A Swift Boat campaign has arrived with Barack Obama 's name on it

AAPP: The Color Aroused and bigoted Swift Boating of Barack Obama started ironically by Bill and Hillary Clinton has now taken off! Get ready for the ride Obama, Obama supporters, and average Americans, this swift boat action may take us down a social and political road America has not experienced in 200 years.

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One Black Man To Another - An Open Letter To Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama, Don't act Like Al Gore, and those two other Democrats from my home town of Massachusetts, who showed no balls and just sat back and let the Republicans beat them to pieces. Do you want the Presidency or not? If you do, you will have to fight for it. Nice guys in politics finish last. stop being Mr. Nice guy and go after Hillary and her corn-ball, color aroused husband. Don't stoop to their level, but call it the way it is.

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Hillary and Bill Clinton - Tearing The Democratic Coalition Between Blacks Apart

Here are my ramblings before the South Carolina results come in.

The world is watching as old southern "color aroused" shows its ugly head across America. The US race is capturing the world's eyes. From Bankok, Thailand, the front page of the Asian Tribune, the headlines read: Democrats fight it in S. Carolina Vying for Black Vote. Color Arousal, subtle and crude, has made its mark on The White House. Like the debate about Clinton having sex out of wed lock with Monica Lewinsky, The Clintons have fueled a political debate about "race" that just may tear a 50 year Democratic Coalition between Blacks apart.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/hillary-and-bill-clinton-tearing.h tml

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Blacks, The Black Church, Black Preachers, Politics, and Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Bill Clinton seem to have an interesting hold on old school "Negro" preachers who are willing to sell their souls, and the souls of their church members in the name of support the white woman over the black man. The Devil is in the details of his sermon. Take a look at this video below. This is self hating Negro preacher is out of his mind.

H/T to blogger "Over Analyze It" for the link.
http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/blacks-black-church-black-preacher s-and.html

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08 Campaign: Black Man V White Woman, Can Obama Really Fight Back?

With black support shifting toward Obama and black voters in Georgia joining voting rolls at three times the pace of whites is Obama now facing white resistance In South?

The Huffington Post reports, Donna Brazile, who ran the 2000 Gore campaign, said "my sense is that it [white southern support for Obama] is independents, college students, high income, highly educated and urban whites who often back strong Black reform candidates. More HERE

Now we learn Hillary Clinton has narrowly won the Democratic Nevada Caucus.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/are-southern-whites-resisting-obam a-is.html

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Hillary Clinton Supporter Says Obama is " Guess who is Coming to Dinner"

AAPP says: Hillary Clinton and her negro surrogates are at it again. This time it's Robert L. Johnson, (below) right, the founder of BET, greeted Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at a rally in Columbia, S.C. Hillary and her surrogates are not making many black friends with this racial talk of "Guess who is coming to dinner." Check out blogger Gina at What About Our Daughters who says, " Of all the people to attack Barack Obama and defend Billary's racial street cred, tell me WHY? WHY? WHY? did they have to drag out Bob Johnson, multimedia crack cocaine dealer, hater of working class Black people, and exploiter of African American women and children? They are either desperate, stupid, or out of touch to believe that such a reviled figure such as smut peddling Bob Johnson would provide them cover in the Black community. She might as well have grabbed Don Imus to come stump with her in South Carolina." Read more about her thoughts on this mess HERE.  Yes, I must say The Field Negro is right it's getting ugly.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/hillary-clinton-supporter-says-oba ma-is.html

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Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Race Codes

Shuck and Jive - Hillary Clinton's Racial code Words Offered Up To Remind Whites of Obama's Race.

Finally Black folks and some whites are peeling the onion back, and finding out that the Clintons' are human, and can make the same bigoted comments as other Americans with Color Arousal Syndrome. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have pulled out their exclusive " Get Back Obama - Race Card" In fact, even a key S.C. endorsement the highest-ranking African American in Congress, seems to be just a bit pissed off with the Clintons about their civil rights history and the "fairy tale" comments.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/hillary-clinton-and-bill-clinton-a nd.html

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Hillary and Bill Clinton Invoke "Race Card" Into 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign

There is a great report in the New York Sun addressing what I will term "Team Clintons" efforts to invoke the "race card" into the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign process. While at the same time insulting the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. My comments are highlighted in red in response to this great article by Seth Gitell.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/hillary-and-bill-clinton-invoke-ra ce.html

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Black Blogger Reaction To Hillary Win

The Newspapers read Clinton Defies Polls, Edges Obama in N.H.

I had planned to write an analysis of yesterday's primary and the Clinton family win in New Hampshire, but I decided not to do one because fellow Afrospear blogger, Villager, at Electronic Village has completed a great analysis that is in keeping with what I was going to post. His post, Hillary Clinton Wins in New Hampshire ... What Next for Barack Obama? is a must read.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/black-blogger-reaction-hillary-win .html

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DailyKos, MYDD, Firedoglake, OpenLeft Hating on Obama

Obama has a 13-point NH Lead. Its great to see so many believers flock to see Obama in the flesh I'm glad to see Obama ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire Primary with so many Americans finding a new champion in Obama including Bill Bradley and John Anderson backing Obama how can anyone stop him? It seems that the endorsements for Obama just keep on coming in. Barack Obama has won the backing from Will Smith Even as Clinton's emotions flow and new reports provide detail on the woman who elicited Hillary's cry baby act. Look out! Now the Clinton campaign says Obama is breaking state law.

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/01/dailykos-mydd-firedoglake-openleft .html

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