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    I agree that he's shined thusfar-- what about a Most Improved Democrat award for this debate? I'd go with Dodd-- he's been crisp, eloquent and right all night, except when he stumbled a bit on the question about service.

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    Was just saying to my parents-- someone NEEDS to be telling HRC that when someone asks her about her gender, she has to talk about POWER. The might, dexterity & economic brawn of the greatest nation in the free world (yes, the nationalism is a winner) would be wielded by a woman with significant experience in the US Senate & experience as the first lady, etc.

    Thought her answer was still a stand-up double, but talking about POWER and int'l precedent AND her experience is a home run.

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    Clinton just talked about importance of SAFE withdrawal/minimizing loss of life during scaledown/redeployment. I guess if she had any big ideas about how to use the remaining 50K troops she would have rolled them out...

    Why isn't anyone talking about specific uses of residual forces? Just a political loser? Too early to get locked into a plan? Or is this a genuine dearth of ideas?


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