Dennis Kucinich and the Future Leaders of the Democratic Party

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich is joining 21st Century Democrats' Youth Leadership Speaker Series tomorrow (November 4 at 12:30 P.M.), inspiring and education young progressive Democrats across Washington, D.C.  

We are excited to have the participation of Congressman Kucinich, one of the fiercest fighters for progress and the welfare of the American people.

Congressman Kucinich recently appeared on MSNBC's The Ed Show, where he said of the healthcare bills in Congress that mandate health insurance without a single-payer or other public option, "What we're looking at here is another way that Wall Street's speculative engine can be fueled, this time with the help of the [health insurance] premiums of tens of millions of Americans."

You may have heard about the Youth Leadership Speaker Series that we've been hosting here at 21st Century Democrats.  Last week, on October 28th, we hosted House Financial Services committee Chairman Barney Frank and first-term Congresswoman Betsy Markey.  The interns and students who came to the event had a great time; some were even inspired to sign-up for our field organizer training in December (more on that soon!).  Just see what they had to say about Frank and Markey at American, George Washington, and Howard Universities.

Tomorrow, November 4th at 12:30 P.M., we're hosting the second session in the Youth Leadership Speaker Series with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Senator Mark Pryor, and Congressman Tim Bishop.  Like the last session, we'll be meeting in the Members' Room of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Congressman Kucinich will talk about the importance of adhering to progressive Democratic values.

Senator Pryor will be speaking on consumer protection.

Congressman Bishop will enlighten the audience on improving access to higher education.

Following each speaker's prepared comments will be a question and answer session with the students and interns in the audience.

If you or any young progressive Democrats you know are in Washington, D.C. tomorrow and are interested in attending, RSVP here or visit our website at for more information.

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