Is Barack Obama Talking Down To Black Male Voters? (+)

Barack Obama was heckled and accused of not focusing on black issues. Obama appeared in St. Petersburg, Florida and was interrupted when 3 black men stood up, put up a banner that said, "What about the black community, Obama?" and hollered, What about the black community?  

Obama told them they would have time to ask questions after the speech was over, and they did. They asked why he was not focusing on issues like the sub-prime mortgage crisis, Jena Six, Sean Bell and "the numerous attacks that are made against the African-American community." Obama responded twofold: telling the hecklers that he had, in fact, been focused on these issues and explaining that there would never be 100% continuity between his agenda and that of the voters.

"Listen, I was a civil rights lawyer," Obama said. "I passed the first racial profiling legislation in Illinois.

I passed some of the toughest death penalty reform legislation in Illinois.

That doesn't mean I am always going to satisfy the way you want these issues framed... which gives you the option of voting for somebody else, it gives you the option of running for office yourself, those are all options.

Did Barack Obama have say all that? Did he have to say, "which gives you the option of voting for somebody else." 

AAPP: I wonder why Barack went there on the brothers? why did he have to give the riot act on voting to the brothers? Was Jesse Jackson right, but just said it the wrong way? Is Barack having issues with black men, or is it a tight rope he is walking on? Candidly, i don't think he needed to go there on the brothers.

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Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Blacks and Whites

You knew more was going to be coming from Barack Obama regarding black responsibility. The question is, was it a generational shift as media like CNN would like to make it out to be? or was it another Bill Cosby type of message to the poor? There are differing views on the matter.

I personally find it interesting that Barack Obama used the same venue as Bill Cosby did a few years ago when Cosby set off a national debate in a speech to the NAACP where he criticized poor blacks. Like Barack Obama, Cosby emphasized personal responsibility, or the lack of it.

Candidly I have few problems with much of what Barack Obama said at the NAACP convention, However, the problem is he appeared to be preaching through the NAACP to white voters with "code words" that white John McCain swing voters want to hear from a black man running for the presidency of the United States. As International social and political activist and blogger Francis L. Holland noted: "I know he's really speaking to white America as much as to Black America when he says we need to take more responsibility. What he's essentially saying, is "Stopy blaming whitey and do what you can do for yourselves," which is a useful message to Blacks and a very much welcomed and even rather conservative message among whites."

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The Politics of Tasing - They Could Not Kill The Jena 6 So They Killed The Cousin

As reported by radio Talk Show Host Tony Brown, News Channel 5 and the blog Tasered While Black, 21-year-old-Barron-Scooter-Collins, First cousin to Mychal Bell, of the Jena Six, killed after being tased nine times over the course of 30 minutes. He was in restraints- in police custody when he died. And the certificate labels the death a homicide.A News Broadcaster reports, "The two other Winnfield Officers who were involved in the incident: Alan Marsdin and Cargyle Junior Branch-- Both are still on the force. Neither one has been disciplined.. Check out the report they make on the death of of a black man. They start of the report saying, It's been five and a half months since the death of 21 year old Barron Scooter Collins, a convicted drug dealer. News Channel 5 has learned Collins birth name is Barron Pikes. And he was first cousin to Mychal Bell, of the Jena Six. Scooter died after being in police custody and being tased. The incident prompted over 100 blacks in Winnfield to protest downtown.

AAPP: This reminds of the case of Deacon Fredrick Williams. One has to wonder how long it will take before blacks and others will organize community by community across America to demand coherent police procedures and citizen/police review (oversight) boards regarding the use of taser force?

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The Black National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner and Black folks

There is a lot of hating going on regarding one black woman and black folks in general. Have you been watching all the reporting in the national media? One black woman seems to have pissed off a whole bunch of white folk, and a lot of black folks too. There are many black bloggers who support the sister, yet are concerned like black blogger, Black Super Woman  who says, "I’m all for artistic expression, and think that she was definitely expressing herself in an artistic way by doing this.  I saw the tape on the news and it was a beautiful rendition of Lift Every Voice.  I just hope that this doesn’t turn into a “Black folks think they are uppity now that Obama is the nominee and if we elect him they are going to be uncontollable” moment.  I like it when we go buck, but I don’t want Obama to lose votes because the masses get scared of a potential slave uprising."

So folks, was the black woman wrong for what she indicates was an expression of how she felt about living in the United States, as a black woman?  Why didn't she do what Marvin Gaye did and sing the song she was contracted to sing?

Check out the report in USA today on the controversy after singer substitutes 'black national anthem' for 'Star-Spangled Banner'

A singer surprised dignitaries by singing Lift Every Voice and Sing, also known as the "black national anthem," to the tune of The Star-Spangled Banner during the mayor's State of the City address yesterday in Denver.


Rene Marie, who was introduced by City Council president Michael Hancock to perform the national anthem, says she made the switch without informing the mayor's office.

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I will Not Vote For An Obama-Hillary Ticket

AAPP: I'm with James Clyburn, the House of Representatives majority whip who said: "At some point, she needs to congratulate the man for having won. Those kinds of things are important to us who grew up in the South with these kinds of slights. That speech cannot be seen as anything but a slight." 08/06/i-will-not-vote-for-obama-hillary. html

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Color Divide - Democratic National Convention and black bloggers

Karen Brooks of The Dallas Morning News is reporting on the problems involving the selection of Democratic National Convention bloggers. Check out the link to her article below. Ms. Brooks provides a great overview on the issues involving the Democratic Party and how they are treating black bloggers. I know Native Americans and the Angry Indian must be wondering why Native Americans seem to be excluded by the DNC as well. 08/05/color-divide-democratic-national.h tml

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News Media, Hillary Clinton, Rev. Wright and "Color Aroused" Race Politics

When is the character assassination going to stop? When is the major media outlets going to stop the attacks on Obama and Wright? I'm not sure, but one thing is for sure, pictures of Rev. Wright hugging Mayor Kilpatrick at the NAACP convention don't look good on Republican ads come the general election.

Why did the NAACP need to give him an opportunity Strike Back at this critical time in American political history? The media is already twisting it, saying, Wright is stirring up the race controversy. 08/04/rev-jeremiah-wright-jr-speaks-out- while.html

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Politics, Music, Race and Family: Why No James Brown Museum ?

40 Years after the MLK Assassination - 40 years after James Brown  'saves Boston." No James Brown Museum!
No James Brown Museum? The Auctioning off of James Brown Life historic artifacts is an American Disgrace. Yes, It's an American disgrace. With so many black millionaires, let see if one of the thousands of black American multi millionaires steps up and saves these items from being sold. This is a family issue, but its a political issue too. 08/04/no-james-brown-musuem-no-way-there -will.html

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Is Sunday Morning Talk Show Apartheid: Really Gone?

Is "Sunday Morning Apartheid gone? Is there still a very clear division, an exclusion of blacks to a large degree on Sunday Morning Talk shows? Is America still a nation involved in " Sunday Morning Apartheid" or is Felicia Lee at New York Times right when she wrote, "Like the Candidates, TV's Political Pundits Show Signs of Diversity? 08/04/is-sunday-morning-talk-show-aparth eid.html

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Hillary Clinton's Prepared To Destroy The Democratic Party

AAPP: It's clear that Hillary Clinton (who wants to be fibber in chief) and her surrogates are prepared to destroy the Democratic Party in her quest to become the Democratic Presidential nominee. She is obviously hearing the black blogger drumbeats for her to Concede and avert a blood bath at the party convention, but that does not phase her. She is on a seek and destroy mission. The Destroy mission? Destroy Barack Obama's chances of winning the presidency because she cannot win. Blogger the Falling Panda is right. " Blacks will not come out to vote for Clinton in the general election and no Democrat can win the white house without the black vote." I guess she must be saying, Damn Ungrateful Negroes! 08/03/hillary-clinton-is-prepared-to-des troy.html

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