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    This was a great win that reinforces her status as a champion of Appalacia & as one of the great leaders of the Democratic party.

    We... that is...WE are going to be OK folks.  Let the healing begin!!!

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    Hey...Wisconsin is JUST as Beautiful as ANY state!  And we have a rich history of progressive politics!  

    Wisconsin (Madison in particular) is a very BEAUTIFUL place!

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    ..that Hillary is a person of politcal accumen, imtellectual heft, and personal loyalty.  If she is able to reverse the situation and succeed, I'll support her because the needs of the country (right to choice, the war, the environment, health care and the economy) outweigh by far my personal loyalty to Obama.  

    I hope that those of you who feel just as strongly about Hillary will do the same if the current scenario plays out the way it seems it might.

    Hillary will ALWAYS be a great leader and a history-making figure.

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    ...I will say that it is not too far a stretch to make to think that if Hillary's supporters and surrogates go too far in attacking Obama, and are PERCEIVED to have knee-capped him in the process, that she will be blamed for the potential reversal of Roe V Wade in a McCain white house/SC.

    If the CW becomes that in her zeal she gets McCain elected, which leads to a Roe V Wade reversal, the feminist community (or to be fair at elast portions of it) will hold her to account...and frankly, she'd deserve it.

    Now, I agree that the diairst is off track and meandering and perhaps veers into territory that is ancillary.  And like I say, i am no expert...but I DO know something about politics and social response by interest groups, and I am not out of line to suggest that neither Hillary's gender nor her obvious role as a great leader (regardless of the crowd...feminists or otherwise) will insulate her from shouldering the burden of blame IF she damages Obama past the point of electability.

    FRANKLY, though...I doubt that this outcome is going to happen.  Dems/progressives will come to their senses when Hillary endorses (and she WILL...she is a great politician and loyal) and we will unite behind the democratic nominee.  Hillary will demand it of all of her people.  And if you love and respect her, you'll honor her wish when it comes.  

    If I am wrong about her...

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    Here again, you seek to name-call and stir up negativity.

    Read this:

    Let's Ignore the Nattering Nabobs and Be Positive.
    by a gunslinger, Mon May 12, 2008 at 10:05:17 AM EST

    There is a movement by some to perpetuate the negative feelings between both camps.  

    MOST of us (Hillary and Obama folk alike) are moving toward reconciliation...either by awakening or by degrees...but IT IS happening.

    But...there are those out there who NEED to continue to perpetuate myths and ill-will to support their agendas.  Common tactics:

    1) Spread a rumor/lie about what Obama is doing in (State X) with phone calls/mailings.  Proof is never offered, but such an accusation is meant to outrage and/or enflame certain supporters into action (donation?) or inaction in November.

    2) The ol' "Less Filling/ Tastes Great" argument.  Someone proporting to be a supporter of candidate X writes a diary or makes a response/comment that blames to other side for "Starting it", then makes an inflamatory statement of their own, having justified it by the accusation of the other side's culpability.

    Both of these tactics are nearly cliched by now, but it doesn't stop the small percentage of those folks who are vocal around here and on other websites.

    My advice?  Let's all recognize that just because there is a small number of vocal and active trouble makers out there, doesn't mean that we need to be mislead. We can be smarter and better than they assume we might be.  

    The fact of the matter is that no matter what they might be telling themselves privately or between one another...these agruments ONLY help John McCain.  Some of these folks believe that they are helping who they believe to be the best democratic candidate, but this is sadly not the case.

    We must however, let them do what they will, and not provide any energy or fuel to the distraction and negativity.  The progressives ARE going to sweep the elections this fall, and we WILL make the changes we need to regain the the greatness of our nation and the respect of the world.  We can do this.  

    Ignore the flawed (or in the case of mcCain Trolls...BAD) apples, folks...real progressives/dems WILL come around.


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    Well then, I have come to doubt your proclaimed democratic bonafides. I'll stop short of troll-rating you, but clearly your aguments are built on a desire to NOT support the democratic nominee.

    Right to choose to improtant to ALL women, and MEN who care about the rule of law and the moral integrity of the constituion. Just because a strong portion of Hillarys most ardent supports (you claim) are past child-bearing age does NOT make it less of an important issue.

    How sick to say otherwise.

    Do any of the other Hillary supporters agree with Ten?

  • Don't be so dang over sensitive.  "troll" is a common (though i admit, overused) accepted term to describe someone pretending to be soemthing they are not.

    This site and others are ripe with Trolls of all sorts.  MyDD seems to have more McCain supporters posign as EITHER Obama or Hill folks is all. The concern Trolls seem ot favor DK.

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    THAT is logic that is flawed and well, silly.

    If you care about issues that we dems/progressive care about, you will reconsider.

    As i said earlier, had Hillary prevailed, I'd have forgiven her transgressions over the Iraq authoization and Iran language accpetance, as well as her other well-documented flirtations w/ the GOP because i recognize that she will protect (like OBAMA WILL):

    a womans right to choose

    the environment

    a fair economy



    Where a vote for McCain (or any other candidate) DOES NOT.

    You'll come around and vote to protect these things...no matter who the nominee is...if you are the dem/prog you say you are.

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    Neither KY nor WV have voted dem since 2000, so I wonder about theie importance in the GE...however, consider this.

    Even if Barack is underperforming there as he moves to the GE, the fact is that when Hillary gets behind him (and she WILL as she is a principled, honorable and dedicated democrat...to suggest any other outcome shows a fundamentla lack of understanding of HRC), her support may well translate to support for Obama.

    Why?  Because her hubby carried the state twice (once because of Perot splitting the vote, and once because Bob Dole...like JOHN McCAIN will...ran a feckless old style campaign) and her endorsement will carry wieght.

    Moreover, Obama will soon select a VP, which will aid him.  Bteween these things and the sheer amount of TIME... we'll be just fine.

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    the right to choose

    the reversal of the GOP economy

    the environemnt

    the horror in Iraq

    The resolution of ALL these things by a democrat matter more that WHO sits in the oval office.  If we fail to elect a dem because of fighting amongst ourselves, it will be a sad day.  

    Why doesn't everyone understand this?  The race and gender of these candidates matters not a whit.  We must stop fighting.

  • ...do exist.  we ALL understand that.  I am not accusing anyone in particular in my diary, but we have ALL read comments and diaries that are so over the top that they cannot be written by anyone who supports choice, and end to Iraq, the economy etc.    

  • You have got to be kidding.  Thisis the very sort of line of attack that is troublesome and shallow (note I comment on the attack, and not the author of the comment).

    Obama is likely going to be the nominee unless a sattelite falls from the sky and beans him.  

    Neither of the democratic candidates that remain are free of charges of making statements that SOMEONE in the GOP might consider credible.  Need I remind YOU of Hillary's embrace of Bush's war in Iraq and agreement over Iran language?

    The point is that WE need to beat McCain, and even though a strong majority of dems/progressives are doing the right thing...the loud vocal minority can aid McCain, and it needs to stop.

    Who can disagree with that?

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    ...are meaningless right now re: any rural "advantage".  There are 5 months + left before the election in Nov.

    The reason Hillary continues to soldier on is that SHE KNOWS that the Democratic nominee is going to win.  She is trying to remain on the field of play as long as she can in hopes that a meteor falls from the sky and hits Barack.  

    That is her right.

    But we as democrats/progressives/enlightened GOP-ers need to be careful about how we deal with one another.  Endless sniping, unmanaged ill-will, and bruised feelings all help McCain.  

    If you all care about a womna's right to choose, the environemnt, the war, and our economy, you will stop making these battles personal.

    http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/12/1051 7/9780

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    http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/12/1051 7/9780

    Stop Attacking one another.  it only helps McCain.  

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    http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/12/1051 7/9780

    Please read the above link, people.


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