• How would you calm Wall Street?

  • If this were private donations? I'd say well each to their own. But the money in question is Federal money.

    You aren't spending your money.
    You're spending "We the peoples" money.
    Billions of "We the peoples" money.

    Big difference that folks will no doubt be reminded of come April.

    I am curious. In light of the complaints that the last bailout money was ill used? Why do you think that the "watch dog provisions" were stripped out so easily this time?

    (I'm asking opinions here.)

  • Does this change the way you view the folks who asked that the US Senate delay their vote on the stimulas package for less than 24 hours? So that they could see what was up with TARP2 funding.

    If you are to take a wholistic approach when stimulating the economy.

    Is it true that the Fed is being sued under the Freedom of Information act to obtain a list of the colateral that the Fed is taking for the debt?


    Sorry, I wasn't shouting. It's just for emphasis.

    The cars with the greatest sales where American made.

    I should think that American cars with enviromentally friendly features, made in the USA and sold to China might be of interest.

  • We do have something to sell on the world market and still keep our manufacturing jobs. This morning I heard that the Chinese market for American cars has risen a significant amount. If we have a glut there is a way to sell those cars to the Chinese without selling out the US automarket. And? It will also help to promote responsible environmental measures directly to the Chinese citizen.

    Market driven at that.

  • Healthcare and education is a people not party issue here. Sometimes folks are just independent minds more than anything.

    Good night.

  • I was just thinking aloud. Trying to understand.

    I know that Southern Democrats can be conservative but during the primary I met folks who were going to vote for Obama that would have been thought surprising. I was wondering if this is the resurection of the older Democrat. I'm sorry it's sureal to talk to folks.

    For instance, while nationally the votes Republican, state wide they go Democrat. In Alabama, Artur Davis is running for Governor. Maybe against Big Jim Folsom's son.

    I'm watching patterns here. Trying to understand trending.

    Also didn't get alot of sleep last night. :(

    Back later.

  • Nice sarcasm WashSTateBlue

    Nice sarcasm.

  • "You fail, they will tear you to shreds.
     You do well, they will nit-pick you to death."

    And now you know why I'm such a "sunny optimist"

    (that was sarcasm.)

  • "he had too many in the party backstabbing him. The Southern and Conservative Democrats were undermining him. He never had a stable majority to work with." DTOzone

    I asked, during the primaries, what the southern strategy was and was told it was non existent. Why would Obama be treated differently?

    My understanding was that President Clinton made alot of speeches to the public and then polled folks. See if his message got out. That's what I've heard.

  • WashStateBlue. I'm curious.
    You don't think that if it fails that the Republicans in the Senate will say, "We told you that this won't work and that's why we didn't vote for it."

    Look I hear alot about bipartisanship, but if your are trying to resolve a contact between two rival groups. And if there is  big emotional componant, isn't it important to have a clear definition of just what is wrong. And yest get a consensus.

    Or go directly to the voter.

    My understanding was that was what President Clinton did. He made speeches and then watched the polls. Completely bipassed the Legislative branch.

    Now it is ideology on bothsides. You can really hear it in speaches and interviews.

    I keep waiting to hear who gets custody of the dog and the couch.

  • Do you think that we are in a depression obama4presidente?

    Thing is that taxes aren't consumer driven. You can't sit April 15th out if you are short that month. Not like you can wait out buying something else. Then when it's spent on a social program for someone who's not working? It can make folks resentful. Especially if there are other bills due.

    It's difficult to get folks to see that giving aid to someone with federal taxe dollars when you're struggling to pay your own bills is a good thing. You might but not everyone does.

    Good to meet you.

    (I'm not arguing with you I'm curious what you think.) You too, Washington State.

  • Hello WashStateBlue. I would have thought that Obama's approval rating would be stronger. I'm not "poor mouthing" I just thought it would be higher.

    Two I would have thought that with the emphasis on health care that issue would have been of greater interest than infrastructure.

    Why do you think this is? What reason?

  • comment on a post Vote. Take your kids to Vote. Get out the Vote. over 5 years ago

    Just a thought as a mom who's voted with kid in tow. This year will be so busy at a lot of polls and I keep hearing there will be long lines. If you find yourself in line with a cranky preschooler? Please be patient. Having juggled kid and voting? It takes a bit longer. Also I've never met a smiling person who I didn't like. Sometimes just a kind and soft "hey ya" can be a life saver. If I had a nickel for every person who has talked to my kid and got him to smile? Well there is a special place in my heart for these folks.

    Oh and the game Peep eye? It is still very much in fashion. So is whistling softly for some reason. Or if you see a kid with a "I voted" sticker or campaign button it really is cool to be asked about it. Very grown up thing.

    Good luck to parents, relatives, and friends who are sharing the vote with kids. It really does make a good impression and a future voter.

  • on a comment on Gallup Just Exploded over 5 years ago

    Guess folks can stay home then. Good to know.


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