blogger on Rude Pundit. In my post I talked about how Hillary and Obama would be at the Lilly white, YearlyKos forum. Little did I know that the Washington Post would view the Yearly Kos Bloggers' Convention, a Sea of Middle-Aged White Males. But I go a little further. I see them like the members of the United States Senate, as a group of white men who could care less about issues impacting the poor, working class, and African American communities across America. The White Citizens YearlyKouncils agenda is the self preservation of you know what, white male bloggers.


OK, thats what I was thinking a moment ago, but let's be real. I could have blogged about that, but I didn't. Act like you didn't even read what I just wrote.

The reality is, The DalyKos, YearlyKos, WhiteKos, really didn't outreach to the African American blogger community to get Black Bloggers to participate. The AfroSphere/ AfrSpear group to my knowledge was not outreached to or contacted, Black bloggers were not really encouraged to attend, so therefore it is what it is. As it turned out to be, a white group talking to each other about issues important to them. White folks. White Citizens (with a few black folks for good measure).

But hey, that is a snap shot of my opinion today, my opinion could change tomorrow. Here are other opinions on the same topic.
Mirror on America, Jack and Jill Politics are blogging about the subject, as is Francis L. Holland , a blogger who blogs regularly about The Truth About Kos (DailyKos) in a recent post he notes, The Hot Air Blog calls YearlyKos, "whiter than an NHL game at the North Pole during a snowstorm." Hot Air points our attention to a Washington Post article of August 6, by Jose Antonio Vargas, that calls YearlyKos 2007 "a Sea of Middle-Aged White Males."

Maybe Francis L. Holand knows more than he is sharing when he writes about Markos Moulitsas and the annual meeting of the whitosphere sponsored by DailyKos.

What do you think? Am I wrong? 07/08/yearlykos-21st-century-mini-white. html

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The new urban strategy - stealing our land through eminent domain

Stealing our Land through Eminent Domain Are governments repeating the urban renewal policies of the 1950s and 1960 that uprooted hundreds of thousands of minority and low-income communities? Is there an attack on us again? Or is it something that never stopped? Check out the post below and let us know what you think. Is this another Mirror on America? Read this report Hat Tip: Institute for Justice Arlington, Va.--The poor, less educated and minorities are disproportionately targets of eminent domain abuse. Those are the findings of a first-of-its-kind national study released today by the Institute for Justice that systematically examined U.S. Census data to determine the profile of people subject to eminent domain abuse in 184 projects across the country. The study, "Victimizing the Vulnerable: The Demographics of Eminent Domain Abuse," found that 58 percent of those targeted with the threat of eminent domain were minority residents (compared to only 45 percent in surrounding neighborhoods that were not targeted with takings), and those targeted had an annual median income of less than $19,000 (compared to $23,000 in surrounding neighborhoods). Moreover, a greater percentage of people living in areas targeted for eminent domain for private development have less than a high school diploma and smaller percentages have various levels of college education compared to surrounding communities."Eminent domain abuse is essentially Robin Hood in reverse: taking from the poor to give to wealthy, politically connected developers," said Dr. Dick M. Carpenter II, director of strategic research at the Institute for Justice, who directed the study. The report is available at ographic_study.html. The study vindicates the warning offered by former-U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who wrote in her dissent in the infamous Kelo case that eminent domain would be used "to transfer property from those with fewer resources to those with more." Saturday, June 23, 2007, marks the second anniversary of the Kelo ruling in which the Supreme Court ruled that governments may seize non-blighted homes and turn them over to another private party based on little more than the mere promise that the new owners could use the land in a way that might create more jobs and pay higher taxes."The only real solution is ending eminent domain for private development," said Chip Mellor, president and general counsel of the Institute for Justice. "Those with the least means most need robust protection of constitutional rights. This is especially important in the context of eminent domain because eminent domain doesn't just kick people out of their homes, it uproots entire communities and social networks, which is especially devastating for those of lower-income, predominantly minority communities." Mellor said, "It appears that governments are repeating the same tragic mistakes made in the failed urban renewal policies of the 1950s and 1960s that uprooted thousands of minority and low-income communities." More HERE Note: In a dissenting opinion opposing the majority on Kelo, former Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor noted that lower income property owners would be the ones most often victimized by government seizure of their property. She wrote, "Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random. The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms." Justice Clarence Thomas also opposed the majority's decision. In his dissent, he wrote, "Allowing the government to take property solely for public purposes is bad enough, but extending the concept of public purpose to encompass any economically beneficial goal guarantees that these losses will fall disproportionately on poor communities." Source: 07/07/new-urban-strategy-stealing-our-la nd.html

Congressional Black Caucus getting more Toxic

More toxic political garbage from the Congressional (FOX) Caucus

I guess African American bloggers will be called "Liberal Activists" again as we continue to report and post on the stupidity of the Congressional FOX Caucus.

Let's go backwards a number of months when twenty-six members of the Congressional Black Caucus signed letters and sent them to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (DN.Y.) and former Sen. John Edwards (DN.C.) urging them to reconsider their decisions to skip the event.

The CBC also known as the Congressional FOX Caucus claimed the debates will be an opportunity to "help educate African Americans and others on key issues of national policy. Whatever!!

Hat Tip: and dnA for the list of CBC members who signed the letter.

Well, the Congressional Black (Fox) Caucus leadership is dropping more (excuse the language) toxic political poop on America's black communities, and based on African American blogger comments we not feel'n good about it.

Unfortunately, Sen. Joseph Biden, former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, and Rep. Dennis Kucinich have agreed to join in on the poop event. Many African American bloggers, thought it may be over, the CBC would give up.

It's not over as far as the Congressional Black Caucus is concerned. As reported by, prometheus6, Jack and Jill Politics and others, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick who seems to be acting like a FOX Network propaganda "stool pigeon" says, We're moving forward no matter what! We're definitely having a debate in Detroit in September," said CBC Chairwoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, who serves on the institute's board and represents Detroit in Congress.

Chairwoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (MI)
"We may change the format. We might have more than just the presidential candidates," she said.

But she is not alone, there are more stool pigeons dropping poop on the black community. Check out Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), head of the CBC Institute, who said he still held out hope that he could convince the front-runners to attend. He preferred not to dwell on the idea of a lonely stage with Biden, Kucinich and Gravel lobbing bombs at their absentee rivals.

"We're still working to get the other people to reconsider," Thompson said. "Their decision to make Fox News the issue is not a good idea. Whether you agree or disagree with [Fox], they have a viewership."

AAPP: Ok, Let me be clear, this guy Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) may be powerful in the House of Representatives, but I'm with the American public regarding congress. This guy's statement about Fox, proves he is a moron.

This guy is still in denial that Obama, Clinton and Edwards are not attending the FOX/CBC debate, even though he and the other CBC Fox News supporters are "fair and stupid" regrading this redneck shindig. We can all expect Jesse Jackson, Sr., to be there smilin' for the cameras'.

"I Guess Bennie (yes-um FOX) Thompson has gotten very comfortable to those Mississippi rednecks like racially divisive Klan supporter Trent ( the United States would have avoided "all these problems" if then-segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected president in 1948) Lott.

As Jack and Jill Politics points out, "The CBC's defense of their partnership with conservative propaganda outlet Fox News Channel is becoming increasingly absurd."

Skeptical Brotha was so right back in May of this year about the majority of the CBC selling out to Fox Noise Channel.

African American bloggers such as The Reid Report and many, many others have been concerned for some time about the CBC's DUBIOUS FRIENDS.

We should all remember how and why Kucinich, Joe Biden, Mike Gravel attended the FOX debate when we get into that voting booth. I'm not saying vote for or against a person just because of one position or stand, but I don't think we should forget who stood with black folks, and who stood against and pooped on black folks all in the name of exposure, instead of integrity.

In the meantime, I'm getting some type of poop off (not and endorsement of the product) to fight against the Congressional Fox Caucus, and the candidates who support their efforts to poop on black communities. Because I don't like poop. I Don't l know anyone who does like poop, let alone "Toxic Political poop."

oops... there is one group that does. As a clear example: The Congressional FOX Caucus. But as they say poop happens! Can the CBC spread that toxic political poop around to some other group?

I'm tired of it. What about you? 07/07/cbcfox-debate-and-black-bloggers.h tml

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I don't like gangsta rap music because...

There seems to be a lot of people who really don't like gangsta Rap music. Many people have just had enough of the Negative Rap Music? Tell me why you dislike gangsta rap music? You can tell me why by taking this little poll or just say it via a response. I'd like to know why so many people would like to say Goodye to gangsta rap music. PS, I'm not one who wants to say goodbye to Rap Music. I agree with James F. Lawrence Editor, Editorial Page, at the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in Rochester, N.Y. who says; "Let's be clear: We're not against hip hop, the uniquely urban America musical genre that has gained worldwide popularity. We deplore the way that entertainment executives have thrust gangsta rap and its vileness on pop culture and impressionable young minds." Read more about democratic community efforts to say gooodbye to negative rap music in our neighborhoods through the link below:

gansta rap billboard part 2

Anti Gangster Rap Music Billboards Planned Nationally. Had enough of the Negative Rap Music! There is more. Check out how true leadership happens locally. Newspaper and community stakeholders in Rochester, NY leading by example. Hat tip: Democrat and Leaders in Rochester, N.Y are taking action against negative rap music. They have been waging a campaign against the violence and misogyny in gangsta rap for more than two years now.For the third straight year, the Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board is continuing its campaign to rescue hip-hop from its gangsta rap hijackers. James F. Lawrence Editor, Editorial Page, at the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in Rochester, N.Y. says; "Let's be clear: We're not against hip hop, the uniquely urban America musical genre that has gained worldwide popularity. We deplore the way that entertainment executives have thrust gangsta rap and its vileness on pop culture and impressionable young. More at: 07/06/25/gangsta-rap-and-anti-gangsta-ra p-organizing/

Anti Gangster Rap Music Billboards Planned

Had enough of the Negative Rap Music!

The publisher of African American Opinion has decided to take a stand against demeaning and violent music. He says he is taking a stand against gangster and other forms of negative rap music.

Inspired by a recent post by fellow AfroSphere Blogger, Gem at What About Our Daughters and her report on the efforts of faith based leader, Rev. Micheal Pfleger in Chicago, he has decided to reach out to the larger community to say enough is enough.

He plans to place 5 strategic billboards like the ones in Chicago into 5 urban areas of America, including Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Detroit, Baltimore , and Los Angeles.

He plans to place billboards in other cities, including Boston, New York, Miami, Atlanta and New Orleans.

His blog has now partnered with to raise funds to place the billboards in those cities. All funds raised will go directly to the advertising effort. He is urging other bloggers to place one of his widgets on there website or blog to assist in the effort.

The African American Opinion blog publisher says, "If all goes as expected we plan to make it a national effort, to have billboards in every urban area throughout America urging our youth to boycott rappers who degrade our young girls and women, excite violence and disgrace our communities."It's time to "Do the WRITE thing." Rev. Micheal Pfleger a respected Chicago faith leader has stepped to the plate, African American bloggers need to follow his lead.

To obtain a widget to place on your blog or website, just go to the widget on African American Opinion blog at: and click copy. Then copy and paste the information onto your sidebar.

You can contact African American Opinion publisher via email at: for more information or visit our ChipIn website at:

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Have Black Bloggers Forgotten New Orleans?

The picture in New Orleans is bad. John McQuaid and the USA Today are reporting on the need for more than a Band-Aid for New Orleans. Now we learn that New Orleans deaths are up 47% Story HERE. As John McQuaid notes "The big picture here is still, well, scary." My question is, Where's the Outrage? why are so many black bloggers not reporting about New Orleans? Are the majority of black bloggers becoming just like the main stream media regarding New Orleans? With Black Gossip Blogs Replacing Mainstream Media why are black bloggers not talking about New Orleans and placing maximum attention on the fact that American Politicans (including House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn) would rather spend billions on Bush's WAR rather than rebuild an American city? It seems that we as black bloggers have the power of communications and would rather Gossip than engage in a conversation about how to save our people, our American city. The plight of New Orleans is an American disgrace. As USA Today reports "Hurricane Katrina's tragic aftermath lingered for at least a year after the storm abated, boosting New Orleans' death rate last year by 47% compared with two years before the levees broke, researchers reported Thursday. Doctors say the dramatic surge in deaths comes as no surprise in a city of 250,000 mostly poor and middle-class people who lost seven of 22 hospitals and half of the city's hospital beds. More than 4,486 doctors were displaced from three New Orleans parishes, creating a shortage that still hampers many hospitals, says a companion study released Thursday. The indigent suffered the brunt of the health toll from the 2005 storm. The Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans, two hospitals that made up the city's safety net for the uninsured, were severely damaged. Charity Hospital, oldest and best known of the two, remains closed. There are things that are going on in America that are an Assault on Black Sanity. Black bloggers need to stop Acting White regarding New Orleans. We need our AfroSpear Think Tank to address Katrina and make it part of our Black Agenda. The brothers and sisters of New Orleans need and deserve black bloggers unfied help. Yes it's going to take the Field Negro, Jack and Jill' Politics, The Free Slave, people from The Electronic Village, BygBaby's, brothers and sisters from Cananda, Bronze Trinity, and so many other black bloggers from around the AfroSphere to bring more attention to the plight of our people, who have been displaced, dislocated and disoriented by a system of local, state and federal governments who seem not to care. Black bloggers such as AfroNetizen, Black Agenda Report, Black Agenda Blog, Black Commentator, Booker Rising,Dogon Village, Dell Gines, Jack and Jill Politics, Mirror On America, Republic of T, Field Negro, Acting White, Skeptical Brotha, Native Son, Where's the Outrage?, reid report, Prometheus 6 and a number of black bloggers have been covering New Orleans on a regular basis. Don't you think it's time we as black bloggers become more Active and make a collective effort to keep New Orleans on the front page of Black America's thinking and action, if not all America's mind? Do you think black bloggers need to keep talking about New Orleans, the Good, the Bad and Ugly? Should we hold politicans accountable in the 2008 election for not truly helping to rebuild the families of Katrina victims? Should we be blogging more about our New Orleans brothers and sisters? 6/22/have-black-bloggers-forgotten-new-o rleans/


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