The Root (WAPO) and The Grio (NBC) Working To Control Black American Politics?

Yes, I said it. And yes, I am wondering out loud, if Corporate black blogs like The Root and The Grio are working to control black political thought in America?

AAP says: "Move over grassroots black political bloggers, NBC and The Washington Post have hatched a scheme to take over black political thought over the internet. They are like ATT taking over the smaller telephone companies. They are buying co-opting as many black bloggers as possible, and unfortunately it just may be working."  

Now the question is, on the immediate political front, whether both of these corporate media giants (WaPo and NBC) are doing nothing more than being under-cover operatives for getting President Barack Obama elected in 2012?

As I said in my earlier post, It get's under my black skin, that so-called black bloggers at (white controlled) corporate black blogs like The Root, owned by the Washington Post, and the The Grio, owned by NBC, are nothing more than a group of organized Obama loyalist who seem to never report on how blacks will lose $194 billion in wealth through 2012, or how the housing crisis continues to hits blacks the hardest and how President Obama (as Russell Simmons recently pointed out in his Open Letter To President Barack Obama) has all but ignored the plight of black America.  

I remember when I learned that NBC would launch a African American news site

and The Washington Post was planning to launch 'The Root', my gut reaction was, "there they go, white corporate America moving to "takeover" black political and social opinion over the internet."

I knew that folks at the Washington Post and NBC were getting concerned that black bloggers groups like the afrospear/afrosphere were getting too organized. I also felt in my gut that white media outlets, may have even sent its own operatives into the afrospear/afrosphere group to spread discontent. 

As I noted previously on this blog, there was a time when a group of black bloggers called the afrospear/afrosphere began to organize and became a force in the black America.

Unfortunately, the Afrospear/Afrosphere has seemed to 'step aside' as a group, and allow corporate black blogs like the Washington Post's The Root (owned by the Washington Post Company through its online subsidiary, Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive) and NBC's The Grio, to jump in feet first, and act as though they are the voice of on-line Black America

I guess the with big bucks from The Washngton Post and NBC, (The Root and The Grio) have just about become campaign organizations for President Obama's 2012 Campaign. Candidly, Both of these black corporate blogs or so-called black news outlets should be required to file with the Federal Election authorities as part of the Obama organization.

Will The Root and The Grio become the electronic voice of Black America?  I don't think so... the voice of the black blogging community continues to grow. It will take more than NBC and The Washington Post to control black political thought in this country... But they sure are trying...


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Al Sharpton is not “the president” of Black America


OMG, now the folks at are saying that Al Sharpton is emerging as “the president” of black America. Read more at

Yes, there is a lot of conversation on the internet about Al Sharpton and Barack Obama. The conversation is about how President Obama was in New York last night supporting Al Sharpton‎.  Candidly, I don't get how President Obama is making a pitch to Al Sharpton's Group‎ when he knows full well about Al Sharpton's history, particularly with regards to his lack of respect for black women. As an example, Al Sharpton and the NAACP Support Dunbar Village Rapists. Yes, just in case you never heard about Dunbar Village, Here are the basics of the story from Black America Web:

“The incident occurred at a public housing project called Dunbar Village in West Palm Beach, Florida.“After dark on June 18, the police say, as many as 10 armed assailants repeatedly raped a Haitian immigrant in her apartment complex at Dunbar Village … They took cell phone pictures of their acts. They burned the woman’s skin and (her 12-year-old son’s) eyes with cleaning fluid, forced them to lie naked together in the bathtub, hit them with a broom and a gun and threatened to set them on fire.”

As despicable as that sounds, it wasn’t the worst of it. The worst of it was when these vermin, according to Times writer Amy Goodnough, “forc(ed) (the woman) to perform oral sex on her 12-year-old son.”

Now we learn that the President of the United States is supporting, Al Sharpton, you know Al Shapton  the same guy who supported the Dunbar Village rapists. The blog, What About Our Daughters covered this issue a number of years ago. I guess our President supports the madness of Al Sharpton. Read more on the untold details of horror at Dunbar Village.

Maybe the President does not remember Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and Dunbar Village like black and other progressive bloggers do.  We remember how Al Sharpton defended the scum bags who  “forc(ed) (the woman) to perform oral sex on her 12-year-old son.”

If that is the type of people the President wants to hang out with, fine. It's not the type of person I would want near me. I hope Obama is not courting black votes with Sharpton as some reports are saying. 

Oh, and by the way,, Al Sharpton (the supporter of rapist) is no emerging "president” of black America.  Black America has the same President as white America, "President Barack Obama." It looks like needs black political writers/reporters.

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Jim Crow, Silicon Valley, Google, Apple and Yahoo

Jill and the good folks over at Jack and Jill Politics are addressing the new Jim Crow in Silicon Valley or as Jill has titled her post; "Google, Apple, Yahoo = The New Jim Crow in Silicon Valley."

Jill has a video on her blog in which she is confronting Eric Schmidt publicly during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. 

(OK, you remember the 2008 Democratic National Convention in which black bloggers from all walks of life, came together to demand that the DNC invite and credential more black bloggers.)

Well, get this, at the Big Tent’s Digg Stage during a talk on the Internet and Politics. Jill says Eric Schmidt gave the lamest of answers to her questions about Google’s hiring practices and lack of diversity

AAP says: I'm glad that Jill is staying on top of the topic.  Let's do a Silicon Valley Jim Crow Flashback to March 2008, when the blog, BlackWeb2.0 wrote: Dear Google, hire more Blacks.  In that post, it was noted that Valleywag reported that Laszlo Bock, Google’s vice president of people operations, assured members of Congress last June that Google, which was lobbying for more H1-B visas for immigrant workers, had plenty of black employees. “We have a very strong internal Black Googler Network,” he said. “We actually view it as our obligation to reach out to underrepresented communities in our industry, particularly women in engineering, particularly African-Americans. “How many [of Google's employees] are African-American?” asked Representative Maxine Waters. “I don’t actually have that data at my fingertips,” was Bock’s reply. “I apologize.” More HERE and HERE

Let's do a Silicon Valley Jim Crow Flash Forward February 2010: Now Jill at Jack and Jill Politics is pointing out in her post that President Barack Obama held a very exclusive dinner on February 18th with the top CEOs of Silicon Valley as reported on the Caucus, a gossipy post. Jill went on to point out in her post: "You know who’s NOT invited? Anyone who’s not white. Yes, see, that’s Silicon Valley’s dirty little Jim Crow secret. They have a terrible — and worsening! — record on hiring women and minorities. A record, btw, they’re working hard to keep quiet cuz it’s not a good look. The miracle of the tech sector, which Obama wishes to learn about to invigorate other industries, is only a miracle for some people. Minority leaders in the Bay Area staged a protest at the Googleplex today" More HERE and More HERE Read more at Jack and Jill Politics regarding the lack of Diversity at Google and the new Jim Crow in Silicon Valley. 

You can also read more on minority leaders staging a protest at the Googleplex at Black Voices.

Len Canty, Chairman of The Black Economic Council speaks at the Google campus on Feb. 10, 2011 in Mountain View, Calif. He and other protesters demanded that Google and 21 other Silicon Valley companies release their workforce diversity data and hire more minorities. (Dai Sugano/Mercury News)

From The Oakland Tribune (via The Root)

Also check out the Press Release from the Black Economic Council, which states: On February 10th, the Black Economic Council, the Latino Business Chamber of Greater LA and the National Asian American Coalition will release its report to President Obama's new Job Czar and the Department of Justice (civil rights and antitrust) regarding their complaint against Google, Apple, HP, Oracle and Yahoo.

The complaint states that these companies are violating their transparency policies and legal obligations by refusing to provide their EEO-1 reports relating to their lack of Black, Latino, Southeast Asian and women employees. Further, on February 10th at 11:00 am, fifty minority leaders and individuals with employment complaints against Silicon Valley will hold a press conference urging immediate presidential and congressional action to (a) halt the H-1B visa program, (b) require all Silicon Valley companies to be transparent and release their EEO-1 reports, and (c) where appropriate, seek the delay and/or blocking of Silicon Valley mergers until all employment discrimination issues are resolved.

Len Canty, Chairman of the Black Economic Council, said, "Any Silicon Valley company with less than five percent Black employees should be denied H-1B visa workers until the problem is resolved since the Black unemployment rate is 80 percent higher than that for whites." Since up to half of some Silicon Valley companies overall employees are H-1B visa programs despite high domestic unemployment rates, the complaint urges the President's new Job Czar, GE's CEO Jeffrey Immelt, to provide a report to the President within 15 days as to the impact of the H-1B visa program on unemployed Americans.

The complaint also requests that the Department of Justice secure from the US Labor Department the release of all employment data from the 22 Silicon Valley companies, led by Google and Apple, that have refused to provide data. The employment data may demonstrate a "pattern and practice" of discrimination that could lead to either lawsuits and/or the slowing down of future acquisitions by these Silicon Valley companies. Read More HERE.

Read more 'Minority Leaders Protest Lack of Blacks, Latinos & Women at Silicon Valley Tech Companies' on The Oakland Tribune.

UPDATE: As reported by MillBrae Patch and The Washington Post President Obama and Silicon Valley leaders held a private dinner last night at the home of John and Ann Doerr. The Washington Post reports, the President gathered ideas about creating jobs and educational opportunities from some of the Silicon Valley's most innovative thinkers. 

AAP says: "I wonder if the issues raised by the Black Economic Council, the Latino Business Chamber of Greater LA and the National Asian American Coalition  regarding civil rights and antitrust complaints against Google, Apple, HP, Oracle and Yahoo were part of the conversation. Judging from the pictures... NOT.  

Yes, President Obama gathered ideas about creating jobs and educational opportunities from some of the Silicon Valley's most innovative thinkers. But those most innovative thinkers are not thinking about, or doing anything to create diversity in the work place at Google, Apple, HP, Oracle and Yahoo."

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SCLC, NAACP, Chokwe Lumumba and Scott Sisters

I want to discuss with you two old negro Civil Rights groups that have lost their way. First SCLC. They are becoming more and more irrelevant.

As reported by for more than a year, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has declined to serve as president in a group her father co-founded.

Now Reverend Bernice King doesn't want the job at all.

Reverend King says she's decided to abandon the Southern Christian Leadership Conference because the once proud organization has struggled to stay relevant.

She says the group has split in two different directions and had its finances scrutinized. The former chairman was also indicted on theft charges last week.

The former national chairman of an Atlanta-based civil rights organization was indicted Wednesday in Ohio on 51 charges that include grand theft, forgery and tampering with government records.

The Rev. Raleigh Trammell, 73, was indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury in Dayton, where he lives and also headed a local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Trammell was indicted on one count of grand theft and 25 counts each of forgery and tampering with government records. Read more HERE  Also read more about this story at the Washington Post

Martin Luther King, III says, "I think she was in an awkward position and she prays a whole lot, so I think as a result she was led to no longer want to accept the position."

The SCLC led the movement to end segregation in public facilities and earned more rights for million of black Americans today. More HERE

AAP says: The SCLC is no longer relevant just like NAACP national office is no longer relevant.

Speaking of the NAACP here is an interesting UPDATE:

Word on the street is the NAACP is preparing to pimp the the Scott sisters. There is also word on the street that the national office of the NAACP may be creating conflict between the Scott sisters and the Scott sisters family. The blogosphere and blog talk radiois a buzz with Scott Sisters family members talking about the national office of the NAACP and Attorney Chokwe Lumumba are causing friction and conflict within the family.

The Root's E.R. Shipp may just be right when in rights in The Root about how black folks get scorched by the spotlight of instant fame. In the article he talks about how Ted "Golden Voice" Williams isn't the only person to have his 15 minutes of fame before crashing to earth. Remember the subway hero? And what will come of the Scott sisters?

It's a must read article. Here is a bit of what is said:

"I think of Wesley Autry, who threw himself atop a man who had fallen onto a New York City subway track and saved him. He was honored by President George W. Bush at the 2007 State of the Union address and by other politicians in New York. Donald Trump gave him $10,000; he was given a Jeep and sports tickets. He was all over national television. And on and on.

But months later, when he still hoping for lucrative movie and book deals, he was passing out business cards identifying himself as "Wesley Autry Sr. -- Subway Hero." Terrie Williams says she saw him at one event carrying around some of his awards and "pulled his coat" to tell him that was not a good thing. He and an early team of managers ended up in conflict over their insistence on taking 50 percent of any income that Autry earned from the subway incident, but eventually settled out of court.

When it comes to prisoners -- from men and women freed as a result of DNA evidence brought to light through the efforts of the Innocence Project to the Scott sisters released from a Mississippi prison earlier this month after 16 years for a robbery that may have netted $11 -- there is often a rush of publicity and invitations to tell their stories. Then everything is expected to be normal.

The Scott sisters' story became international in part because of outrage that a condition of their release was that one donate a kidney to the other. They have relocated to Florida, where they have family, but the Mississippi NAACP is more or less continuing to advocate for them, according to Derrick Johnson, the state conference president. It will convene a meeting in coming days to coordinate their medical and transportation needs and to identify a facility to perform tests to determine if Gladys Scott is a match for her sister, Jamie." 

AAP says: As I said earlier, word on the street is the national office of the NAACP is creating a bunch of messwith the Scott Sisters and their family.

     The NAACPand Atty Chokwe Lumumba are talking it up with the Scott sisters, telling them that they too can get lucrative movie and book deals. the only problem is, the real heroes are the mother, Nancy Lockhart, black bloggers, blogtalkradio, black radio, blacktalkradio, and other activist.  Yes, the NAACP will have the Scott sisters on the Image Awards, and probably won't ask the mother or Nancy Lockhart to attend.

    AAP says: lets remember folks, this is "Ben Jealous, he is the same guy who issued a statement decrying  shirley Sherrod's so-called  abhorrent statements she made during an address to members of the NAACP at a banquet, about denying a white farmer as much help as she could because of the color of his skin. Then to cover his self he said the NAACP was “snookered” into condemning former Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod

    Now Ben jealous and Chokwe Lumumba are snookering the Scott Sisters."

    Unfortuanetly the national office of the NAACP and Atty Chokwe Lumumba are now selling the Scott sisters another Jena6 dream, now the question is whether the Scott sisters will be passing out business cards identifying themselves "the Scott Sisters. -- former prisoners of the Mississippi prisons, new prisioners of Chokwe Lumumba and the NAACP."



Scott Sisters, NAACP, Black Bloggers and Lessons Learned

The Scott Sisters where released and no one should have a doubt that the victory was inspired by black bloggers, black internet activist and blogtalk radio host.  But more importantly it was inspired by the Scott sisters mother, Evelyn Roscoe, who fought for 16 years for their freedom.

Let's not forget Nancy Lockart, a black woman who many are calling a mordern day Harriett Tubman, who lead the Internet grass root effort for the past 5 years, day and night working to educate the public about the Scott Sisters while the NAACP ignored their plight for over15 years.

OK, there is a lot of conversation across the black side of the internet about the Scott Sisters being freed and how the African American Internet helped in getting the story of the Scott sisters known. There is a learning curve for people from the right, left, and the middle of black political thought

The fact of the matter is there is a changing of the black gate keeper guard. There was a time when the NAACP gate keepers were old house negroes, now it's young house negros. A new face with the same old game. Supress black activism, and when black activism works, claim it as thier own. No matter what pictures you may see with NAACP President Ben Jealous standing behind the Scott sisters, in a photo op, remember this...

The NAACP can afford to jump on a plane to Mississppi, because of it's white benificators, and say they were ALWAYS behind the Scott Sisters. Yet the fact is, they were Johnny-Come-Lately, to Free the Scott sisters movement.  They can also "style and profile" with the Scott Sisters and probably set up a fundraising effort like they set up with the Jena 6, and steal as much as they can, saying it is administrative cost. Be warned my good friends... The NAACP speaks with fork Tongue. As Yobachi from the blog Black noted the NAACP is looking  to cash in on the Scott Sisters Plight. Check out what Yobachi had to say:

"The NAACP is ratcheting up their personal publicity machine. Actually they’re providing more publicity to the fact that they showed up on the scene at the last minute after more than a decade of local grassroots organizing, and 2 years of blog based advocacy, then they ever did in favor of bring the Scott Sisters plight to the American consciousness in an effort to free them. 

One of’s sister blogs, The Jena 6 Blog, got mentioned in a couple of different places in the past few days regarding a post I did in 2008 about NAACP swooping in to collect money on behalf of the Jena 6 when it started to become a popular story, then spending half of the money on themselves. This was after the NAACP demanded that the rural town with a population of a couple hundred black people, including children, first start a dues paying NAACP chapter before the NAACP would even begin to help." More HERE

But, there are some people who have a different few.

Take for instance Internet Blog Talk Radio host Black Achievement USA who talks about The Scott Sisters Are Freed: Now What Are The Lessons. He writes: I wish the Scott sisters all the best as they fight to re-acculmated themselves to "free" society. The homecoming is a major adjustment for the Scott family as well as the Scott Sisters. Basically, the Scott sisters have fierce battle for a good life. I would like to say that some of the people around the Scott Sisters did them no good and we on blog talk must not create an atmosphere that is not helpful. The Honorable Governor Haley Barbour and the good people of Mississippi must be respected and thanked for their decision to grant the Scott sisters "an early parole."

AAP says: The NAACP is under a microscope regarding their bogus last minute attention to the Scott sisters freedom movement. Take for example black bloggers, including Jill, over at the blog, Jack and Jill Politics, who has experessed concern at the way the NAACP has dissed black Bloggers over Scott Sisters and Haley Barbour ... 

Candidly I have questioned the motives of the Johnny-come-lately national office of the NAACP. It's interesting that the national office of the NAACP knew about the Scott Sisters for over 15 years, and did nothing until after the mother of the Scott Sisters, along with Nancy Lockhart, built a national and internatioal movement to free the Scott Sisters, then about 6 Months ago, the national office of the NAACP found a way to try to be the national spokes people for the Scott Sisters. Claiming all sorts of victories, although they were not actually "pardoned" and they will be on probation for life.

It's candidly amazing how the NAACP and others have bought into the new form of  Jim Crow Justice. You know what I'm talking about, The  type of  "Debt to Society" and the New Jim Crow justice that James Ridgeway wrote about in his article in the Mother Jones. He writes: "The Scott sisters will have to pay out money to maintain their freedom. Rather than pardoning Jamie and Gladys, Barbour suspended their sentences. According to Nancy Lockhart, a legal advocate who played an instrumental role in the sisters’ release, each will have to pay $52 a month for the administration of their parole in Florida, where their mother lives and where they plan to reside. Since they were serving life sentences, that means $624 a year for the rest of their lives. Both women are now in their thirties; if they live 40 more years, each will have paid the state $24,960."  Read More HERE

The fact is a number of black folks, like Verite Parlant is Nordette Adams, a reader of the blog Electronic Village made some interesting thoughts about the NAACP when he wrote:

"I think the NAACP suffers from the curse of many older heralded institutions, old blood and lack of vision. They have a tendency to see themselves as the big star and others as the little twinkles, and so they cripple themselves by an unwillingness to embrace new ideas and people and form the alliances that will be critical for power in the coming age. They persist in functioning like gatekeepers more than community collaborators."

He went on to say, "Nevertheless, I believe there was some grandstanding and opportunism involved. I suspect that after the Shirley Sherrod incident, they began to listen to some of the criticisms thrown at them which are that they let women do much of the grunt work but tend to make men their causes celebres. That whole incident caught them with their pants around their ankles."

AAP says: Yes, I agree with those comments by the reader at Electonic Village, the involvement of the NAACP in the Scott Sisters effort was to bolster there own image.

Lessons Learned

The NAACP is no longer the big star while black bloggers the little twinkles. The Internet has provided an equalizing of the playing field. Yes, the NAACP can run from city to city like Jesse Jackson, 10 years ago, but this that leadership or stylin' and profiling? 

The new big stars, black bloggers, blogtalkradio host, and black internet activist are working for positive progressive change.  They have taken activism to the next level, with the help of two strong black women, Evelyn  Roscoe and Nancy Lockhart. Two women who could see the possibility in spite of the NAACP. Nancy Lockhart and Evelyn Roscoe knew that they didnot want to cripple themselves by an unwillingness to embrace new ideas and people and form the alliances that were to obtain the Scott Sisters Freedom. They persisted, even when the old school gatekeepers called the national office of the NAACP wanted to be less than community collaborators. I'm Done!

But Johnathan Farley has more to say about the NAACP. He says:

"Thank you, NAACP!" Demophilos says from across the table at Starbucks, smiling. "The governor of Mississippi pardoned the Scott sisters." When he sees your expression, his eyebrows arch questioningly. "I'm uncomfortable with black groups campaigning for common thugs," you begin slowly, "when there are so many completely innocent people rotting in prison, to say nothing of political prisoners. But people like Kemba Smith, who carried drugs and guns for her boyfriend – they paid or are paying for real crimes, not for stealing bread." "Are they paying, or are we?" Demophilos says, with fire. "In urban America, besides the burned-out husks of buildings that were never rebuilt after the riots of the sixties, stand only taxpayer-built sports stadiums – and jails. More and more of them private. Corporations profit; we pay." Demophilos sits back in his seat, now seemingly exhausted. "You don't have to convince me," you say, defensively. "Listen, I still remember where I was when Geronimo Pratt was freed. I was on College Avenue in Berkeley outside my local bank. I looked at the headlines of the newspaper in a kiosk and started to dance.
"The bank's security guard, an African-American woman in her 40s, asked me what I was excited about.

"'Geronimo Pratt is free,' I said, out of breath. As you know, Pratt's conviction had been overturned after he spent 27 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, more time than Nelson Mandela.

"'How much time did he spend in jail?' the woman asked me. 'A year?' "My rush ended. I realised that, though we were only miles away from where the Black Panther party had burst into life, this black woman had no idea who Geronimo Pratt was. "But she knew who OJ Simpson was, and probably cheered, later, when Kobe Bryant was found not guilty."  Your small coffees arrive. "That'll be $10.95," says the barista.

When she leaves, you say, "The NAACP has finite resources, and the public has a finite amount of empathy. So, why is this being wasted? In 2005, when Crips founder and multiple-murderer Tookie Williams was facing a death sentence, the NAACP staged 'die ins' to protest the execution." "Stop," Demophilos pleads. "The NAACP is not 'celebrating criminality' by calling for the release of blacks who received harsh sentences. It's fighting injustice."

"And an injustice anywhere, blah blah blah." Read MORE

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The Scott Sisters, Nancy Lockhart and the Politics of Freedom

Newspapers, national radio programs, bloggers and politicos are all talking about how Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on Dec. 29 suspended the life sentences of two sisters jailed for an armed robbery that netted just $11—but the release of one sister will require her to donate a kidney to the other. As reported in The Afro American Newspaper today,  Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on Dec. 29 suspended the life sentences, saying:


“To date, the sisters have served 16 years of their sentences and are eligible for parole in 2014. Jamie Scott requires regular dialysis, and her sister has offered to donate one of her kidneys to her,” Barbour said in a prepared statement, according to The Hattiesburg American. “The Mississippi Department of Corrections believes the sisters no longer pose a threat to society. Their incarceration is no longer necessary for public safety or rehabilitation, and Jamie Scott’s medical condition creates a substantial cost to the State of Mississippi.”

According to The American, in 1993 the sisters lured two men down a road where they were robbed by three teens. The Scott sisters were convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon in the incident and each received reportedly unusual double life prison sentences. The teenagers who allegedly carried out the robbery only served two years in prison.

Barbour’s statement said that he asked the Mississippi Parole Board to review the Scott’s case, and that they supported his decision to suspend their sentences. 

According to the Associated Press, the sisters have received support from national groups including the NAACP. A march for them earlier this year drew hundreds of people. 

A release date for the sisters has not been decided, and will be set by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, according to Jackson, Miss. NBC affiliate WLBT.

AAP says: But with all the grandstanding that is about to happen, groups like the national office of the NAACP, Al Sharpton and the rest of the slick poverty pimp hustlers need to move over, and salute one of the key people that fought the up hill battle to get these women free. A true black woman freedom fighter who deserves accolades and support from America and America's African American community, Ms. Nancy Lockhart, who for years, through the strategic use of the Internet, and her Free the Scott Sisters Blog, along with Internet BlogTalkRadio shows began a grassroots effort to free the Scott sisters. Without Nancy Lockhart who has proven to be a modern day,  21st Century,  Harriet Tubman like, African American women working on the outside, the Scott sisters may not be looking at Freedom. Of course we have to include the recent color aroused political blunders by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, as the emphasis for the his true interest in reducing the life sentences of two black American sisters jailed for an armed robbery that netted just $11.

Ms. Nancy Lockhart, who has worked closely with grass root groups and individuals like Jerry Robinson, a sharp mouthed grass root community organizer, political activist, and national President of the Chicago based Poor People's Campaign has worked with Nancy Lockhart in her efforts to engage grass-root Internet activist, bloggers, and community groups from across the nation to support the Scott Sisters  quest for freedom. Let the truth be told, it was not the national NAACP that lead the effort to free the Scott Sisters, it was Nancy Lockhart through her use of grassroots Internet organizing, with the support of people like Jerry Robinson of the Poor People's Campaign, Black left Internet groups like the afrospear, Black Agenda Report, and black bloggers like Electronic Village, Jack and Jill Politics, Francis L. Holland Blog, along with many dozens of Internet blogtalkradio host, such as Black Achievement USA, Black Talk Radio, JWriter, Justice4Us, Duchess of Wisdom, AANation, PPC, Kala Nation, Joli Ali, BostonAnt, Pumpkin13, Madison Media, Antoinette former co-host of African American Pundit's SlugFest Program, along with Antionette Harrell, One Black Mans View, Scotty, and so many others, who were able to create a band of national Internet activist who worked with Nancy Lockhart to get the word out to the larger blogosphere, afrosphere, black radio and national media,  that caused the Scott Sisters to be of interest to groups like the NAACP and because of recent color aroused political blunders by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, caused him to look at the Scott Sisters case as a political opportunity to make himself look good, as part of his potential Presidential ambitions.

As noted in The Washington Post, Barbour, who is weighing a run for president, announced the pardon a week after he ran afoul of civil rights advocates. Last week, Barbour backtracked on comments he made about the civil rights era in Mississippi. 

AAP says: All that being said, America, particularly Black America should salute and thank Nancy Lockhart for a job well done! She has taught us a new lesson for the 21st Century, "grassroot Internet organizing can work for America, particularly black America,  if we put your mind, heart and soul into it."

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Obama Staffers Pissed with Obama Over Tax Cuts For Rich

The battle lines have been drawn, Barack Obama is supporting an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. Liberals and independents (like me) disenchanted with President Obama, are pissed with his inability or unwillingnessto back up his campaign promises. You remember, the Obama who vowed as a candidate to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for incomes below $250,000 for a couple or $200,000 for an individual - but let the cuts, which lapse at the end of the year, expire for incomes above those thresholds. Well, former staffers of the Obama campaign, are just as pissed off.

Here is what some of Obama 2008 Campaign staffers are saying about President Obama:

Jeana Brown, Obama 2008 Field Organizer in Georgia: 

I personally am saddened. It is clear to me that we have not seen the "change we can believe in." Extending the Bush tax cuts will kill volunteer recruitment and retainment. [Email for confirmation:]

Daniel Roche, Obama 2008 Deputy Field Organizer in Nevada -- a key swing state Obama won:

If he capitulates on this, there really is no point in voting for him in 2012. The difference between voting for a Republican and voting for someone whose default negotiation strategy is rolling over and dying whenever the Republican Party says mean things is marginal. This should be a ridiculously easy fight to win.  [Email for confirmation:]

Matthew Donoghue, Communications Staffer for 2008 Ohio Campaign for Change (Coordinated Campaign - Dem Party and Obama)

I want the President to adhere to his campaign promise. I didn't go to Ohio eleven weeks after completing chemoradiotherapy to have him uphold the reckless Bush/GOP "spare the wealthy" tax scheme. [Email for confirmation:]

CBS poll under-reported fun fact:

CBS poll: 84% of Democrats, 64% of Independents, and 52% of Republican voters say we should only renew tax cuts for those making below $250,000 -- or let them expire altogether. That's called bipartisanship, and Obama's on the wrong side of it.

AAP says: Adam Green is right when he said:

 "When majorities of Democratic, Independent, and Republican voters all say we should only renew tax cuts for those making below $250,000 -- or let them expire altogether -- there is zero excuse for compromising instead of fighting on this issue. Like the public option, which enjoyed similar bipartisan consensus among voters, progressives are pushing President Obama to fight for both a policy winner and a political winner. President Obama should be in Maine and Massachusetts right now, states he won by high double digits, rallying the constituents of Senators Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Scott Brown. But President Obama has shown a complete refusal to fight Republicans throughout his presidency even when the public is on his side -- and millions of his former supporters are now growing disappointed and infuriated by this refusal to fight. Obama is demobilizing the troops and demoralizing the public right before he seeks re-election."

-- Adam Green, co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee

 AAP says:  It's disappointing how Barack Obama is willing to give in to the GOP on the tax cut issue - despite Democrats' large majorities in both houses of Congress (at least for a few more weeks). I agree with Frank Rich over at tThe New York Times who explained "the baffling Obama presidency" in part by arguing that Mr. Obama "has seemingly surrendered his once-considerable abilities to act, decide or think." The president's attempts to seek out compromise instead of holding fast to a position, he wrote, has rendered him "indistinct" and "weightless." I'm sure Adam Green, co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and former Obama campaign staffers would agree.

I will say this, I agree with Daniel Roche, Obama 2008 Deputy Field Organizer in Nevada -- a key swing state Obama won when he said, "If he capitulates on this, there really is no point in voting for him in 2012.

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The Weak Black Political Left

Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a 650,000-member grassroots organization was right in his response to today's White House meeting with Republicans:

"When Democrats want to help 98% of American taxpayers and Republicans are standing with the wealthiest 2%, there's no excuse for cutting a 50/50 compromise. Americans don't want compromise for its own sake -- they want the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy eliminated and they want a President who is willing to fight for the public good. Today, they got a President who delusionally thinks Americans will reward him for cutting bad deals instead of daring Republicans to vote against tax cuts for 98% of Americans -- and promising consequences if they do." 

- Adam Green

Ok, now get this, Obama announced that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jack Lew would work with representatives from each party to come up with a solution on extending the tax cuts, probably to the rich. More HERE 

One has to wonder when will the Black political left speak out and stand up like the late Fannie Lou Hamer and say enough is enough, I'm sick and tired, of being sick and tired!

When will the Black political left build progressive black organizations like we had back in the 50's, 60's and 70's ?  Why is there a lack of black individuals and groups, building coalitions and going to Washington? The Color of Change and the Black Agenda Report are leading the way, now we need more groups like the Color of Change and The Black Agenda Report.

We sure can't depend on the weak Congressional Black Caucus who are talking loud and saying nothing! The fact of the matter is two of the most senior Black Members of Congress — Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., and Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., — are faced with full-blown ethics “trials” this lame duck session of Congress, with two additional Members — Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., and Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., — in the House Ethics Committee pipeline for further consideration. 

Let's hope in 2011 Black leadership will rise... before it's too late.

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Black Caucus May Not Back Nancy Pelosi

Could the Congressional Black Caucus finally be showing some guts? Well, we will have to wait and see if they stand up to Nancy Pelosi like other Democrats who blamed Pelosi for their losses and suggested she step aside as leader. More HERE

The CBC has a bit of a history of flexing for a few days, then wimping out and getting nothing but promises without real outcomes for black folks.

They don't have much of a history of showing guts for the long term. They backed down when George W. Bush gave away the U.S. treasury to the banks, mortgage companies and Wall Street. What makes it any different this time?

According to Krissah Thompson of at The Washington Post a compromise designed to end a nasty political fight in the Democratic Party has left an important contingent dissatisfied - the Congressional Black Caucus

As you remember from my previous post I reported that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had developed a tentative deal in which she would remain the party's leader in the House when Democrats become the minority in the next Congress. The Washington post had reported that  Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (Md.) would take the No. 2 spot, and Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (S.C.) would move down to the third-ranking position, which Pelosi has called "assistant leader."  

 As I also noted in my previous post, I was surprised that Clyburn accepted the position. Now we learn from Krissah Thompson that he is discussing what his new role will entail.    

OK, I don't get this. Why would someone as smart as Rep. Clyburn take a position, then after accepting the position discuss what his new role will be? Sounds kind of donkey's ass backwards to me.  

Get this, Krissah Thompson also reports that after meeting with other members of the CBC on Monday night, he told reporters, "We're still working on it." Get this, The Washington Post reports several caucus members have suggested that they will withhold their votes from Pelosi (Calif.) if more details are not provided about Clyburn's responsibilities or that the caucus could go along with a bloc of moderate Democrats in the Blue Dog caucus and vote to limit Pelosi's authority as minority leader.  

"We had a full discussion about this, and we actually wanted to look at the portfolio that is being developed with Mr. Clyburn's input, and we wanted to see what that portfolio would be," said the CBC chairman, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), explaining the decision to withhold support for Pelosi's plan.

Rep. Yvette D. Clarke (D-N.Y.) said she is "reluctant to want to vote" for the party's leadership without more details and wants to make sure that Clyburn's new role is "not a marginal, ceremonial type of position."

Pelosi met with CBC members Tuesday night to discuss their concerns. Afterward, members of the caucus gave no indication that they felt differently than they did heading into the meeting, an aide said.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Clyburn said he has encouraged caucus members to support Pelosi and believes the new structure is fair. More HERE

African American Pundit says: "What new structure? It's the same old leadership that lost the mid-term elections, no change as far as this pundit is concerned." Nothing has changed, and the American people, particularly Democrats and independents such as myself don't get this musical chairs effort that does nothing but pat the current leadership on the back for losing the U.S. House of Representatives to the Republicans.

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Don't Ignore Black Voters

Ok, don't hate me for saying this, but the fact of the matter is President Barack Obama ignored black voters until the last 30 days of the mid term elections, which proved to be a disaster for Democrats. Democrats were hoping for high turnout from black voters in Tuesday's mid-term election. ... which did not happen.

Now look at what happened, as reported by the BBC World News, John Boehner is now urging President Barack Obama to change course and is vowing to reverse his healthcare reforms, after Democrats suffered a severe setback in mid-term elections last night. Read more HERE

Speaking of the BBC, I served as an in studio guest on the BBC World News covering the mid term elections last night. BBC World Service broadcasted a seven-hour election night special.  The program offered global audiences analysis and regular updates throughout the night. The program provided leading politicians and political pundits an opportunity to bring the results to the world. (I will provide more information on the BBC broadcast as an update to this post later today, including pictures, and links to to BBC host). Hat Tip Kati at the BBC!

The BBC World News provided extensive coverage, including how the Democrats bagged a rare beast of the American electoral jungle: the endangered Republican incumbent. Anh Cao, a former Jesuit seminarian who became the first Vietnamese-American Congressman, lost his seat in New Orleans to Democrat Cedric Richmond. Even his recent declaration of "love" for Obama couldn't save him. They also covered how all three black Senate candidates, Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Alvin Greene (D-SC) and Mike Thurmond (D-GA) lost last night, all who received liitle or no attention from the leader of the Democtratic Party, Barack Obama.

As I discussed on the BBC, the White House and the Democrats got a real beat down last night. One of the problems is what I have been saying for some time, lack of conversation by the White House and DNC until the last 30 days of the mid terms elections.

It was not all bad news last night

One of the great outcomes last night was Carl Paladino lost his governorship bid in New York. Democrat Andrew Cuomo won the race for New York governor, beating Tea Party-backed Carl Paladino. As reported by the BBC, Paladino offered only a grudging apology for sending racially charged e-mails to friends, including one of Barack and Michelle Obama as a pimp and prostitute. Another, entitled "Proof the Irish discovered Africa", contained a video of monkeys jigging to Lord of the Dance.  New York's gubernatorial loser Carl Paladino did himself no favours by comparing trade unions to pigs; calling for welfare recipients to live in prisons, so they could learn about personal hygiene; and branding gay parades "disgusting".

I will be talking about how the President ignored the black voters and black candidates until the last 30 days of the election on my blogtalk radio program.

Here is what I said on the BBC on the Democratic Party not getting its message out fast enough to the American people, and for that matter it's biggest voting bloc, African Americans:

2027: LN Rock, who blogs as African American pundit tells the BBC World Service that the Democratic Party didn't get its message out fast enough. "The president has not been able to communicate with the American people, saying what he has accomplished over the past two years. He tackled healthcare reform as his first strategy priority and he didn't communicate to the American people that it was a critical priority and get a wellspring of support in the American populace." More HERE

2010 mid term election learning curve for the Obama administration: Stop ignoring black voters. It can come back to bite yah!


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