GA-Sen ACTION: Beating Back Saxby

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Jim Martin is a terrific candidate and it is thrilling that we have this second opportunity to replace the despicable Saxby Chambliss with a forthright, intelligent, experienced progressive. I'd like to encourage everyone who'd like to know more about Senator Chambliss' atrocious record to visit this site explaining his platform ( After you read up on Chambliss' voting record, refresh your memory of his campaign trickery with this video ( nE). And after your ire has been replenished, take advantage of this information on how you can help Jim Martin.

To start making calls now, visit:

To organize a phonebank with paper call lists, sign up at:

Most importantly, Jim needs more volunteers on the ground. If you are interested in going to Georgia and joining Jim's team, email the campaign at:

Jim will need all the help he can get to push back against the distortions of his record that Chambliss and his Senate Repug pals are spouting on local ad buys and national media. Jim's campaign site is here ( and his ActBlue page is here ( s/19359).
IF YOU ARE IN OR NEAR GEORGIA, please find some time to knock on doors, call voters, and get Obama and Martin supporters to the polls on December 2. Early voting begins this week, and I will update this diary with the most comprehensive link to this information that I can find. Of course, I welcome tips and helpful links in the comments.
This is our kind of candidate. Run-offs are usually low-turnout elections, and must be won on the ground. Let's prove one more time this year what the power of the netroots can do to change the shape and character of our government. Let's put Jim Martin in the Senate.

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