Dean Crazed! Romney Out! Huckabee In! McKinney

It has been reported today that DNC chair Howard Dean views himself as someone akin to former-Soviet Dictator Josep Stalin. According to Dean, if the Democratic nomination is not cinched by spring he sees it as his role to breakup the fete. The Chairman wants to employ insiders to choose the party's nominee. In such a scenario is there a leap as to who the nominee will be? Does a lobbyist drive a Mercedes?
The 1972 McGovern-Frazier Commission rules all but abolished "at-large delegates" but were quickly reintroduced after the McGovernites "became" the party structure. That was called fighting over nothing.

A Democratic Convention is now like a meeting of the British Parliament, the Commons provide the hoopla, while the Lords the cash and candidates. Although with Obama the Commons may be fulfilling both roles. Dean's entry into the feud does smack of the old-boy backroom deal making but this time it will be the old-girl who reaps the spoils.

If this is what indeed happens, what about Obamamania? Will Chair Dean try to harness it for the DNC? I would proffer that the Obama phenomenon does not have one scintilla to do with the Democratic Party and there are other options Senator Obama has open to him if he is denied the nomination by Dean and his Washington establishment minions. Where is the Mayor of New York? Donkey Dean needs to lay-off the roids.

Check back to Reform's coverage of the Florida GOP primary and pay attention to the comments with regard to Mike Huckabee. While Huckabee finished fourth in the Florida match-up the religious right scenario won out on Super-Tuesday with the former-Arkansas Governor now with Romney out, (what's really rich is he got 0ut of the race because of the war!)the only viable alternative to McCain. Dr. Dobson, the Focus on the Family and CNP crowd will pony-up for Huckabee.

Each presidential cycle I ask GOP candidates to answer one question. It has gone unanswered for years. Did the candidate speak to a meeting of the Council for National Policy and may I have a copy of the speech? I've stopped asking and calling, you all try.

Remember Cynthia McKinney, former US Rep from the Peach State. Rumor has it that she is seeking the Green Party nomination for President. In the House, Cynthia was not very green, but she is brown and a female--is that a twofer? Will she do for Hillary or Barack what Nader did for Gore?

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If Dean is involved Clinton is screwed

He doesn't like the Clintons.  He has his brother Jim Dean heading up the "anybody but Clinton" group.  I forget its name.

by dpANDREWS 2008-02-08 11:00AM | 0 recs
Obama is Dean redux

Obama's success is in part because he's taken all of Howard Dean's lessons on how to run a campaign to heart - in particular, small donations, and a 50 state strategy.  How many Super Tuesday states were there where Obama had 3-4 field offices and Clinton had none?  Dean and Obama are both moving the Democratic party forward both in terms of tactics and its relationship to the electorate.  Clinton represents the DLC old guard - the ones who have never won an election that didn't have Bill Clinton at the top of the ticket.

by schroeder 2008-02-08 11:56AM | 0 recs
Re: Obama is Dean redux

Well, obviously he's a bit better on the stump.  Although Dean was unfairly maligned there - I saw him speak once, and he was terrific.

by schroeder 2008-02-11 04:49AM | 0 recs


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