Young People are Asking - Where's the Party for Us?

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What if we held a political party and nobody came?

This is becoming increasingly likely if your idea of a robust political party is one that includes 20-somethings or 30-somethings.

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Obama Made Gains Among Younger Evangelical Voters, Data Show

You'll hear many talk about how religion and democrats dont go together.  Also many were upset that Barack Obama's campaign to target religious voters, but it seemed to payoff.

Why do I duscuss this, because its an important discussion to have in order to talk about how to engage young voters.

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Youth Voter Particpation Surge Largely Confined to College Students

By Nathan Henderson-James

A new Research Memo published today by Project Vote shows that while youth voter participation has been setting records this election cycle, participation by young people still lags behind other age groups. Further the data show that participation has largely been confined to young people with at least some college experience.In Project Vote's view, this data suggests that continued focus on college-attending youth without reaching out to non-college youth threatens to leave at least half of this key constituency out of the most important election in a generation.

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Youth Voter Participation Surges - But So Do Voter Suppression Attempts

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Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

Young voters have arrived.


Since the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1972, predictions of the increasing impact of young voters on the outcomes of elections have consistently been proven wrong on Election Day. In fact, youth voting rates have rarely been as strong as they were in 1972 and young people continue to be among the least represented groups in the electorate and in the voting booth.

Until now.

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Clinton Coalition Crumbling ...

I wrote this for today's Beyond Chron.

Barack Obama's 17-point victory last night in Wisconsin was not just his ninth consecutive (and overwhelming) win since Super Tuesday.  The big news was how far he cut into Hillary Clinton's base - beating her among working-class voters, winning middle-age voters decisively, and almost tying her among white women.  Clinton still holds an edge among seniors, but there's evidence that she's losing support from Latinos  - which could prove fatal in the Texas primary on March 4th.  Clinton's decision to go negative backfired, raising serious questions about how she could stage a comeback at this point.  And like last week before the Potomac Primary, the Democratic race had a last-minute "scandal" that was supposed to give Clinton a surge - only to not materialize.  That's because voters have already made up their minds.

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