Two Members of the New England Patriots Turn Down White House Because of Pres. Donald Trump

It’s been the tradition for the winning team in the Super Bowl Championship to visit the White House after their victory. However, at least two players of the New England Patriots are refusing this year’s invitation because of President Donald Trump. On Monday, the Patriot’s Devin McCourty told the Time through a text message that he is not going to the White House because he does not feel welcomed there. McCourty went on to say that the president has strong prejudices and opinions, and he’s confident that some people will feel accepted while others won’t.

This decision followed Martellus Bennet’s confirmation on Sunday, stating that he won’t make the trip to the White House, after announcing his resolution to missing it the week before. According to the Dallas Morning News, after the Patriot’s win, Bennet said that it is what it is and people are well aware of how he feels about it. Recently, Bennet told the reporters that he doesn’t support the guy in the White House.

The two players’ determination to turn down an invite from the president sharply deviates from the organization’s most influential members. The head coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady, and owner Robert Kraft are friends with Trump. Brady was even video recorded with Trump’s signature ‘Make America Great Again’ in his locker, late 2015.

McCourty and Bennet who are black, have previously been involved in political demonstrations. In October, they hit the headlines when they showcased unanimity with Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco’s 49ers quarterback, who was opposing police violence against black people. They both lifted their fists in solidarity during the national anthem. The two blacks protesting is a small demonstration at the moment, but when the trip nears, we’ll find out if more players will join the ship.