Black Political Bloggers and Political Advertising

Will Black Bloggers be part of the presidential and congressional advertising mix in 2008?

Money's Going to Talk in 2008 -

AAPPundit says: 4 years ago I read a Washington Post article which talked about bloggers and a particular political campaign in Kentucky and how during a special election campaign for the House, a Kentucky Democrat spent $2,000 on ads on 11 blogs.

The article went on to point out; it was, at the time, a novel idea. Howard Dean, and later most of his Democratic presidential rivals, had developed campaign blogs, or Web logs -- essentially, online journals of their comings and goings. But few, if any, candidates had tried advertising on other people's blogs.

Chandler's campaign picked 11 sites that focused on politics, each of which featured a running commentary on the news of the day. The sites, conventional wisdom said, amounted to little more than obscure soapboxes for amateur pundits -- hardly a good place for candidates to spend scarce campaign dollars. Chandler's campaign manager, Mark Nickolas, had proposed the idea. But he was so unsure it would work, he later said, that he planned to personally reimburse the campaign if it was a bust.

It was not. The candidate recouped his money in online donations the first day of the campaign -- and went on to raise more than $80,000 over the next two weeks. The money came, mostly in small donations -- about 1,700 in all. Few of them, Nickolas said, came from within the Bluegrass State. Chandler quickly plowed the windfall back into more traditional advertising -- television, radio and newspaper spots -- and finished the race on top and with money left in the bank.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of such blogs, each offering its own, usually partisan, take on the nation's politics. But a handful have attracted somewhat sizable followings. On the left, there is, for example,, and On the right, there are, among others,, and

AAPPundit: Note no Black political Bloggers listed.

Fast forward March 2007

AAPundit wonders if Black Political blog sites may be the new "ripe fruit" for political advertising. Black Political bloggers now reach hundreds of thousands of black folks who are clearly interested in politics, and whose political leanings can also be readily surmised. "This is a new campfire to gather around."

Now in 2007, there are dozens of such black political bloggers, each offering its own African American observation, and equally partisan, take on the nation's politics. A number of black political bloggers have attracted a somewhat sizable followings. As the 2008 campaign ramps up, more black voters will be reading these black bloggers views and opinions. There are Progressive and somewhat left leaning black political bloggers such Jack and Jill Politics, Afro-Netizen,Black Commentator, Black Agenda Report Blog, Black Races, BlackProf, BrownFemiPower, black electorate, Field Negro,, Mirror on America, Negro Please, NegroPhile, Oliver Willis, Prometheus 6, Republic of T, Skeptical Brotha,Steve Gilliard's News Blog,Terrence Says,Where Is The Outrage?,Francis Holland, African-American Political Pundit, and don't forget the Angry Indian - Voice of a Native Son, (check out his blog) who is a brotha too. Provide something that the white group Netroots don't seem to connect with; black bloggers, black readers and black voters.

On the Black Moderate side there is Anderson@Large, - D.C.,Dell Gines, Booker Rising, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Cobb, Reid Report, Michael Fauntroy and Politopics, on the right of moderate there are Black Conservative bloggers :-( , Baldilocks - Los Angeles, Black America's Political Action Committee - D.C., Black And Right,, Black Informant, Joseph C. Phillips, Project 21 - D.C.

AAPPundit says: One can reasonably expect Republican Congressional and Republican presidential candidates to buy for advertising space on Black Conservative web blogs.

Let's see if leading presidential candidates, including Edwards, Hillary and Obama buy advertising on black progressive and moderate political web blogs. Or will they miss out on new "ripe fruit" of political blog advertising and just advertise with the other side of the blogsphere? Now there will some bloggers that won't allow advertising on their site for whatever reason. Staying independent, etc.

I will be watching to see where the millions in political advertising (including blog advertising) get's spent. Will you?

Remember, The road to White House may cost $1 billion.

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Re: Black Political Bloggers and Political Adverti

It is interesting that few of the emerging black blogs have been approached by leading blog ad networks despite the projected influence of our demographic in determining the winner of the Democratic primary season. Interesting indeed.

by Jill Tubman 2007-03-17 01:46PM | 0 recs
Re: Black Political Bloggers

You want me to be honest?

I think that, when it's all said and done, that the Moderate, Conservative Republican Blogs will probably get more money from the GOP side than those sympathetic to the Democrats.

If I were Edwards, I'd be advertising on Black Blogs, but I don't know if the Black Blogosphere is out there on the radar of the campaigns.

I think they will ignore Black Blogs, which is a mistake.

by rikyrah 2007-03-17 01:48PM | 0 recs
Re: Black Political Bloggers

I agree!

by AAPPundit 2007-06-23 08:54AM | 0 recs


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