Billy Graham and black folks

WaPo reports three former U.S. presidents came together Thursday to praise evangelist Billy Graham and help dedicate a library in his honor, a $27 million complex that traces the preacher's rise from farm boy to the most widely heard minister in the world.

My grandmother liked Billy Graham. I never understood why. I just learned today reading an article in WaPo that both former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton recalled how Graham helped bring blacks and whites together in the South through his insistence that his crusades be racially integrated. Maybe that's why my grandmother liked him.

Or may she knew that in 1957 Billy Graham's New York City crusade ran for 16 weeks at Madison Square Garden. Where he recruited his first black associate, Cleveland pastor Howard Jones. He received a letter from civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. congratulating him on his efforts to end segregation.

My Grandmother has passed many years ago, Billy Graham is now 88. I have a new found respect for Billy Graham. It's to bad I found this new found respect so late in life. But its never to late  to have more respect for our fellow man.

His wife, Ruth, who is 86 is bedridden at their home with osteoarthritis. Graham has preached in person to more than 210 million people in a career spanning six decades. More HERE

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