Dueling Conference Calls: Obama And McCain Campaigns Discuss Obama's Decision About Public Finance

Ordinarily, I don't post notices of conferences calls on MyDD, unless there is a particularly good reason.  However, I did write a diary on the subject today (that is still in need of revision), so I figured I'd post links to the calls in case anyone was interested in hearing some background information on this subject firsthand...

This evening, the McCain campaign held a conference call with their General Legal Counsel, Trevor Potter, to discuss background information regarding Barack Obama's decision to opt out of public financing.  Audio of this call is available here.

The Obama Campaign contacted the McCain Campaign and requested that their General Counsel, Bob Bauer, also participate in the call, so that the campaigns could jointly address the issue. Bauer was not on the call. I'm not sure if McCain's campaign rejected the offer or just ignored it; it is worth noting that a few seconds of the McCains Campaign's private conversation was accidentally broadcast prior to call and one of the individuals there was speaking about the Obama campaign's offer and suggested that they have their own conference call, so it's clear the McCain campaign was at least aware (I did not include this portion of the call in the audio posted, which is consistent with my policy of not doing so - as I also did for the Clinton campaign when that accidentally happened to them as well).

The Obama campaign then held their own conference call with Bob Bauer to respond to the McCain call.  Audio of this call is available here.

As already noted, if you're interested in this issue then these calls are worth listening to.  If you're not, well, then, thanks for reading...

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