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    The Democratic Party just lost all moral authority by deciding, Soviet style, to allocate delegate votes according to Party power plays by the Obama campaign on the RBC. It should be an outrage to all Americans who believe in democracy for a primary election result to be overturned by party powerful.

    This is the most divisive type of power play by the Obama camp, and Clinton supporters will not ever forget this. Driving the wedge ever deeper between the two factions of the Democratic party is a special talent of the sneering Obama campaign. It guarantees failure in November, and rightfully so.

  • Yes, the Obama supporters do not get it that we will not support him. Forget it, those bridges were burned down long ago, there is no way most Clinton supporters will ever vote for him.

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    You have no democratic ethics. Disenfranchising voters is a crime.

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    I have no respect whatsoever for overturning the results of an election, like some banana republic. I was one of those chanting "Shame, shame, shame" and "Denver."

    It is extraordinary to me that US citizens are so self serving and have no democratic principles and would sit silent while voters are not only silenced but their votes are overturned behind closed doors in the "democratic party". That silence is the gutless, unethical, arrogant, and immature position in that room. All true Americans and Democrats should be protesting the disenfranchisment of voters, loudly and vociferously. Silence equals cowardice.

    The short term gain for one campaign will be a long term loss. Kiss Michigan and Florida good-bye for the GE.

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    I almost completely gave up on reading and posting to this site after my recc'ing/rating privileges were removed. I never once tr'd anyone who was not making a vicious, over the top personal attack on another poster. Never once. I am an HRC supporter.

    This site is not fairly administered, and I don't participate in such things.

  • "Sometimes I really begin to wonder if it's at all possible to build unity in this party."

    That opportunity is long gone, utterly destroyed when the Obama campaign started willfully accusing the Clintons and surrogates and supporters of being racists. Done, gone, never will those bonds and bridges be rebuilt, they took too long create and required far too much sacrifice and care to be regained after such a betrayal. What a disgusting waste of the enormous effort and good will that went into the civil rights movement.

  • "... comparing the United States to Zimbabwe."

    No, she is comparing the Democratic party process on disenfranchising FL and MI voters as comparable to Zimbabwe "elections", and I totally agree with her.

  • "I hope the Clinton supporters realize that and do whats right for the party and the country."

    Sorry, the Obama campaign of calling us racists for supporting Hillary Clinton has been too destructive to everything I believe in to ever support him. And I and many other Clinton supporters do not believe he is qualified or experienced enough to lead our country. Many of us put our country first, and will not support someone we do not trust to keep our country safe.

    Bush destroyed the Republican Party, and we do to want to see Obama destroy the Democratic Party likewise.

  • When you lose big time in November you won't be smirking and tossing around demeaning comments any longer.

  • "I take it you think this is a good thing?"

    This is a wonderful thing, I signed up immediately for the group. It means people are fighting the horrible turn the Democratic Party has traken, throwing women under the bus, then expecting them to roll over an open their [wallets] for Obama. No in this lifetime!

  • "if this group actually undermines Obama in a significant way, Hillary Clinton's reputation and her future will be severely injured."

    You totally don't get it at all, do you. Hillary Clinton is not to blame for Obama's lack of any qualifications for the office of the presidency, and many Democrats despise that the party has gone along with his candidacy. We aren't going to support someone we do not trust at all, especially after how he has won.I will never, ever support a candidate who's campaign has called me and my fellow Clinton supporters "racist" in order to snare the nomination. That has been obscene. Never will I support him, period.

  • "There's only one qualification for becoming the Democratic nominee for the office of President of the United States of America:

    1. Win the Democratic Primary by winning the most delegates."

    So now that an inexperienced turnip has won the nomination (the miracle of marketing), you expect us to go along with it? Ignore us at your own peril, but we are not on board.

  • "many want to change from the old style politics to a new style politics."

    A "New Style politics"? With Barack Obama? The corrupt product of the Chicago machine? Hahahahahaha. How inane, how naive.

  • Ted Kennedy is a long term alcoholic who should be voted out of office. He is the walking argument for term limits.

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    Hi Owl

    I was there also, enjoying the opportunity to see them again also. I wish I knew who you were. I would have introduced myself. It was a terrific day.


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