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    "Huge percentages of the party would either defect or stay home... and you can forget about the AA vote for the rest of time.  Not going to happen."

    If Barack Obama does not rally his supporters to unite to elect Hillary Clinton after she is nominated his political career with be over. Finito.

    She will win without his supporters, if they choose to stay home. She has what it takes, and has been improving as a candidate on a daily basis (minus Mark Penn). I promise you, she will be our next president, and will be one of the greatest presidents in our history as a country.

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    " Do you really think the Democratic Party is going to select the candidate in 2nd place "

    Of course they will select the most electable candidate, Hillary Clinton. That is the purpose of the superdelegates, to vote for the candidate they believe will carry the party to victory, which is exactly what will happen. If Barack Obama does not then rally his supporters to unite with the rest of the party he will be to blame for destroying the Democratic Party chances in November.

    I predict Hillary Clinton will win the November election even with a somewhat depressed turn out of AA voters, should that occur. Her supporters are far more committed and devoted and her appeal is broader than is commonly recognized. For the first time the voters are actually getting to know the real Hillary (thanks to the removal of Mark Penn's influence) and they are liking what they are seeing. Watch her negatives go down, her approval ratings go up, and feel the tide turning.

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    "You, personally, are manufacturing this issue right along with republicans by trying to do so."

    There was intense defamation of the US in Jeremiah Wright's talk, whether you want to admit it or not. It wasn't just sound bites taken out of context, there was defamation and lies for the purpose of inciting outrage. I don't manufacture anything, it is right there on the videotape for you to see as well.

  • What silliness you write. The issues are too important to relinquish to an inexperienced, unqualified candidate, and everyone knows it. We are at war in two countries, and facing considerable threat. Our economy and health care systems are a shambles, our armed forces are stretched to the breaking point, and there is no way the US electorate will vote in someone unqualified to lead the country.

    This was inevitable.

  • There is no point to objecting any longer to Clinton's run for the nomination. Obama should be thankful that Hillary will be as accepting and supportive as she will be after this is over.

  • "Republicans, and you, want to pretend like bowling score, and drinking games, make the best President."

    Nonsense. Republicans like to run a personable candidate who they believe they can manipulate and pull his strings during his tenure. The smart ones are behind the scenes, taking cover while their fall guy in front takes the heat for delivering the nation's wealth into their arms.

    The Clintons reverse the robber baron process, and send wealth into the lower and middle class, so of course they are roundly hated by the corporate interests (media). The Clintons will deliver for the people, not with grandiose speeches, but with solid policy that provides a better life for the majority of the people living in this country.

    We who support them are smarter, we appreciate how politics works - politics is about "who gets the money" - and therefore who is empowered.

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    He needed to have a substantial record to run on, experience, qualifications, and a relationship of trust with the voters in order to defy the character attacks and media onslaught. He foolishly went ahead and ran prematurely, out of ego and immaturity. His chances of winning now are naught. His baggage is doing him in, without anything substantial enough to withstand the savaging of his character. This was inevitable, and unavoidable. Clinton supporters could see this coming from miles away.

    BO should not have subjected himself or the Democratic Party to this debacle. The smartest thing he could do would be to back away from this death march before he is slandered beyond repair and has no political future, and then try to mend fences with the other half of the Democratic Party he has so deeply offended and divided off into enemy territory.

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    We should all be boycotting any media that advocates "taking Hillary into a room" or any such outrageous threat. Boycotting, calling, writing letters and emails demanding KO's dismissal, demonstrating in front of their offices, and protesting this kind of unacceptable discourse on television.

  • We should be writing and demonstrating to remove KO from his position for that over the top remark.

  • " I haven't seen any indication yet he'll allow complete slander ads to go on TV."

    Of course he won't "allow" slander ads, it is his job to play "good cop" and remain clean and above the fray, while the 527s flay the Democrat ruthlessly. That is the way it works. Of course BO supporters will howl as their candidate is destroyed. So much for the bipartisan politics of hope.

    Clinton supporters weren't born yesterday and we know how the game will unfold, we are ready for it, and she can slam McCain without reservation. We will win this time around, none of their swiftboating will work, we will hit harder and faster than anything they can throw our way. We won't be Kerried out of taking the executive this time, because we are smarter and faster on our feet than  the Repugs.  She can close the deal, and we will have a Democratic President, Senate, and House in 2009, just get the amateurs out of the way...

  • I wonder how the BO supporters would feel if a major news commentator had expressed a desire for a powerful man to take Senator Obama into a room, and only one of them walks out...

    That would be just fine with you, eh?

  • Way to go, Folks! Thanks to every person who is taking the time to travel to primary states, to make phone calls, to donate our dollars, to blog for Hillary, to write letters to the editor and to our local papers, thanks to everyone making whatever effort they can to support the best candidate for the presidency.

    I predict we will all be cheering as she is sworn in in January, 2009, and we will all be headed for a better life, a stronger country, healing divisions, and new opportunities for us and our children. And as our first women president she will bring a game changing philosophy to international affairs, far more equality to our society, and smarter, more effective change to Washington. Real hope, real change, real grit!

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    I repeat, I don't believe in Republicans choosing the Democratic nominee, and if Republicans chose to vote in the Michigan Republican primary they have given a strong signal that they intend voting for the Republican in the GE. They are not sincere Democrats, and their participation in the Democratic primary is highly suspect. Republicans shouldn't be allowed to interfere with nomination process, anywhere, anytime.

    Have I made myself clear?

  • She has nothing to apologize for. You should apologize for inventing garbage and nonsense about her, putting words in her mouth she didn't say and making false accusations.

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    "I obviously know you don't agree with it, but at least try to understand it."

    I don't understand why anyone could say that a set up to disenfranchise the voters of MI and FL, who gave Hillary Clinton two major victories, on top of the obviously undemocratic processes rampant in the caucus states could result in a "fair" win for Obama. That doesn't compute. There is nothing "fair" about stealing the nomination, and no one should stand for it.

    There is NO WAY I will support a nominee based on not counting the votes. It won't happen. It is an outrage to anyone who believes in democracy. I will never vote for Obama, and I will fight hard to make sure as many Democrats as possible object in fact and in spirit to this illegitimate candidate.


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