• "I felt sorry for him, he just doesn't know what to do."

    This is a good lesson for him that people aren't always fair or nice, and changing the dynamics of Washington and the world isn't going to happen because he is nice to people (at least superficially).

    Many people have their own agendas, and couldn't care less how they hurt others in their pursuit of them.

  • "focusing on Wright's racism while ignoring the racist history of America is ridiculous."

    No one is ignoring real racism, and I think that is the problem with your defense of Wright. Many people prefer to call out racism wherever we see it, including in Wright's positions, as well as in our society.

    Just calling someone's statement "offensive" doesn't automatically invalidate their point. Sometimes it is exactly what you need to hear from the other side, as a reality check. When lots of people who are usually on your side start telling you what you are saying is BS it may be time to start listening and checking out their position. You may still reject it, but you owe it to yourself to give it a fair hearing.

    Making excuses for hate speech doesn't cut it with many people, including myself. Older people may be more hurt by their past experiences, but also have had more time to mature and self correct, so that defense doesn't completely hold water, especially when we are talking about a purported spiritual leader.

  • "Frankly, calling Barack out on his bullchips is probably one of the most rational and agreeable things I have ever heard the Reverend say."

    Your entire post was so well said, bravo to you!

    When BO likes to talk about changing the dialogue in national politics for the better, along with nice things on the international front like meeting with terrorist dictators without preconditions, I guess he didn't realize that people can do mean things, no matter how nice you are to them.

    That's why we have armies, and guns, to defend ourselves against meanies who don't act nice, and aren't sensitive to us, and try to kill us no matter how nice we are to them.

    Golly gee whiz, some people just aren't fair! Reverend Wright just isn't fair, after Barack was so nice and didn't throw him under the bus. Basic poor political judgement on Barack's part.

    That's why older people who have seen life first hand support Clinton, not Obama. We think she gets it.

  • You miss the point on the global scale. You keep right on laughing, while adults keep right on putting our lives on the line to keep you safe in your giggling.

  • Thanks for saying that, we are totally on the same page.

    Anyone want to join me in demonstrating in front of CNN? They deserve to see some real, live, angry protestors on the sidewalk outside their workplace. They cannot delete real people so easily as they do our emails. And maybe their commercial sponsors need to hear from us as well.

    I'm leaving for NC shortly, does anyone want to carry the ball on this issue?

  • "I don't think Obama can just concede Kentucky and West Virginia and let Hillary rack up 40 point victories."

    This has been the danger in coasting on a string of caucus victories in states where BO was favored, because now we get to the states where Hillary is favored to win, so she grabs the momentum back again in the race. It is really an artifact of how the states were positioned in the primary season.

    Now BO supporters will have to concede that there was very good reason for Clinton to hang in the race until she got to the run of states that favor her - the momentum of winning changes the flavor of the media coverage, and pulls supporters out of the woodwork, so it is self sustaining. His mistakes start looking much larger, and her's much smaller in the context of winning.

    Also, thank goodness that awful Mark Penn no longer has a stranglehold on Clinton's presentation to the voters, she is being herself again, the candidate we love. She is a winner!

    BO supporters, don't beat yourselves up about all this, it was inevitable, all it required was the patient passage of time to unfold. If BO was still winning, the Wright controversy would have been buried on page 27, underneath the fold, on Friday at 5 PM.

  • on a comment on Racism On This Site over 6 years ago

    The deliberate and offensive spin put on these remarks betrays the cynical and mercenary negative campaigning by the BO supporters.

    It is backfiring big time, as people reject the notion that to support Hillary is to be a racist. It's not a good way to keep friends, to stab them in the back like that, and burn all the bridges to the people who have been fighting for everyone's civil rights over their entire lifetimes. BO lost me forever with that one, it has been a destructive and ruthless technique that has wrought divisions among friends that took generations to build.

    When you accuse people who are lifelong civil rights advocates of the radioactive charge of racism don't expect them to embrace that toxicity. You make it much easier for the real racists out there to maintain their stance, by dividing us and trashing the very people who would be combatting those folks.

  • comment on a post Indiana: New PPP Poll Hillary Clinton +8 over 6 years ago

    We are on our way! Rise, Hillary, rise!

    Make phone calls, donate, travel to priary states!

    Meet me in North Carolina, where we will stage the upset of this entire race!

  • comment on a post Rep. Ike Skelton (MO) to Endorse Clinton over 6 years ago

    The tide is turning!!!

  • "He views one of the financial centers of our nation as a legitimate target."

    And you support his view? Did you stand there in helpless horror watching people leap from that burning inferno to their deaths?

    Presenting a speech by OBL as though he is telling the whole story of what he is after is so disingenuous it begs the question - do you believe when other politicians make speeches about their intentions and real positions? Think they don't clean up their views to make them politically palatable? The idea that OBL is fighting for anyone's human rights is offensive. Look at how women and LGBTs fare under Sharia and Jews are threatened with extinction and then tell me about his human rights stands. He would be more of an oppressor than the US government, and when you leave that out of the equation it totally loses me.

    When you look at how women are raped as a punishment for being raped, and gays are imprisoned and executed under his belief system- Sharia- it isn't that far of a stretch to say "he hates us because of our freedom."

    There are multiple sides to this story, and making OBL out to be a misunderstood, defamed good guy is disgusting to me.

  • Intimidation only counts in caucuses.

  • "There is no extra weight given for intensity."

    Wrong. Intensity of support does count for tremendous movement in a race. That intensity moves voters, moves the press, moves superdelegates, and endorsements by electeds when the intense supporters contact them over and over to urge their support for her. Intensity of support is exactly what wins elections, and has sustained her campaign through a string of bad times. We are on the other side now, and Obama's negatives are being revealed, so the swing toward Clinton is formidable.

  • on a comment on June 15: UPDATE over 6 years ago

    She might lose 50% of the AA and youth vote, but liberals will vote for her over McCain. With the immense gains made by the Democratic Party in voter registration she will still win the November election.

  • "I don't think Hillary can beat McCain."

    Please do not underestimate her supporters, we are profoundly devoted to her. This is very personal to many of us. And do not underestimate her abilities as a candidate - with Mark Penn finally out of her way she is blossoming into the candidate we always have known her to be, and she is far more potent and moving than her earlier campaign was able to convey. Now she is stepping forward, and voters are responding to who she really is. That is actually the most important positive development that is changing the dynamics of this race, not the negatives that are befalling Barack Obama. If Senator Clinton were not out there running her own positive campaign without the interference of Penn, there would be no movement in the race. He miht move down a little, but she would not be improving in the polls the way she is now.

    I predict this election will go far better than anyone anticipates right now, and soon we will have our first women president, who will be one of the smartest and most effective leaders our country has ever enjoyed. Start looking forward to a better economy and a return to honorable standing in the world!

  • on a comment on Obama swapping out over 6 years ago

    "At this point, he's so radioactive that even choosing him for VP would be extremely dangerous."

    Absolutely. Ever since the Wright videos came out Obama's campaign has been over. All the silliness about how he is teflon aside. He's getting scrubbed now, and it isn't pretty watching him go down, inexorably, due to his lack of experience and qualifications to offset the baggage of his past associations. If that is all he has to offer voters who need to understand and trust who he is in order to vote for him, then he has been doomed from the start. he has been a hopelessly flawed candidate who racked up some early victories based on excellent marketing strategies that crumbled under the slightest examination by the press and voters.

    We all hope that we will be able to elect a black president very soon, but we need a candidate who does not have numerous dubious associations in his recent past, or has strong qualifications and credentials for the job to compensate for the baggage.


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