Will black voters switch allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama?

Will black voters switch their allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, now that he has won Iowa? why not?

Yes you heard me, why not! Hillary and Bill Clinton have used Black Voters Long Enough!

I'm no Fox News Fan or a huge fan of Juan Williams for that matter, but Juan Williams gets it right many times, and is right when he said, Blacks Support Clinton Because Of "Patronage Politics."

Unfortunately, Ellen at News Hounds just does not get it. As she reported on the blog News Hounds, During special coverage of the Iowa caucuses on FOX News last night (1/3/08), African American Juan Williams, a FOX News contributor, spoke stirringly about what a historic night it had been for America that a predominantly white state had selected a black man as its leading candidate for a presidential nomination.

Ellen goes on to report that a few moments later, "he (Juan Williams) smeared his own race with the dubious claim that the reason blacks love the Clintons is because of "patronage politics" that delivered money and other favors for their community."
http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/will-blacks-switch-their-allegianc e.html

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Will Hillary Appoint Thurbert Baker as her U.S. Attorney General?

Well, Well, Attorney General Thurbert Baker and Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, the state's only two black statewide elected officials, are supporting Clinton.

You remember Attorney General Thurbert Baker the guy who refused to let Genarlow Wilson Free.

Let's do a rewind, the young man who was sentenced to ten years in prison for a crime of (having oral sex) now considered a misdemeanor with a much lighter sentence, and was not freed by Attorney General Thurbert Baker. Genarlow Wilson had to be freed by The Georgia Supreme Court. See the post by Exodus Mentality and What About Our Daughters.

I guess this is part of Hillary's 21st Century Southern strategy.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/hillary-clintons-new-21st-century. html

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 07/12/politics-african-american-will-hil lary.html

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Black Political Leadership Crisis in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Star Newspaper calls it Tempered leadership. They say this black man helped pave the way for other black leaders. They say he played a key role in helping the city rebuild a neglected Downtown. Yet, the Black Accountability Project - Indianapolis (Indy) is reporting there is a Black Leadership Crisis.The Black Accountability Project -Indianapolis (Indy) is concerned about the Future of Indy's black community. Rozelle Boyd steps down from City-County Council, blacks in Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Star are looking back at changes in Indy and the leadership he provided. OK, I must admit I don't know a lot about Indianapolis politics, but this brother seemed to be a mover and a shaker.

Read the article about Rozelle Boyd here. Also read about the Black Leadership Crisis in Indianapolis

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 07/12/black-political-power-in-indianapo lis.html

http://blackaccountabilityindy.blogspot. com/

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Hillary Clinton's New 21st Century Southern Strategy - Not Working

Now the former President it trying to scare people into voting for his wife. Check this out, as reported by the Washington Post. "Former president Bill Clinton, cautioning an audience here Sunday night that the next president will almost certainly face a major, unforeseen event within the first 18 months of taking office, said his wife alone has been tested and is ready to handle any crisis that confronts the United States."
http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/hillary-clintons-new-21st-century. html

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Blogging For Justice On Thursday November 1, 2007

Blogging For Justice On Thursday November 1, 2007
http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 07/10/protecting-black-women-and-their.h tml

African American Political Pundit in conjunction with the afrospear will be blogging for justice. Protecting Black Women (and their families) From Rape

On Thursday November 1, 2007 Afrospear members and Afrospear supporters are urged to blog to raise public awareness of the two rape cases involving black women. One woman was tortured, beaten, forced to eat rat, dog and human feces, and raped by six white men and women in West Virgina. The Other a black woman gang raped and forced to have sex with her own son.

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Megan Williams, Nooses, Rape and the Politics of Fear

Megan Williams Interview by Final Call Newspaper

"They made me take a bath in a trash can outside. They poured scalding hot water all over me and they poured candle wax on me and they told me if I screamed, they would kill me." More HERE
http://aaopinion.blogspot.com/2007/10/me gan-williams-interview-by-final-call.htm l

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Jena 6 - when many white liberals and white bigots seem to agree - strange fruit

OK, I'm an old school dude. I grew in Boston and as a teenager attended anti-war marches during the Vietnam era. I used to go down to the Boston Commons. It was a sea of white college kids faces, and it seemed like I was the only black person at the anti war rallies. That was then, this is now.

September 20, 2007 Jena, LA. A sea of black folks and a few good people of other races and nationalities, all joining in to say enough is enough.

But what happen to the media, what happen to the left wing bloggers? Why were only black folks Blogging for Justice? Why only black radio, NPR and Pacifica Radio talking Jena 6 and black justice? Where was the so called liberal media?

Oh, I guess they were blogging for justice for Paris, Lindsey, Brittney, oh and let's blog some hate for OJ?

Social justice, criminal justice, human rights, civil rights, what is that?

As blogger Vanessa: unplugged said, "This case of the Jena Six began almost a year ago and the media coverage has been abysmal, at best." But she is not the only one Pam of Pam's House Blends' talks about the lack of coverage in the "progressive blogosphere."

But it's just not black bloggers or the AfroSphere that notice the absence liberal bloggers talking about Jena 6. As an example Media Matters noted "Hardball addressed the so-called Jena Six case for the first time on September 19, but the report focused only on Rev. Jesse Jackson's reported comment that Sen. Barack Obama was "acting like he's white" in his response to the matter. By contrast, the same edition of Hardball spent nearly 14 minutes on the O.J. Simpson case. The September 20 edition of Hardball featured no coverage of the Jena Six despite a thousand-plus march in Jena that day."

OK , so you say what is the point? Why bring this up. We had our Day of Blogging for Justice to focus attention on the disparate, shameful punishment of six black students in Jena, LA. You had your Jena Day, why are you critical of liberal bloggers? Why are Pam's House Blend, Field Negro, and Jack and Jill Politics and so many other Black bloggers wondering why white liberals bloggers are Missing in Action?

I guess it's because the black bloggers and the AfroSphere has wondered for sometime why white bloggers and white media have been MIA. Afro-netizen broke it down to a level anyone, including liberal bloggers and the media should be able to understand regarding why we protest. "We protest because the boys of Jena 6 and their families need to know they are not alone. We protest because the Jena travesty is not about a nooses that were hung on a now-felled tree, but the noose of injustice that remains around the neck of Black America. We protest because few people know "state-sponsored terrorism" like Blackfolk. We protest because Jena is not a rural Southern town, it is a state of mind -- not from the 1950s, but of the here and now in every American town, suburb and city from South to North and sea to shining sea."

But I for one think that there is something going on in America right now, that is problematic. It appears there is an unwillingness or inability on the part of liberal media and bloggers to stand up and report, blog, or protest. It seems that liberals in the media and liberal bloggers have forgotten some of the words of one of the greatest American's of all time, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King when he said, "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

But that's right many liberal bloggers and many in the liberal media only believe in Martin Luther King, when it's convenient for them, or on his birthday.

Will left wing bloggers join in an effort to Free The Jena 6. Only time will tell.

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Obama is "Acting White"

I have accused many people of Acting White over my life. I have even said that blogger James C. Collier of the blog, of all things, Acting White, truly writes like he is whiter than white.

Rev. Jesee Jackson is right, if reports are correct about jackso calling out Presidential candidate Barack Obama as "acting white" and not responding strong enough over the controverial Jena, Louisiana case involving six youths on trial for their lives.

Jackson is also right Sen. Barack Obama's "tepid response" to six black juveniles' arrest on attempted-murder charges in Jena, La. is not what I want to see out of my candidate. Jackson is right, "Jena is a defining moment, just like Selma was a defining moment."

It's too bad Obama won't be in attendance. But, then again Jesse and I could be wrong. Obama and James Collier could be right. What do you think?


For more discussion and opinion on this and other issues Click HERE - visit and join your new link to African American Opinion and Social Networking on the web.

UPDATE: But then again. At some point you have to stand for something, even after your college education and a degree.

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Jena 6 - Virtual March

Contact: Daz Wilson theultravioletunderground@gmail.com or Yobachi Boswell 615-478-5204.

Afrospher Jena 6 Coalition -- Worldwide Web -- September 17, 2007 The Blogosphere recently took matters into their own hands when they saw the lack of coverage for the Jena 6 case in mainstream media. A day of blogging was coordinated with the intent of magnifying the voices of 'the people', while also requesting that the mainstream media share the story of miscarriage of justice that has taken place in the Jena 6 case, with their mass audiences. A press release was issued to notify the media, and on Thursday August 30, 2007 the Day of Blogging for Justice (http://www.pr.com/press-release/50358) took place. On the very same day of the event, MSNBC stepped up and aired a 5 minute segment on the Jena 6 case. They also continued to cover the story online.

The Blogosphere is again coordinating another show of support and concern with an online Virtual March which will act as an unofficial companion and alternative to the Michael Baisden and Al Shaprton lead March in Jena Louisiana on September 20, 2007, for those who cannot make it to the physical March and also for those who wish to double and triple their efforts.

Interested bloggers, webmasters, and social networking profile owners are asked to take a picture of themselves holding a sign that reads 'Free the Jena 6' and other messages. As an added measure, if possible, Virtual Marchers are asked to wear black as Marchers will be doing on September 20th. The digital photos can then be posted to visible sidebar areas on their blogs, sites, profiles and anywhere else they feel it will send a constant message that 'the people' are standing against racism in the justice system and elsewhere. Virtual Marchers are asked to keep displaying the pictures on their profiles until true justice has been served for all of the Jena 6, as a show of solidarity.

Those who don't have digital cameras can check with their local office supply stores. Most office supply stores will scan a photo and save it to a disk that can hold the file needed to upload to the internet. After that, Image hosting services like Imageshack.us can store the photos and generate a code Virtual Marchers can use on their profiles. If there are no office supply stores in the area, other Virtual Marchers who have access to scanners will likely accept photos through the mail, scan them, then email them back.

[Free the Jena Six petition]

'The hope is that the Virtual March in addition to other acts of solidarity will stand as a message that 'the people' are aware of the evils these young men have encountered, and are also aware that theirs is not truly an isolated incident. This March is therefore symbolic of our refusal as aware individuals to allow these evils to befall people of color, or people targeted for any reason of systematic prejudice. Many have shed blood and stood strong against tyranny, and it is up to us to honor those sacrifices,' Advises Daz, a coordinator of the Virtual March. Go Here for some blogs that may participate in the campaign: http://www.blackperspective.net/index.php/jena-6-page/day-of-blogging-for-justice/

More information can obtained by typing 'Virtual March' in search at: www.ultravioletunderground.com , and also by visiting www.blackperspective.com


http://africanamericanopinion.ning.com/- visit and join your new link to African American Opinion and Social Networking on the web.

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Gays, White Women, White Men, Interracial Dating/Marriage and the Black Family

There is something truly unique about Internet Social and political Activist and African American blogger Francis L. Holland. He is not like many black church leaders and progressive African American bloggers who dig their heads in the sand regarding what many people call race matters or Color Arousal. Particularly around theissue of gays and interracial dating. He is an in-your face bloggers who works to address issues, no matter how politically incorrect they may be to discuss in the open. Whether it's the role of the CIA in left wing blogs, the WhiteSphere vs the BlackSphere or Gays, white women, white men and the black family, Francis Holland blogs about it and asks us to think. Some of us will refuse, while others will respond. But, thats what I like about Francis Holland. Sometimes I will disagree with him and his approach, but hey, most times he is right on the money. check out his current post on "Gays, White Women, Controversy and Acceptance in a Black Family." I think you will agree, it makes one think. More Here: Copy and paste this link to your browser: http://www.africanamericanopinion.ning.com


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